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Impetigo - 1992 Horror Of The Zombies

: Wild Rags
1. Boneyard
2. I Work For The Streetcleaner
3. Wizard Of Gore
4. Mortuaria
5. Cannibale Ballet
6. Trap Them And Kill Them
7. Cannibal Lust
8. Defiling The Grave
9. Staph Terrorist
10. Breakfast At Manchester Morgue (let Sleeping Corpses Lie...)


1. Boneyard

[lyrics And Music: Stevo / January 1990]

Strolling Through My Boneyard
A Ghoulish Midnight Stride
A Walk Among The Corpses
Fills My Heart With Pride...
A Score Of Screaming Victims
To Me They Scream No More
Forty Or Four Hundred, I've Lost Count
Buried 'neath The Earthen Floor...
One By One They Meet Their Doom
Through Macabre And Nepharious Means
Midnight In My Boneyard
The Wind Blows Through The Trees...

2. I Work For The Streetcleaner

[lyrics And Music: Stevo / February 1990]

I Work For The Streetcleaner
When The Work Day Is Done
I Bring Home Some Organs
For Some Late Night Necrophiliac Fun...
I Clean Up The Toll Of The Highway Mishap
Blood And Twisted Steel Are Dnine
The Gore In My Hands Will Be Smeared On My Love
And The Cadaver I Carry Will Be Mine
My Lover And I Are Pathetic
Fellating The Bones Of The Dead
Fornication With The Remnants Of The Dismembered Carcasses
Sodomizing The Worm Eaten Head...
We Bathe In The Blood Of The Unlucky Stiffs
Keep Their Eyes, Tongues And Brains In Glass Cases
Smear Our Naked Writhing Bodies In The Grue And Pus
Lick The Rotted Sinews From Their Mangled Beaten Faces
We Are Aroused And Enticed, My Lover And I,
By The Sanguine Stench Of The Deaceased
We Writhe Among Piles Of Gelatinous Dead Flesh
And Suck The Hepatic Tissue Of The Diseased
I'll Procure The Corpses 'til My Storage Shelves Are Full
I Remove The Fluids From Your Skull...
[...solo: Scott ...]
Jars Of Preservation Fluids
Inhale The Nauseating Fumes
On The Wall Decaying
Purulent Corpses
Putrefying In My Room...
I Feel The Clots On My Face And Skin
The Carnage Of The Violently Expelled
Masturbate With The Blood Of Mutilated Stiff
Explose With Carnal Joy Among The Entrails
Writhing An Dwiggling In A Bed Full Of Death
My Inhibitions Existing No More
French Kissing The Skulls, The Foetid Breath
Making Love To The Cadaverous Whore
We Are Psychotic, My Lover And I
Only The Sick Couls Share Our Delight
We Take Turns Mounting The Detestable Stiff
Our Moans Continue Through Out The Night...
The Jellified Skin Running Through My Hands
The Joy Of Arousal From The Dead Corpses Touch
The Necrotic Thirst For Unconcenable Love
The Love A Corpse Cannot Give Too Much...
I'll Procure The Corpses 'til My Storage Shelves Are Full
I Remove The Fluids From Your Skull...
[...solo: Scott ...]
I Work For The Streetcleaner
And Though It's Never Been Said
It's Fun To Be Paid
To Dispose Of The Recently Dead
The Insane Lust Of The Necrophile
A Bizarre Emotion That Cannot Be Described
The Thrill Of Violence And Its Horrible Result
Creates An Urge From Which Our Sickness Derives
Tonight We Will Indulge In Forbidden Delight
To Quench Our Desires, It's What We Must Do
Beware If You Drive On The Highway Tonight
The Next Cadaver We Fuck Might Be You!!!

3. Wizard Of Gore

[lyrics: Stevo /october 1989 / Music: Stevo And Scott /april 1991]

Make Love To Your Innards
Lick Your Shredded Flesh
With Relish I Fondle
This Mutilated Mess
I Spill Your Fucking Entrails
Nail A Spike Into Your Head
Shove A Sword Down
Your Gullet
Until You're Fucking Dead...
My Dreams ... Your Nightmares
My Obsession... Your Affliction
I Yank Out Your Brains...
You Think I'm Insane?
Is This Some Morbid Fantasy
You've Been
Dying To Fulfill?
Or Is It Just A Vision
You're Obsessed With Still?
Is It Your Face Or My Hideous Laugh?
Is It The Knot In Your Stomach's Slack?
Is It An Illusion? Or Is It Real?
Is Is Your Fate? Or Your Face I Peel?

