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Amorphis - 2001 Am Universum

: Relapse Records
1. Alone
2. Goddess (of The Sad Man)
3. The Night Is Over
4. Shatters Within
5. Crimson Wave
6. Drifting Memories
7. Forever More
8. Veil Of Sin
9. Captured State
10. Grieve Stricken Heart


1. Alone

Tear Dimmed Rememberance
In A Womb Of Time
Breath Upon Me
Possessed By The Passion
Fate Will Set You Free
Chased Be The Precious
When Flesh Is An Enemy
Fair Weather Man

Step Aside From The Way Of A Better Man Than You
So You Fall At His Feet He's The One Who Betrays You
It's The Servants Devotion For The Decay
Stand Up

There Are No Flowers On Your Grave
There Are No Chains
There I Keep Chanting For The Forgotten Name

Why You Feel So Empty
And Still Have Everything
It's Fullfilment
I've Got More Companions
When I'm All Alone
Flesh Is Fetching

2. Goddess (of The Sad Man)

Astonishment When I Bend Over You Creep
Put A Noose Around My Neck
Which Side I Deside It's My Time To Reap
It's Your Side Wicked And Deaf

Take Me To The Place I Can Sleep
Wipe Away All Misery
Turn My Path Away
From The Mind Tearing Tragedy
Consuming Range Of Vision
I Can See They Decline
It's A Stay Of Execution
I Fly Free Tonight

New Moon Laughs On It's Own
Without Compassion
I Crawl Through The Realms Unknown
And Kneel To The Goddess Of The Sad Man

Inhale All Mists From The Shadows
And Hide Before The Dawn
Face Your Mortal Horror
You Won't Be Reborn

Is He A Proud Man Or Just A Fraud
Fooling Himself With A Losers Talk
Punished To Eternal Vanity
It's Thy Destiny To Cry For Purity
You Infidel Slime
I Grace Insanity

Satisfy My Agony
I Know What My Goddess Needs
I Bet There's Something Wrong
Inside My Psycho Creep
Fire Burns Within Her Eyes
Take Me To The Deadly Ride
I Remember How She Was
When She Choked On Her Own Pride


3. The Night Is Over

We Craved The Light From The Darkness
It's A Morning Of Misfortune
The Dawn Of A Mankind
Listen To Me Instead Of A Blind Folk's Speak
Forget The Mature Plan
We Are But Humans You'll See

I Can Hear The Silence
See Invisible Emptiness
Tarnish The Halo Of Your Guidance
And The Night Is Over

That Women In Grief
Luxurious Gehenna
And What I Have Become
What I Have Done To You
Listen To Me Instead Of A Blind Folk's Speak
Forget The Mature Plan
We Are But Humans You'll See


4. Shatters Within

Once I Was There
Standing Outside
Looking In
Beside My Window
Smiling Face, Shattering
It's An Old Man's Pride
That Climbs Over Understanding
It Wasn't Your Child
That I Was Hurting

And I Turn My Back To The World
Well I Don't Care
What Can I Say If I See You All As Dead

Under The Dying Sun It Comes
Weaving Fear But I Have None
I Know That Mushroom Cloud
Won't Come Very Near
What Do You Have To Believe In
And All The Poison You Breath In
The Crystal Heart Shatters Within

Once I Was There
Standing Outside
Moving In
Inside My Window
Crying Face, Shattering
Take All That You Have
And Leave The Rest For Today
It's The Old Folk's Sign
That Took Away Your Chastidy



5. Crimson Wave

She's Riding On A Crimson Wave
Truth Sat On Her Shoulder
Planets Before Melting Face
The Keys For The Wounded
Sinking Into Underground
Please The One Who Wants It
Something Is Pulling You Down
It's Not The Cravings Why You Need It

It's A Rush Hour Inside My Head
Don't Wanna Share The Anguish
And I Will Take It Away From You
Before You Can Change It

