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Cryptopsy - 2000 And Then You'll Beg

: Century Media Records
1. ...and Then It Passes
2. We Bleed
3. Voice Of Unreason
4. My Prodigal Sun
5. Shroud
6. Soar And Envision Sore Vision
7. Equivalent Equilibrium
8. Back To The Worms
9. Screams Go Unheard


1. ...and Then It Passes

[lyrics By Mike Disalvo]

The Distance It Allows At First
The Change Is Felt Through The Air
The Mother Of Nature Speaks Discontently

As Death Tends To Whisper Defiance
Thinks It's Surprising, Fully Expected
Heavily Unwelcomed, Purposely Unhidden
There To Accomodate
A More Sensible Whiskey Warmth
Had My Fills Of Somber Hearts And Lost Souls

Bleak Ember Grey, Dismal Drear
Catastrophic In Its Own Simple Right
Tolerance As Low As Low
Unfortunately Cold Is Cold
Scold The Mother Whore
For Shaking The Season's Core

Unprepared As Always
Suspiciously Sneaking Into
Mammoth Proportions
An Emblem Of Frigid Bones
And Desolate Hopes

The Here Is Now
An Icy Adversary Of A Piercing Sort
Wintry Blue Lunacy In The Eyes
No Choice But To Hibernate
Against These Skies

Biting Bitterness
Blizzard Blowing
Nipping At The Fine Line Of Your Neck
Horrendous Glacial
Facial Disfiguration
Beaten Red Raw By The Arctic Fist

Pummelled Quite Considerably
Frozen Bricks Hold The Spirit Down
Destined To Find The Elusive Shelter
Set Aside Reclusion From The Numbing Mind

Winteresque Barren Portrait
Painted Miserably White

Living Earth
Postponed In Bereavement
Temporarily Cessated
Untimely Anytime
This Unthawing Persistance

Our Fine Feathered Friends
Seem Smarter Than They Appear
Should've Scrambled To Join Them
On These Months That Are So Feared

Ferocious Gusts, Tempestuous Winds
Drifting Bales, Infinitized
Unbeareble Haze
Trapped Like A Rat In A Maze
Just When You Thought Enough Was Too Much
For The Desperate Masses... And Then It Passes

2. We Bleed

First The Climb
Become The Status
Regained Sight
On A Directionless Path

One Should Be
The Quiet One Who Would Not See
Resemblance In Self
And All Those Spawned

All In The Same
Suffering Sadness
Incredible Truth
Justice To This Madness

Remember, Forget Who You Are
Negative And Bored
And Have Given A Little Too Much Thought
Here Today, Long Gone Yesterday
Saw A Million Zombies Like Me
Some Of Whom Have Entered The Fray

A Man With Nothing To Lose
Will Kill Quicker Than A Wolf
Will Tear Your Flesh
And A Man With All To Gain
He Will Do The Same
Now Has Easily Passed The Threshold

We Bleed
Like The Rest Of You Pigs
We Breed
Fuck Like The Rest Of You Parasites

We Plead
For An End
The Need
For Selfishness
We Bleed
Ourselves Instead

Wondering Whether
The Process Of Thinking
Duplicates Itself
Mirrored By Maniacal Malicious Intentions
Carried Out With Ease
We Bleed

A Man With Nothing To Lose
Has Struck Swifter Than A Snake
Displays Cold Survival
And A Man With All To Gain
He Has Done The Same
But Has Never Crossed The Threshold

Leap Across The Line
Teeter Back And Forth
On The Brink
Decide Which Path
You Take Every Hour

3. Voice Of Unreason

Ossuary For The Misinformed
You'd End Up Being Amazed
Of What You'd See Inside
The Whisps Of Knowledge Denied
And To Think That Someone's Impired
It's A Better Place To Reside

Take That Voice Of Unreason
Asked That Question
About The Chaos
That Lies Dormant Within

Have Pondered Through A Pond
Of Useless Information
Fooled Tricked
But I'm Slowly Coming Around

Fell For It Once Never Again
Ignorance Is Bliss
For The Miner Of Fool's Qold
Can't Teach A Dog That's Too Old
The Motherfucker'll Take A Bite Of The Poison
Indoctrinate Unfiltered Lore
Absolutely Nothing

Intravenously Force Fed
A Slave State Of Intelligence
Meant To Break These Bonds Of Some Point
Howsabout Now

The Bottom Line
I've Saved You The Time
Wasted On A Lost Cause
No Longer

4. My Prodigal Sun

Reach At The Unreachable
Futile Attempts
It's Succumbed To Its Own Laws

Rise And Falls
Like Building Blocks
Pick 'em Up
Knock 'em Down
Another Day
A Different Season

Hate Eternal Overshadows
Dispersed In Clouds
My Prodigal Son
Returns For The Sun Dogs
To Embelish In Angelic Rays
Raise Our Hands In Anticipation
Conquest Procession Participation

When Sweat Lies And Burns The Eyes
Fry The River Dries
Sunburn-orama Drama
Accepted With Open Arms

Cult Of Fire
Sect Inferno
Long Awaited Arrival

5. Shroud

We'll Save Your Children
Follow This Illuminated Line
This Light That's Held Before You
Enshrined Beneath This Glare
Straight Eye Sare
Roped In, Ensnared
Lost Will Of Yours
Slipped Past You
A Passing Glance
Long Ago

Deity Like Foreskin
Draped Lazily Over
Your Dying Perception
Hunted By A Illusion
Doubled Over In Delusion

