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Fleshcrawl - 1996 Bloodsoul

: Black Mark
1. Bloodsoul
2. In The Dead Of Night
3. Contribution Suicide
4. The Age Of Chaos
5. Recycling The Corpses
6. Nocturnal Funeral
7. Tomb Of Memories


1. Bloodsoul

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

Burden Yourself - Praise Of The Living
Embarrass Yourself - For What You Will Give In -
Suicidal Process

Envy Of People - To Others They Lie
Their True Face Is Hidden - The Truth's In Your Mind -
First Deception

Positive Words - Different Opinions
Two Worlds Collide - Aggression, Despite -
Massive Conflict

Rage Of The Unborn - Pray For The Dead
Bury Your Soul - To Cross The Line Ahead -
Final Saviour

Why Did You Crucify Your Soul?
Abandoned Bodies Are Lost Without Hope
To Be Honest I Don't Care At All
All Life Ends If The Will Is Gone

Blood Of Your Soul - Etching Through Your Veins
Blood Of Your Soul - Causing Unbearable Pain
Your Life Passes By - Solutions, No Way
Everything New - Seems Like A Darkening View

Your Black Heart Reflects Your Mind
Blood Dripping Wounds From The Deaths You Died
Pumping Pressure From The Voice Inside Your Head
In Your Deepest Dreams You Wish You Were Dead

Tell Me How It Feels - To Walk Upon The Endless Fields
Trapped In The Eternal Cage - Forever Rest In Dormant Tales
Quit Your Mercenary Life - Secular Stuff Once Ruled The Time
Weak Minds Are Left Behind

2. In The Dead Of Night

[music: Mike, Bastian / Lyrics: Bastian]

Bodies Over Bodies - One By One
They Got Sliced - By This Bastard Son
Helpless Victim Of An Unreal Horror Mind
In One Second Takes You To The Other Side

Is It Just A Dream - Or Is It Real
Shaken By A Shiver - Psychopathic Ride
In The Moment When You Hesitate You Feel
Sharp Blades Severing Flesh And Bones Like Peeled

Creep - On Your Knees
Pray - Mercy Me
My Task Is Search, Find And Kill Again
I Was Born As A Modern Jack For Everyone

Murder Is The Case - In Which He Believes
Dissecting His Victims - Expert In Human Anatomy

Live And Let Die - Decision Is Mine
Under The Eyes Of The Sun
Human Leftovers - Lifeless Remains
All Means To My Abnormal Plans

Suffer This Hell - Find Your Way Into
This Horror Trip Without Return
Pack And Send Off - Numberless Parts
Until The Next Episode Starts

3. Contribution Suicide

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

Bloody Rain - Drippin' Down From The Sky
Discrepancy - The War Between Low And High
Former Ages - Reign Of Superstition, Magic Rites
Dark Powers - Influencing People's Life

Holy Priest - Absolution For All Sins
Crusades - In The Name Of The Holy Church
Burn In Hell - The Damned Now Rot Inside
Last Chance - Was Contribution Suicide
Freedom Of Thoughts - No Longer Exists

Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries

No Place For Changes - Uphold The Flag Of War
Millions Already Deceased - Even More To Die
All Time Is Wasted - Too Late To Forgive
Now The Battle Rages - Until No One Is Left

Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries

Once So Bright - The Future's Now Dark
A Crowd Held Down - The Inferior Race
Like The Prophecy Said - Don't Deny The Signs
T R U S T - First Step Into Slavery

Interior Plague - Intoxication Of Humanity
Twisted Minds - Formed This Chaos Called World
Inheritance - Of The Glorious Dead
This Hell Called War - Beyond Imagination

4. The Age Of Chaos

[music: Stefan, Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

See - Open Your Eyes - Take A Look Back
Find Truth In The Past
Your Mind - Gliding Through Time -
Reminds You Of Signs - Once Seen, But Defied

Trapped - By Paranoid Dreams -
World Inside The Skull - Whatever That Means
Lies - Built Upon Rules, Reject And Refuse
Deny And Abuse

The Paradox Of Life
Preserve And Destroy
Heal The Scars Of The Past
Disappear Into The Void

Emerging - From The Depths Of A Realm Beyond
New Order To Come
Tesselated - Low Forms Of Life - In Your Hands
Deforming Arts - A New Term In This Age - Overcome
Oblivion - Obtained By Obliteration

Born To Be Sacrificed - Homicide
The Blood, The Pain, The Age Of Chaos -
Burnt Into Your Mind

5. Recycling The Corpses

[music: Mike, Stefan / Lyrics: Bastian / Guit. Solo: Stefan]

Maimed, Killed, Stabbed
Slain, Shot, Sliced
Hung, Burnt, Chopped
Multiple Ways To Die

Once You've Been Born
You're Living Your Life
Trying Your Best
Not To Be Left
Kind Of A Race
Part Of A Maze
Your Last Day Will Come
You Never Know How
Some People Can Choose
The Others Just Lose
Game Over And Out
When All Lights Go Down

Dead And Gone - Buried Deep - In The Mud
Had Your Chance, But You Only Took And Never Stopped
Never Cared - For Anyone - Anything
Await Your Soul - To Be Taken Away


Now It's Dark - Freezing Cold - Down Below
Lying There - Find Yourself - Paralysed
Got No Fear - Unanimated - Not Alone
Be Aware - Of All The Things Yet To Come
On The Edge - Side By Side - Final Place
Just One Step - In Your Mind - Realize
No Return - You Deserve - What You Get
Decay Brought You Back - Where You Belong

6. Nocturnal Funeral

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian / Guit. Solo: Stefan]

Cryptic Dreams - In The Dark
Veil Of The Blind - Of Strange Art
Sceptical Minds - Ciphering
Vow To The Pit - Votary

Visionary - To The Sense
Put To The Test - Dogmatic
Cynosure - Free New Land
Proved To Be Wrong - Low Spirit

Blood Stained Sky - Colour Hate
March Of Time - Black And Grey

7. Tomb Of Memories

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

Blood Covering This Place
Like Crust Upon My Eyes
Adrenalin In My Veins
Pain Upon My Face
Heat Growing In My Head
Burning Flesh Inside
Bound To Old Memories
Which Never Seem To Cease

Dark Vision's All I See
Haunted By The Past
Thrust Aside The Killing Time
Hope For The Unborn
State Unsafe For The Deceased
Escape The Mental Squeeze
Tomb Of Living Memories
Define The Life I Lead

Darkness Takes Over Control Of My Life
I'm Willing And Destined To Leave
Once On The Top, Now Down With My Mind
Apparently Held To Deceive

In The Line

I'm On My New Way To The Other Side
The Journey's About To Begin
Don't Know To Where Or To What This Shall Lead
All Systems And Feelings Exceed

To The Ground, To The Ground

Tomb Of - Memories

You Fake - You Run - You Hide From The Truth
In A World You Deride
You Praise - The Facts - Which Prevail For All Time
Like Your Preconcepted Mind

Words That You Spoke
Promises You Broke
Tales Of Lies Unheard
Your False, Synthetic Kindness - Now
The True Yourself Unfolds
Blood That You Bleed
Hate That You Seed
Pain Inflicted Body

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