4. Mortuaria

[lyrics: Stevo /february 1990 / Music: Stevo And Mark /january 1991]

Wearing The Disguise Of The Working Class
I Use My Occupation To Fulfill My Desires,
When You're Dead You'll Be Mine At Last
You Cold, Naked Body, Recently Expired
How Can I Resist
Your Sagging Breasts?
Lain On The Table, You Smell Of Sterile Death
When I Put The Embalming
Needle Into Your Flesh So Blue
I Place My Throbbing Penis Inside Of You...
My Tools Are Ready... Your
Insides To Dispose
I Caress Your Slick Abdominal Cavity... My Desire Grows
I Lick Your Icy Ear And Fondle Your Lungs And Toes
I Come... While My Tongue Is Buried In Your Nose...
[...solo: Scott ...]
The Stench Of Your Decay Arouses Me... Alone In The Prep Room No One To See
Our Disgusting Sexual Lust, No One Will Know... I'm Alive, You And I Are All
Alone... I Want... To Take... Your Cadaver Home... I Swear I'll Never Leave
You... Always Yours... My Love...
[...solo: Scott ...]

5. Cannibale Ballet

[lyrics: Scott "chainsaw" Lesperance /1990 / Music: Stevo And Dan /august 1991]

Your Life Is In Danger...
Beware Of The Cannibal Whores
Keep Your Distance From The Uncivilised Humans
Observe Their Daily Ritual Of Desvration And Dismemberment
Bamboo Shelters Degrated With Carcasses
A Village Of Poverty And Paranoia
Pestilence And Unsanitary Conditions Are The Causes Of Death
The Mortality Rate Increasing, The Lost Race Decreasing
A Population Of Sinners, Victims Victims Of God
Their Elderly Die Of Infection And Rot
Smell The Pile Of Burning Flesh
Charred Dead, Flames Engulf Rigor Mortis
The Fortunate Ones Eat One
Another To Remain Alive
The Screaming Victims Are Unheared As They're Eaten Alive
The Slaughter
Continues Throughout The Night
Fires Made To Cook Meat And Cartilage
Maggots Nest In The Entrails,
Carrions In Pools Of Waste
Cannibals Without Conscience, Hunger Is Reason
A Nightmare Scene,
Detached Genitalia On Dansling Spleen
Parasite Feasting On Its Limbs
Chances Of Survival Are Slim
Dance With Mind Demons, Inhuman Behavior
Stenches Beyond Repulsive, Guts Splatter Starving Faces
A Hell On Earth, Origin Of Ancient Atrocity Birth
Psychotic Perversion, Masturbatory Motions
Necrophilia... Feed The Sickening Psyche
Your Fate To Encounter The Malicious, Cursed Tribe...
Screeeeeeaaamm!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

6. Trap Them And Kill Them

[lyrics: Stevo /february 1990 / Music: Stevo And Mark /april 1991]

Stench Of Death, The Worm Eaten Flesh
The Wicked Fires Burn, I'm The Last Survivor Left
Trapped In This Cage, Locked Up With The Rats
The Vermin And Filth, How Long Can It Last?
The Cannibals Dance And Dig My Grave
For Me All Hope Is Lost
An Amazonian Camping Trip
I Prepare To Pay The Cost
They Killed My Fellow Travelers,
Mutilated One By One
Decapitated My Lovely Wife
Then Raped Her Body Just For Fun!
In This Wet Hold I Wait My Time Is Yet To Come
I Wait The Hours Crawl By... Whay Am I The Only One?
The Hour Of Doom Approaches Near, I Clutch My Brain In Fear
They Crawl Slowly To Me... My God, I Cannot Ee!!!
Motionless, Chained Fast By Fear
For Me All Hope Is Lost
I Ventured Where I Dare Not Tread
And Now I Pay The Cost!
My Place Is Not Here, Yet Here I Die
And Peace I Have Not Found...
My Head Is Severed At The Neck,
It Falls Silently To The Ground...

