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Impetigo - 1990 Ultimo Mondo Cannibale

: Wild Rags
1. Maggots
2. Dis-organ-ized
3. Intense Mortification
4. The Revenge Of The Scabby Man
5. Venereal Warts Part 3
6. Bloody Pit Of Horror
7. Dear Uncle Creepy
8. Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell
9. Zombie
10. Jane Fonda Sucks Part 2
11. Red Wigglers
12. Harbinger Of Death
13. Unadultered Brutality
14. Mortado
15. Heart Of Illinois
16. My Lai


1. Maggots

2. Dis-organ-ized

Prone On The Operating Table
Deep Incision Sliced On Inanimate Flesh
I Love My Disgusting Equipment
Needles, Scalpels, And Brain Scoops To Diagnose Death
Succumb To My Horrible Experiment
Intestines & Limbs Agog In Fiendish Disarray
Mutating Your Natural Composition
Rearrange Your Vital Organs In Horrific Dismay

I'm The Ghoul Of The Medical Profession
Foetid Corpses And Carcasses Line The Basement Wall
With Glee I Dismember Cadavers
I Affix The Pancreas Where Stomach Should Be
Rejuvenate The Rancid Corpses
The Innards Glisten In Their New Anatomical Display
I Cackle With Post-mortem Delight
The Walls Reek Of Sin & The Stench Of Horrendous Decay...

3. Intense Mortification

Cold Dark Night, Nerves Are Tense
Strange Sounds Out Of Nowhere, The Fog Is Dense
You Lay In Your Bed Quaking With Fright
Shadows In The Hallway, Something's Not Right...
Sounds In The Kitchen, Your Nerves Swell
There's A Creature In The Basement, A Monster From Hell
It Slimes Up The Step, Unholy Rasping Hiss
Who Knows What It Wants? Who Knows What It Is?

Horrified, Your Sanity Ebbs
You Struggle To Survive
Mortified, You Know You'll Never
Leave This House Alive

Foul Smelling Breath, It Draws You Near
You Scream For Mercy, No One Can Hear
Your Terror Is Relished, It Claws Ooze With Gore
Substained By Your Fear, It Feeds On Your Horror!!!!

It's Teeth Retract From Your Skull
Feasting On Your Brains
Mortified, You'll Know You'll Never
Leave This House Again....

4. The Revenge Of The Scabby Man

His Nose Is Drippy, His Hair Are Nappy,
His Teeth Are Yellow, His Skin Is Scabby
His Ass Is So Smelly It'll Clear Out Any Moshing Pit
His Tongue Is Nasty, His Dick Is Green,
His Lips Are Chapped, His Breath Is Obscene
You Could Squeeze His Pus-filled, And Pop It Like An Ugly Zit!
He Walks Around Town, You Can Smell His Feet
Flies Buzz Around His Head As He Walks Down Your Street,
The Children Run And Hide To The Safety Of Their Daddy's Arms
He Comes To Your Door With His Decayed Grin
You Wonder Where The Hell That Mouth Of His Has Been
Should You Slam The Door?
Or Should You Let Him In?

You Run And Hide But You Can't Hide
The Scabby Man Comes Inside
He Picks His Nose And Eats His Snot
And Then Eats All Your Pot
He Pukes On You, He Kicks Your Dog
He's A Fucking Smelly Hog
He Farts Alot, He Rapes Your Wife
You Cut A Fart And He Licks The Knife...

You Think It's Over But It's Not Over Yet!
The Scabby Man Is Leaking Pus, He's Fucking Gross, You Bet!
He Jacks Off And Shoots In His Cum On Your Two-month-old Son!
The Horror's Not Over Much To Your Dismay
You're The Scabby Man Victim, On This Very Day,
And He Invited His Friends To Come Over For The Whole Weekend!

