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Unholy - 1994 The Second Ring Of Power

1. The Second Ring Of Power
2. Languish For Bliss
3. Lady Babylon
4. Neverending Day
5. Dreamside
6. Procession Of Black Doom
7. Covetous Glance
8. Air
9. Serious Personality Disturbance And Deep Anxiety


1. The Second Ring Of Power

Did I Hear That Voice Or Was
It Just A Hallucination?
And What About Those Shapes (allies)....
For Fourteen Days I Haven't Slept
Still My Shadow The Secret Of My Life Kept
By Going Through A Long Period Of Depression

I Reached A Permanent State Of Enlightment
I'm The Master Above You Bunch Of Slaves
I'm The Demiurge, Creator Of This Universe

Master Of Not-doing
I, Myself Not Fooling
The God Of Not-being
Everything As It Is Seeing

Near My Death I Saw The White
Gate Of Death Calling
There I Didn't Fall In
Let Self Die
Loosen Souls Dimension
For Sorcerer Exhaustion Brings Ecstasy!

[lyrics By Jarkko Toivonen]

2. Languish For Bliss

How I Wish
That All Those Gentle Words
Would Pour Out Of My Lips
How My Sincere Thoughts
Would Tenderly Capture
Your Yet Clear Mind

How My Strong Arms
Would Carry You Thru
All Those Dim Valleys

Hear Me, Hear Me
Try To Stay Away
I'm To Be Your Doom
Oh How I Wish
I Was The One
I Used To Know

No Reason For You To Wither
With My Wicked Hollow Soul
Still The Memory Of What We Had
Will Always Be With Me
For Your Beloved Place
No One Can Ever Take

[lyrics By Jan Kuhanen]

3. Lady Babylon

Sweet Kiss Of Hemp
I Want To Be Eternally Dazed
Forever And Ever And Ever
Sweet Lady Babylon
In Lips She Is Sweet
Of Spirit Of Venus...

I Feel My Dream Is So Deep
Shout To The Wind And Let
Lady Babylon Touch Yourself
Who Can Be Right And Who Can Be Wrong
How The Time Hunts Your Life
Great Secret Is Going To
Ruin Your Consciousness
I Am So Deep But So High...

[lyrics By Pasi ij & Jarkko Toivonen]

4. Neverending Day

From My Past Into The River Of Depression
Fatefull Numbers Caught Around My Way
Mutilating My Past Through Eternity
Life Is Like A Chinky Steel...

Twisted Branch Of Life
Feed My Pain
I Protect Myself Behind Others Dreams
Artistic Analyse Of Cruel Fate
Equilibrium On The Stairs Of Past
Stairs Painted By Blood Of My Heart
Fury Lightning Inside My Head
I'm Turning Towards Mysteries Of Originality
The Way Is Blocked By Sorrow Of Emptiness

Heroine Is Locked Inside The Casket Of Oblivion
Time Forgot Me In The Circle Of Shadows

Neverending Way
Neverending Day
Neverending Pain

5. Dreamside

Grey Beauties Of My Sleep
Reaching For Better Tomorrow
Crying The Deeds Of Yesterday
Taking Me Into Lockers Of My Dreams

Shining Water's Wild Song
Towards The Seas Of Chance
Sitting On A Shore
Letting The Chance Come Over

I See All Thoughts Veiled Dark
And The Eyes Behind The Veil
Reflection Of My Face
Like The Surface Of Dark Lake
Shadows Of My Nightmares I Left Back

Let Us Fly To The Rain
As If It Was Easy
Exciting Kiss Of Art
Runs Through Emotions
To The Land Of Truth
From One Delight To Another

Exciting Kiss Of Art
Runs Through Emotions
To The Land Of Truth
From One Delight To Another
Let Us Fly To The Dreamside

6. Procession Of Black Doom

You Arrived To Valley Of
Endless Black Memories
Bloodlust Starts
You Notice The Smell Of Death
Time May End, Serenade Will Start

Procession Of Black Doom
Dark Shadows Swallow You
Review To Reality
Exclamation Breaks

Fog Has Descended
You Feel The Power Of
Allies Of Eagle
You Will Loose Your Mind

Second Attention
Is Too Much For You
Without The Nagual
Death Will Pay
A Visit To You

7. Covetous Glance

Oh, Beauteous One Goddess Of All Men
She Has A Violent Craving For Me
I'm The Minister Of Enraged Copulation
Supporter Of Violent Passion
I Grew Out Of Childlike Anima To Find
True Personal Love
Is It Me Who Has Covetous Glance ?

Think Clearly With No Forbidden Thoughts
Everything Is Acceptable
Your Animus Is Personification
Of Dream Warrior
With Four Left Hand Path Symbols

"come O Lonely Warrior Or Drown"
...her Divine Body Clothed With Pleasure

I Watch Her Charm With Delight
Together We Raise The Veil Of Shadow
Two Subjects, One Will Connect To Cosmos
I Am The Woman And You Are The Man

Covetous Glance
Opium Odor

[lyrics By Jarkko Toivonen]

8. Air

Was It The Wind Or Whispers Of Mind
Inside Me
Rumble Of Thunder Eating My Soul
In A Distance
Storms And Earthquakes Finally Begin
Closing Fast

Bolt Of Lightning Lights Up The Sky
Confused Minds Begging For Mercy
Darkness Surrounds This Unreal World

Horizon Alters Red, It Sparks Blood And All Burns
Black Shadow In The Sky Once Was The Sun
Goddess Of Air Makes Us Scream With Fear
The Voice Of Crying Wind Heralding The End

Blood In The Sky...
Light And Shadow Join Each Other...
At Last Comes Silence

New Days Dawn, All Begins Again
Wind Is Crying
I Feel The Power, Power Of Death
Growing Fast
Is This The Wind Or A Whisper Of God
Inside Me

[lyrics By Ismo Toivonen]

9. Serious Personality Disturbance And Deep Anxiety

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