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Cryptopsy - 1998 Whisper Supremacy

: Century Media Records
1. Emaciate
2. Cold Hate, Warm Blood
3. Loathe
4. White Worms
5. Flame To The Surface
6. Depths You've Fallen
7. Faceless Unknown
8. Serpent's Coil


1. Emaciate

Battle Through With
Expertise And Strength
Friendly Fire, Napalmed
Burning, Blackened Blood
Jesus Lovers Renege On
Promises Of Removal

Nobody There Ever Had A Reason To Kill
All We Had Was An Obligation To Live
When That Reason Becomes Unobtainable
Survival Is Useless, We're Unable

Den Of Disease, Uncommon Thieves
Thievery Of A Most Devious Kind
Of Body And Soul

Act As A Marionette
Yellow Puppetmaster's Strings Strangehold
Horrific Tales Untold, Malarial Chills Unfold
From Anopheles Mosquitos Relentless Offensive

Prisoned, Immoval Veal
Tenderized Husk Of Skin And Bones
Fed Fecal Scraps That Dogs Won't Even Eat
Malnutrition Amongst Our People

So Make Way For The Cage
A Dishonorable Stage

Where Blood Flood Flows
Filth Rats Feast In Swarms
Lifeforce Warms
Their Strychnine Stomachs

Weaker Than God
Paler Than Snow
Wilder Than Any Animal Knows
Fully Understanding
No Means For Escape
Idealize The Star Spangled Banner Rape
In A State
Of Psychosis
Emaciate, Emaciate

Blurry Vision
Through Sunken Eyes
Pulsate Drop
Idle Heart Stop
Thoughts Becoming Numb
Witness The Final Words I've Spoken

2. Cold Hate, Warm Blood

Late Last Night At Rest With My Mate
I'm Visited By A Victim Of Hate
A Spectoral Group, Yet They're One And The Same
They Would Never Live
Nor Would They Have A Name
A Baby Too Young To Walk Or To Talk
Rocked To Sleep With A Big, Heavy Rock
Becomes A Tot With A Baleful Glare
Sucked From Life By A Shortage Of Air

A Child Beyond Time Without Gender
Metamorphing To Surrender
Each Shape For One Older And Still
No End To How Each Could Be Killed

By Chance In The Polyverse I'm All Of These
Each To Fall Prey With Unnerving Ease
To Who Knows Which Ambiguous Marasmus
It Asked At Once Knowing
And Unknowing The Answers

To Things Far Removed From My Experience
Or Need To Know And Thus It Thanked Me
For Sparing It Death's Multiplicitous Masques
And Life's Thankless Laborious Tasks

January, Child Born Alas
February, Still Still Frail As Glass
March Through A Formative Period You Must
April Child, In God, Distrusts
May Comes And Goes And Shortlived Is The Hope
June Is The Halfway Mark Of Your Rope
July Child Fears End Of Time
August Child In Slow Decline
September, Sense Starts To Fail
October's Child, The Burden Ails
November's Child Malingers On
December's Child Is Dead And Gone

3. Loathe

Apprenticeship To My Duty
Learner Of A Higher Magnitude
A Scholar At Producing Pain
Don't Forget To Include
A Masters In Brutality
Enjoy To Be, My Next Fatality

Some Call Me A Fiend
A Ghoul Of Gore
I'm Gonna Settle The Score
You Lecherous, Squabbling Mongrel

Have You Suffered Enough?
Bled All Over Yourself?
It's A Shame To See You Spill
All That Rotting Swill
Seemed As Though You've Delved
Into An Unwelcoming Predicament
Enough To Wipe That Smile
Off Your Shitgrin Face

Beaten Down Dog
Pungent Urine Stench
Streams Of Disgust
Puddles Spread To Lakes
Boot To Face Intakes

I Loathe, I Loathe You
You're Sickening

How I Laugh At Your Discomfort
Are Your Teeth Settling Down The Throat Alright?
I'll Squeeze It Tight
No Room For Air
Down There

Redesigning The Blueprints To Madness
Slab Of Meat Bruised And Bloodless
Feel My Wrath, Feel My Wrath
You're Wiped Away
I Pity You Not
You Cease To Exist
Pointless To Resist
Your Medicine

4. White Worms

It's Almost Night
The Clouds Are Streaked With Violet
And The Moon Is Bright
Banish Your Innocence

There Is No Breeze
Disquiet Lurks In Silence
By This Place Of Power
Your Sins Must Escalate

What Has Come Before
And Recurs Perpetually
Is On It's Way
Cherish Each Atrocity

Woodland Dark Surroundings
Ill Lit By Twin Beacons
A Black Car Approaches
With Two Men Inside It

With The Right Temptation
Murder Needs To Prompting
The Man Riding Shotgun
Has Just Killed His Own Son

To Nurture The White Worms

Still And Isolated
The Woodframe House Stands Vacant
Humans That Once Lived Here
Can No Longer Be Found

And Yet All Are Present
Well Fed And Ghastly White
In The Mound Of Moist Earth
That Sits Just By The Road

