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Amorphis - 1999 Tuonela

: Relapse Records
1. The Way
2. Morning Star
3. Nightfall
4. Tuonela
5. Greed
6. Divinity
7. Shining
8. Withered
9. Rusty Moon
10. Summer's End


1. The Way

Forging The Future From The Timeless Stone
Oh Let Me Know How Far I Can Go
Answering The Questions Thet No One Ever Asks
Float Through The Sea Of Madness
And Face The Everlasting Task

So Lonely To Wander
So Sad To Be Alone
In The Mist Of The Unknown
Trying To Fool Myself With Dreams That Never Come True
So Hard To Stand My Ground
Never Again Will I Fail

Will You Tell Me Not To Wait
Tell Me To Live For Today

As The Flowers Wither
I Will Forget My Pain
Since The Stars Have Shone
The Devil Has Shown Me The Way


2. Morning Star

You Live Only For Yourself
Or Send Your Soul To The Heaven's Grace
Been Weak As The Autumn Leaves
Or Strong As The Growing Seed
Swallowed Into The Black
Search For Entrace

Wathc To The Eyes Of Morning Star
Beckon For The Savior
But It's Much Too Far
Reach For The Infinity
The Only Thing That Remains Is Decay

3. Nightfall

As A Rot To Rape The Spring Sown Seed
A Plague Sprang Forth Of His Tracks
Churns Ran Red When Cows Milked Blood
And Famine Cracked Poor Backs

Who Would Hear A Lament Sad
Under The Bright Blue Sky
That's Sung In Hovels Dark And Low
With Eyes Too Weak To Cry

But Horror Be The Nightfall's Gloom
For The Man Upon The Road
When Moon Doth Laugh At Worthless Lives
Twice Hard For All Promise Showed

Empty Stare Upon His Face
Nine Fathoms Deep
He Set Upon The Road Again
On Ground That Bears No Seed

4. Tuonela

Sorrow Is My Bread
And Tears I Drink As Wine
Oblivion My Happiness
Ground Under Teeth Of Time

For Cold Be The Stone
When Frost Ve Devoured The Land
Consolation Is No Gift
Of Winter's Icy Hand

Upon A Crust Of Snow
I'll Lay My Broken Frame
What Steel And Iron Won't Take
I'll Give In Winter's Name
No Good A Sullen Sout No Use A Simple Knave
No Groom For Brides Of Plaited Hair
This Man Old And Lame

If Only I Could Breathe
To See The Sun Of May
But Still Longer Are The Nigths Than Days
As I Wither Away

Came The Man Of Crown
With Sound Of War Drums Beat
Said No Sword Arm's Strong Enough
Without My Two Good Feet


But Not Overlooked Am I
In Eyes Of The Maid I'll Wed
I'll Reap The Crops Of Tuonela
My Bride's Wealth In Death

5. Greed

Not Thirsty Am I For The Blood
Of Redeemer Of Thy Creed
My Hunger Can't Be Satisfied
With Flesh Of Thy Nazarene
No Gilded Streets Of Heaven's Grace
Entice Me In Thy Speech
No Holy Mother Doth Condone
All Your Pillage War And Greed

But Know Thee That All Oceans Worth
Of Waters Turned Holy
Won't Change The Course Of River
That Runs Inside Of Me
My Blood Flows Ever Skyward
And Pools Where Thy Black Is White

For Woulst Thou Not Carme At My Soul
With Sword Of Thy Supreme Truth
Strike Me Down On My Bended Knees
For Thy Baptism So Soothe

My Blood Flows Ever Skywawrd
And Pools Where Thy Black Is White
Alone Am I To Raise My Head
In The Starless Forest Night

6. Divinity

Last Day Brings The Grace
For Bearers Of Forbidden Name
Step Into Five Fold Mace
As Son As Father In A Frame

Someday Fire Wipes The Rain
Fears Are Frozen Tears Whisper
Things That No One Heras
Cry Now, Cry Now For Me Again
Tomorrows Pride And Pain
Why You Kneel Before My Name

Crushing My Belief
And Make Shape To My Relief
For Who You Set Your Prayers
I Can't Hear Them Anyway


7. Shining

My Soul Is Bleeding
I Feel So Small
Afraid That This Will Never End
I Can't Understand The Pain In My Bones
I Sleep Through Another Trance

Climb Over The Rainbow
From Here You Can See So Much
I Need Someone To Take Me Down
But Who Can You Trust

Got So Many Things To Say
But It's Something I Don't Wanna Be
Gotta Get Away Case It's Time To Shine
Like A Fallen Angel I Run
I Won't Ever See The Sun
See The Circle Is Now Complete
Yet The Harvest Remains Undone

Where Hemlock Grows And Vermin Crowl
All Dreams Descend With Fear
Crushed By The Darkness That Wells Inside
That Beast I Hold So Dear

8. Withered

Withered Be The Flower
Long Past It's Prime And Bloom
Forgotten On The Stony Bed
This Silent Hillside Tomb
For Coppered Be The Grip
Of This Wooded Land
A Crude Cold Gauntlet
Hides The Boney Hand

Tears Once Warmed The Ground
Torn Out Of Eyes That Could Cry No More
Compassion For The Wind To Take
O Doth Pity The Bastard Poor
A Life Of Misery And Hate
Upon A Chance A Twist Of Fate
The Poison From The Goblet Ran
Down The Throat Of Her Drunken Man

9. Rusty Moon

Bahted In The Rust Of Moon
Is The Death Beds Lullaby
Sung So Softly With The Stars
Reflected In Her Eyes

It's The Blaze That Beckons Men
Into The Woods, Of Beaten Path
Is The Sight Of The Fire That
No Maiden's Eyes Should Have
Iron Does As Iron's Told
And Drinks Of Life's Red Gold
But Shame Won't Leave With Dying Breathe
The Life That Wants It's Own Death

And The Forest Hums Its Silent Hymn
Heard By Those Of Solitude
As Mist It Wells
Up The Brook's Dark Banks
Bewitched By There Fir Woods


10. Summer's End

In The Morning Mist By The Waning Moon
Through The Woods She Set On Foot
With A Sacred Blade Cut The Berries Down
Dug Up The Dreaded Mandrake Root

Tread My Path To Summer's End
This Bequest I Leave You She Says
You Will See What Could Be Evergreen
Turn To Copper And Fade To Gray

By The Standing Stones
Atropine Eyes Smiled At Me
Sitting In A Sluggish Vertigo
Sands Of Time Form Another Dream
No Love Without Sacrifice
No Lige Springs Without Decay
The Final Kiss Is A Wormy One
In Soils Cold Caress To Rest We'll Lay


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