5. Venereal Warts Part 3

6. Bloody Pit Of Horror

Stench Of Rot And Filth Prevails
You Fight Against The Iron Chains To Not Avail
Strung Up In My Chamber Of Torture And Sin
Baked And Sweating, Let The Beatings Begin!
Warm Up The Tongs In The Fireplace
Press The Searing Metal Against Your Innocent Face
Break Out The Whip, Put You To The Test
Pour Molten Hot Oil On Your Quivering Breasts...

By Body Count Continues, You're Just Another Bitch
When I'm Finsished I'll Dump You In The Ditch
Strap Your Welted Body To My Wooden Rack
If You're Lucky You'll Die Of A Heart Attack
The Horrible Bed Of Nails Could Be Too Much For You
But If You Don't Like It, I've Got A Mask Of Spikes For You!
Vise Grips Crush Your Breasts In A Screaming Fir
I'll Nail Your Fingers To The Table, Make You Eat Your Own Shit

...when I'm Through You'll Be Begging For More,
And I'll Rape Your Broken Body In My Bloody Pit Of Horror!!!!

7. Dear Uncle Creepy

Dear Uncle Creepy, It's Been Years
Morbid Fantasy Exterminates My Childhood Fears
Dear Uncle Creepy, How Can It Be?
Some Of The Crap That's Out These Days
Is Such A Bore To Me

Dear Uncle Creepy...

The Shit They Call "horror" In The Comic Store
Nobody's Got That Style Anymore!
Pre-code Classics Provide The Chills
This High-tech Bullshit Never Will!
As Far As Movies Are Concerned,
There's A Plenty Out That Should Be Burned
The Horror's Gone, Big Budget's Here
Whatever Happened To The Meaning Of Fear????

Dear Uncle Creepy, It's A Crying Shame
The "terror" Of The 90's Is So Fucking Lame!!
Whatever Happened To The Good Ol' Days
Has You And Cousin Eerie Turning In Your Graves!

8. Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell

I Was Created To Destroy You
You're Time Is Near
When You Least Expect It,
Dying Time Is Here!
I'll Find You At A Party
You're Drinking Your Beer
I"ll Crawl Up Behind You
And Chew Off Your Ear!!

You Stare At Me Cause You're Boyfriend's A Goon!
You Don't Understand!
I'm In Disguise, You Can't Recognize
The Green Slime On Your Hand
I Thrive O Kill You Assholes
I Want All Of You Fuckers Dead!
When You Go Cruising For Babes
I'll Explose Inside Your Head!

You Say It's Just A Nightmare.
Some Bad Dreams You've Had
But When You See Me Slaughtering Your Pals,
You'll Go Screaming For Your Dad!
You Numbers Will Diminish
Hear My Carnivorous Squeals!
I'm Disgusting, I'm Cute, And I'm Cuddly
Your Doom Is Sealed!!!!!

9. Zombie

He Walks Among The Living
He Has Not Much To Say
...but Heed The Sailors' Warning
Watch Out For Zombie Ray!!!!!!!

Gut-munching Cannibal
Child Molesting Freak
He'll Rip Your Fuckin' Throat Out
So You Can't Even Speak!!!!!!

10. Jane Fonda Sucks Part 2

11. Red Wigglers

Feverish Rites Of The Culinary Macabre
Consuming Pork When Not Fully Cooked
Teeming Colonies Of Maggots Swarm Within
Contracted The Deadly Affliction Overlooked
Botulism Sets In As The Sweat Intensifies
Death In Hours Is Sure And Expected
Trichinosis Diagnosed No Cure Is Known
The Agony Of Seafoog Not Thoroughly Inspected

Debris-ridden Vomit
Your Insides Jellify
Revulsion Of Intestines

The Swift, Horrible Fate Of The Disease Is Asphyxiation,
A Most Terrible Painful Death From Which There Is No Salvation

Intestinal Worms Burrow Throughout Your Corpse
As The Plague Reveals Its Ultimate Benediction
The Slime, The Rot, The Bubbling Bile
The Red Larvae Of This Curious Infection

Cannibalized Slop
Squishes And Squirms
Red Wigglers...
The Cadillac Of Worms

12. Harbinger Of Death

Who Needs Rocks To Use? I've Got Water Ballons
Pick A Spot Overhead And Drop Them On Your Fucking Head!