7. Cannibal Lust

[lyrics: Stevo /november 1989-february 1990 / Music: Stevo And Mark /may 1991]

Returned From The Hunt, Armed To The Teeth
Return Triumphant To My Village, My Village Is Asleep
The Cool Night Air Inspires Me, My Lust I Can't Control
I Select A Captured Mate In Silence, To The Altar We Go...
I Like To Eat Pussy, I Like To Eat Fish
I'd Like To Eat Your Entrails, This Cannibal's Favorite Dish
You Are My Bethroded, My White Blond Queen
I Lie You To Wall Of Wote And Make Love To Your Spleen!
Your Mine Forever, You Breathe Your Last
Ritual Marriage, My Love For You Is Cast
Our Union Consume-mated, Your Organs I Stick
Your Blood In My Mouth, Your Blood On My Prick

8. Defiling The Grave

[lyrics And Music: Stevo /may 199?]

Stalking Through The Black Of Night
Unholy Ghoul's Lust For Blood
The Human Vampire In The Crypt
The Seek Dead Flesh To Carry On
Their Morbid Life No One Can Save...
Defiling The Grave...
Cement Bonds Are Torn Away
The Insane Might They Now Display
Their Hunger For The Stench Of Death
To Violate The Resting Place
The Unholy Fiends, The Blood They Crave...
Defiling The Grave...
[...solo: Mark...]
Ripping Caskets Inside Out
The Evil Ghouls Scream And Shout
And Dance With Corpses In The Night
Devour The Rotten Flesh
The Maggots Crawl In The Satan's Name...
Defiling The Grave...

9. Staph Terrorist

[lyrics And Music: Stevo /march 1990]

By Day I Plot The Downfall Of Society
I Devise Devious Plans Of Retribution
Night Falls And I Am Out On The Streets
Distributing My "political Contributions"...
No Restaurant Or Cafe
Is Safe From My Attack
I File Among The Cooks And Chiefs
From Kitchen To Kitchen I Plant My "surprise"
Discreetly To Avoid Early Detection
The Next Day The News Blare My Psychotic Feats
With Joy, The Terrorism Has Shocked And Offended
I Take My Urine And Steaming Feces
Smear It And Mix It Within The Food You Eat!
Terrified The City Locks The Doors Of Tempered Cafes
The Restauranteurs And Patrons Revulsed
My Warm Shit Burritos Can Kill...
Some Folks Use Bombs, Others Use Guns
I Find My Way Deadlier And More Exacting
My Bodily Excrement Washes Your Gums
Later, Fluids Bubble From Your Nose
Outbreaks Of Staph Throughout This Fucking Town
The Fear Is Contained And Profound
The Market's My Next Step, To Piss In The Milk
No One Is Safe... I Spread My Hate Around
Your Skin Bubbles And Smells
Your Guts Burn, You Squeal
The Bile In Your Throat Is Gastric Acid
Your Terror Will Never Heal!
You Fear To Eat Again
I Know My Revenge Is Complete
To Commit Such A Horrible Task
To Remember My Atrocious Deeds...
To Not Forget...

10. Breakfast At Manchester Morgue (let Sleeping Corpses Lie...)

[lyrics: Stevo /september 1990 / And Music: Stevo And Mark/may 1991]

The Bleak Sun Rises Through The Smog Stained Clouds
The Day Begins In A Very Somber Way
The Stench Of The Dead In The Manchester Morgue
The Stench Of Sterilized Deacay...
The Hideous Signal...
I Open My Eyes, Livid With Sweat
Obnoxious Film... But Where Have I Been?
Strapped To The Table, Burning Fluids Course Within My Veins
Mortific Eyes Cannot Dissuide That I See...
My Plight Is Realized, I Am Dead But I See...
I Feel The Pain Of The Rush Of Formaldehype,
The Brittleness Of My Bones
And They Said I Would Never Live Again
The Buzzing In My Brain
The Never Ending Pain
The Hunger I Possess
Within This Rotten Mess
I Break The Straps And Rise To Feed
The Necrotic Fluid Bubbles, Human Viscera I Need
Corner The Fightened Doctors, They Say This Cannot Be
As I Devour Their Pulsing Flesh, Their Blood Will Comfort Me
[...solo: Scott...]
My Cohort Rise From Their Crypts
The Morgue Is In Terror,
Blood Rolls From Our Lips
Some Mangled Bodies Strewn In Chaotic Disarray
Breakfast Is Served At The Manchester Morgue
The Beginning Of A Horrifying Day...
No End In Sight
Our Number Multiply...

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