Cumshot Religions
Unions Of Weakness
Dazed And Proud
Buried Under The Shroud

The Blessed Beasts
Worshipped In Droves
Disposable Dogmas
Believing The Bullshit
Bleed From Your Hands
Dismally Down To Your Knees
With Your Strength Relinquished By You
We Prey Upon Your Bowing Form

Day Dreaming, Idols Deceiving
Enigmatic Fixation

Age Of Piety
Mind Expansion
A Mystic Cloud
Dead Under The Shroud

6. Soar And Envision Sore Vision

[lyrics By Mike Disalvo]

Savagely Beguiled Of Courage
Not Equipped For Determination
Needed For Your Journey
Not Sure If You Were
Thrown In Or Shit Out
The Way You See It Is The Way It Is

Maybe Not The Way It's Supposed To Be
A Beginning For Other Solutions
Led To The Same Place To Find
The Bad In The Bad
And The Bad In The Good

Either Way
Whatever Could Go Wrong Does Go Wrong
Ending Up Right Back
Where You Began

The Great Escape
Houdini Mystique
Sensory Multiload
Overstate The Obvious
That Your Situations
Remain In Focus Never To Vanish

Soar And Envision Sore Vision

Trippin' At The Helm
The Illusion Of Utopia
Wanting More And More
And Then You'll Beg

Soar And Envision Sore Vision

7. Equivalent Equilibrium

Bare My Teeth In A Fit Of Stability
Cling To Level Ground
Balancing Ability
Side With The Positive
More And More Progressively
Scale The Negative Mountain
Always Seem To Loose My Foothold

Got Enough Gear
To Settle In For The Long Run
One False Move
Precautions Elude
Tumble In The Mood
Never Seem To Gain My Foothold

Inconsistantly Faltering Between The Two Pales
Not Much Chance In Regulating
All Systems Go, Red Alert Behavior
Humanistic Insfictincts
The Other's Demonic
Stranglehold And Bold
Up Front, Within The Contact Of
Devils Amongst Angels
Running' All Through Ya

Despite Strong Intentions
Bi-polar Reflux
To The Natural
Knock For Hilarious Maleficence
Fireless Negotiating
War Infernal, Duo Eternal
Tumultuos Disorder

Equivalent Equilibrium
Drop Zone Efficiency
Control Rate Zero
Rotous In All Aspects
Unhealthy Malaise

Human Demon

Berserker Balistically
Beset The Sane Mind
Behemoth Unleashed
Orovaked, Irreversable
A Product From This Perishable Life

8. Back To The Worms

Imagine Every Living Thing
Forever Accompanied
By An Alter Dimensional Being
Phantom Pain Brought On By
The Wounding Of Each Individual's
Extracorporeal Entity

In This Violent Day And Age
We Greatly Fear Their Coming Rage
What Technology Has Done
Forced Apart What Once Was One

Electropsychic And Highly Psychotic
As, Unlike An Aura, It Thinks For Itself
Inseparable In Schizoid Existence
Once Inexorably Linked With Our Own

Relationship Of Symbiotic Nature
Unbeknownst To Human Half Of Dual Creature
As The Phantom Empaths Whose Pain Is Intense
Learn From The Cold Voice Of Experience

Mass Exodus In An Invisible Flood
Externalization Spills Torrents Of A Blood
Man Has Ended His Three-dimensional Term
They Came From The Worms
Let Them Go Back To The Worms

9. Screams Go Unheard

[lyrics By Mike Disalvo And Gen Guay Disalvo]

Seeing That This Blood Sequence
Is Most Unfortunate
Hallowed Be Thy Immortal
Free From Constrictions
And That Ridiculous Boundry
Called Life
Fly My Pretty
However, Stay Close To Me

Omen Bearer, Ecstatic Shiver
Like A Woman Just Crossed My Grave
Almost Blind Sight For Sour Eyes
And Tickled My Fancy
Delicate. Pure. Mine.
Simply Soulmated
The Heaven's Serene Selection
God's Reflection
Something Tells Me
You Might Not Know Me Now
You Will Soon

First Fucking Things First
Would Bet On You A Smile
That This Other Fella?
Will Disapear For A While

No Mind To A Constant Observant
I Watch
Two Is A Show But Three Is A Crowd
Pardon Me, May I Have This Dance
As For You Sir
Your Services Have Been Rendered Useless
And Are No Longer Needed
Sleep That Deep Slumber

Cleverly Infiltrate The Daily Procedures
Enjoy This Moment
Perfect Timing, Perfect Beauty
Thank You For Inviting
I'll Drop By For A Minute (or Two)
Upon My Ringing, You're Cordially Obliged
Couldn't Have Been Better
If I'd Been Asked For Dinner
Lept That Step
Beyond A Casual Notice
Full Fledged Admiration

Might Be Deemed A Social Misfit
Never Asked, Never Cared
Never Spared A Worthless Existence
The Big Splash, Your Life In A Flash
Of Tornados Forming, Frenzied Whirlwind
Of Times And Places, People And Faces
Fear Has A Scent That's Unmistakable
It's Growing, Building, Mutating, Ascending
You've Created A Lover, Well Respected
Undeniably Desired

Popculture Idolatry, Root Vulture Misery
In The Wake Of My Own Hero Parade
An Army Of One,
Haven't Had This Much Fun
As A Couple Deeply In Obsession
Screams Go Unheard

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