His Rigid Features Inexpressive
He Flings His Son's Blonde Head Upon The Heap
This Last Act Earns Him His Metamorphosis
For He Who Built The House Is At The Wheel

To Nurture The White Worms

Darkling Souls, Though Larval
With Each Sin Can Mutate
Into Something Dreadful
Before Dawn, You'll Pupate
And Feed On Innocents
Nourished By More Like You
To Someday Haunt The Aether
In Obscene Evolution

The House Is Hell
With It's Windows All Agape
Through These Come Some Worms
And They Have Sprouted Wings

Fear Is Forever, The Objective
To Goad The Rest Of Humanity
Into Acts Of Pervert Nature
And Bring Out The Worm In All Of Us

5. Flame To The Surface

Sodom Precise, Burn The Man
A Promise Of Scorching
We Hold A Torch To The Sun
Flame To The Surface
We Hold A Torch To The Sun
Flame To The Surface

Cruddy Crud Epidermis
Skin Melt Fashion
Burning Man Passion
Seek A Sense Of Shelter
Within An Oasis Of Deprivated Clowns
We'll Take A Trip Through The Devil's Heat

Meander Through The Meadowless Fields
Carnival Bizarre
Black Rock Dryness
Lures Chaos Mongers
Banishment Of All That Is Taught
Complete Flesh Rot

Agonized, The Smoldering Circus
Summon The Desert Deity
"take These And Feel Us"
Psychedelia, Hallucinate

Sift The Embers
You'll Find Me
Buried Alive
With Drums Of Thunder
Solar God Arise

He'll Rise, Arise
He'll Rise, Arise
He'll Rise, Arise
He's Risen

Bow Down, Hands Raised
Blistered, Half Crazed
Drifting Alone
Ignite My Soul
Reborn To Be
A Perpetual
Flame To The Surface

6. Depths You've Fallen

Out Of Focus
Need To Get A Grip
So You Don't Slip
Into The Realm
Of Lifelessness
As You Crawl Through
The Debris Of The Past

Feebly Arise To One Knee
Inhaling The Treachery
Bearing Witness To The Actions You've Chosen
Closed Mouth, Unspoken
The Fallen One

Sometimes You Hate Yourself
And Everyone Else
Go Ahead And Hate Yourself
For Not Awakening Your Dreams
And Nightmares

Screams To An Immortal One
Supposed Only Son
Never Sees The Tears In Your Eyes
Never Hears The Ungodly Cries
Behind The Mask That You've Worn
Bitter And Scorned

Hourglass And Mournful Stillness
A Tribute To Sorrows Passing
As Time Drips In Endless
Melancholy And Gruesome Recollections

Through Depths You've Fallen
Unsurmountable Odds Of Ascension
Succumbed By Fathoms
Washed Adrift, Suspended In Grief
Never To Lift Your Filthy Spirit

Soul Cleanse, Blank The Imagery
It Must Be Nice To Have
The Burden Of Thought
Whisked Away
And Let Astray

7. Faceless Unknown

Travelling Through The Veins Of Prior Existance
Only To Realize You've Lost Your Bearings
Dragged Beyond Human Receptiveness
Surrounded, Reach For The Portal Of Answers

Release The Demon
Soar To Far Away Wavelengths
Out Of Body, Out Of Your Mind
Free The Subconscious And Enter The Light

Tightrope Walk Alone
Faceless Unknown

Difficulties And Discoveries
Incorporated To Build As One
A Basin Of Washed Away Memories
Forever Filled

Wrath Of Identities
Nailed To Your Forehead
Pick And Choose The Faces
That Will Have No Features

Disguised But Slowly Unveiled
Wearing Down
This Subliminal Frown
To Probe The Recesses
Of A Once Benign Mind
Tainted In Malignancy

Everlasting Search For Resolve
Inner Conflict Inflict The Afflicted

Interplantary Secrets
Mesmerized, Answers Lost
To The Wind

Intoxicated With Fury
Subside And Dissolve
Over Time
Endless Time

8. Serpent's Coil

The Machines Are Raping The Machines
The Cum Drips Down The Legs Of Humanity
Slip Slide, Don't Fall
Stabilize, Won't Crawl
Under Muck Spittle Soil
Within The Serpent's Coil

Within The Serpent's Coil

Blindfolded By Your Own Fucking Will
Dive Into The Shit
And Swim For A While
Peel The Crust From All Over Your Body
And Scrape The Blood
From Your Putrid Fucking Hands

Tragic Mourning For Chain Release
Uncovered Plots Of Lies And Deceit
Venomous Fangs Facade
Vice Like Tightening
Wrapped Up
The Nihilist

Positioned To Strike
Sleek Slithering
Strangulated Fear
Choke-hold Weakens
Cancer Spreading

Detested, Sickened Minions
Burrow To Safety

March With The Storm
Whisper Supremacy
Conquer The Throne Of Allegiance
In This Age Of Sadism
Dominate Until We Expose You
Expose You
We've Exposed You
For All The Sheep To See

Revolt, Shepherds Have Lost Grace
Revolt, Serpentile Race

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