That Bastard Hallucination's Pushing Me
Like A Damned I Walk Over
Touch The Sky When It's Burning Red
Standing The Ground I Have Chosen

Shivering In Outer Space
There's No One Who Can Hear You
Getting Into Different State
It's Like Getting Nowhere
Gathering All Those Fears And Fails
There's No One Who Can See You
Someone Is Pulling You Down
It's Not The Cravings Why You Need It



6. Drifting Memories

How Does It Feel
Blessed To Receive
Be Modest And Forgiving
How Does It Feel
You Can Try To Hate Me
But You're Only Hurting Yourself

Drifting In Your Shady Memories
Where To Go When Sorrow Breeds
Let The Fear Run Through
Breath In Black And Stiffling Air
All Those Words They Disappear
No Need To Rest It's Too Early To Die

You Don't Have To Say
Why Rue For That Day
When You've Open Up Your Eyes Again
Now It's Your Fate
Face Your Heart Ache
You Wish To Make It Unreal


7. Forever More

I Walk Down To The Seashore
To Bury My Hate
I Wait Till The Morning Of The Mourning
But It's Too Late
Down To The Seashore
Through The Illuminous Gate
You Wait For Tomorrow But Today Is Today
No One Can Understand My Pain

Find Me The Ocean
Where Waters Stand Still
Nothing Can Befall Evermore
Find Me The Ocean Which Swallows All That Floats
It's Time To Prevail Your Conspiracy

It's A Whisper Of A Dead Man
I've Heard It Before
It's Yearning My Emotions
Before I Was Born
It Was Only Delusion
Of Illuminous Gate
'cause Today Is The Day


Calm Is The Breath That Breaks The Circle Of Silence
Like The Whisper Of A Dying Man
Who Was Born In His Own Funeral
Time Is Right For The Twisted One
Guide Me To The Center Of The Vicious Goal
You're My Prey, Kiss My Arrow The Silver

8. Veil Of Sin

For The Cold Pale Women
I Leave Some Of My Goodness
I Leave The Veil Of Sin
And Let Go My Dreams

Eternity Follows Me Everywhere
Your Words So Hollow Won't Go Anywhere
Distant Shadows Disappears
It Searches The Gate Beyond The Stars

And There I Can See Her Again

Tell Me Why You Have To Be So Pure And Wrong
And I'm Alive To Be Here

Is It Just An Omen
Is It Me Walking Blindly
I Will Find The Answer
When I Wake Up From My Dream


And There I Can Kill Her Again


9. Captured State

So Many Years I've Been Fading
And Closed The Doors Behind
Pay That Price If You Lost It All
The End Is Not The Past Recall

Waiting For The Enclosening Darkness
And There You Will Be The Light
As It's Carved In Your Soul
Step Out From Your Mould

The Captured Mind Is A Captured State
But Only Free Will Has It's Sustain
You Burn Away All You Once Loved
Now It's Time To Turn Away

It's All Too Clear You've Been Hiding
Nothing To Tell But Lies
Feel Shame When You Distain It All
Your Stand Is Not The Past Recall



10. Grieve Stricken Heart

Your Helping Hand Is Killing Me
If You See Me Suffer It's Not Your Victory
Sadistic Forms Of New Way Discipline
Like I Love Myself I Love To Sin

And I Want More
And I Want It Low
Of Course You Wont Forgive Me
But I Wont Crawl

Look Out For Number One
I Pray On You It Has Begun
Let The Night Stand One Thousand Years
Longstanding ,everlasting
Breathless Masquerade
I'm Your Devil In Disguise


Grieve Stricken Heart
Calls Upon You
Grieve Stricken Heart
My Only Look You Fools
I Love My Misery Too

I'm The One To See Your Collapse
I'm On The Side Of Destruction
On The Side Of Black And I Love To Sin
Mentally Transmitted Disease
Rotten Wretched Attraction
And I Love Myself



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