Harbinger Of Death!!!

I'll Start A Car Crash! With These Rocks I'll Smash
Car Hoods And Funny Hats, Drop A Rock, See'em Splat!!

Harbinger Of Death!!!

If I Get Busted I Won't Quit, Cause I Can't Get Enough Of It
Dropping Shit On People's Heads, Maybe You'll End Up Dead!
You Think You're Smart! Wait'll Bust Your Head Apart!
Demolishing And Destroying And You Can't Do A Fucking Thing!!!

13. Unadultered Brutality

Innocent Women, Hacked To Pieces
The Killer Smears And Fondles
The Bloody Mess!!!!
I Can't Help But Look...
I Can't Help But Stare!!

Razor Blades Slicing, And Jabbing, And Ripping
Crimson Intestinal Eye-slashing Death!
I Can't Help But Look...
I Can't Help But Stare!!

"...to Satisfy My Thirsty Needs,
To Tension Out,
I've Got To See The Guilty Bleed
My Own Path To Glory...

Kidnap A Bitch, A Slave To My Pain
A In Her Head
Bruise Her Fuckin' Brain...
And When She's Unconcious
And Blood Begins To Flow
My Black Heart Laughs
And I Really Start To Go...

Slice And Stab And Pound And Chew
Finger Fucking The Open Wounds
Of The Deserving Dog, The Bitch,
My Mouth In Her Guts
Stretching Elastic Tissue
Cumming With The Stench,
Licking Her Nostrils,
Holding Back My Erection...

The Rusty Knife Peeling Back
Layers Of Virgin Cunt Flesh
My Fat Greasy Fingers
Covered In Shit, Teethmarks Of
Hatred Tatooed In Death
I Feel Pure And Holy..."

Sheer Violence, Vicious Intent
Blood Stained Fingers Ripping Flesh Bare!
I Can't Help But Stare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Mortado

Running Through The Jungle
Running Not To Die
Mortado And The Cannibals
Mortado Crucified!

Skewered To A Tree
Mondo Torture Hell
Mortado And The Cannibals
Mortado Lived To Tell...

Sticks And Stones Can Break My Bones
But Natives Cannot Hurt Me!
I Lived Through Hell, I Lived To Tell
Because The Cannibals Deserted Me!

Through My Hands And Feet Were Driven
Cricifixion Nails
And Now You're Paying To Hear
My Horrible Cannibal Tales!

15. Heart Of Illinois

Heart Of Illinois, Heart Of Illinois,
Heart Of Illinois, Don't It Make Ya Sick?
Heart Of Illinois, Heart Of Illinois,
Heart Of Illinois, Shut Up Ya Fucking' Dick!

Ten Fucking Years I've Lived In This Town
There's Never Nothing Happening Going On
Except Fairs, And Baseball, And Sidewalk Sales,
And Old People Fucking With Their Lawns!

Farm Futures!
Soybeans And Corn!
Parks And Recreation!
Collecting Doorknobs?!?

Pride Of The Prairie, Pride Of The Prairie,
Pride Of The Prairie... Don't It Make Ya Retch?
Pride Of The Prairie, Pride Of The Prairie,
Pride Of The Prairie, Shut Up Ya Fuckin' Wrench!

Twenty Fucking Years Ive Lived In This Town
Nothing's Never Going On Around Here
Except Unemployment, And Gangs, And Skating Bands,
And College Students Slamming Fucking Beers!!!

16. My Lai

Lt. Calley Is My Man
Lt. Calley, Viet Nam
Lt. Calley Kill Some Reds
Do It Like Your Daddy Said...

Lt. Calley And His Friends
Bring Your World To An End
Lt. Calley With His Bombs
Lt. Calley Killed Your Mom!!!

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