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Unholy - 1993 From The Shadows

1. Alone
2. Gray Blow
3. Creative Lunacy
4. Autumn
5. Stench Of Ishtar
6. Colossal Vision
7. Time Has Gone
8. The Trip Was Infra Green
9. Passe Tiermes


1. Alone

The Day Was Clear
Unknown Feeling
You Wake Up And Time Stops

You Leave Your Body
New Dimension Under Sun
Leave Earth Far Behind
Only In Dreams You See It


Spectrum Through You
Bombastic Experience
What You See You Can't Believe

Echo From Universe
View Disappeared
Now You're Alone
This Is Twilight

See Ultimate Things
I'm The Masters Apprentice
Time Of Earth Has Ended
In Everywhere Are You

2. Gray Blow

Water Gives A Sigh

My Hair Seems To Be Seized By The Wind
But I Must Continue This Trip Never Looking Back

Whirl Absorbed, Water Gives A Sigh
Through's Are Reserved, Water Is Darkening

Gray Blow Is My Home
Nice Weather Was, Is And Will Be Today
Now I'll Transpire, Gray Blow Is My Home
Still I Am Doomed To Be In This Walls Of Myself
They Prevent My Words
I Fell In Love With Myself

3. Creative Lunacy

I'm Trying To Visualize The Dream Where Gadrel Stands Tall
Gaze Bends In Purple Wind
My Emotions Come Slower
Sight Of My Experience Arrived !
Power Of Storms Shows The Vision

Covering The Past

Call Of Attractive Genius
Return To My Everlasting Consciousness
The Consequence Of Needlessness Is Direct And Dominating
The Dream Needs The One To Escort The Self Through Every Essentiality

Ideal Self: Creative And Lunatic
Real Self: Multicoloured
Oh, Come To My Dream Lilith
Ideal Self: Creative And Lunatic

4. Autumn

When Essence Cast's Shadow To See The Ground,
Colours Mix In Hallucinations
I See A Tree On A Hill

It Asks "are You Ready To Become Physically Hardened"?
The Answer Includes A Question

I Experience Things In It's Entirety
Not As One After Another
This Vision Is Possessed By Autumn
Return My Gray Matter, Black Sparks

5. Stench Of Ishtar

Slowly Goes The Night
On Earth Surrounds Darkness
From Space Moonlight Throws Back
And Clearly No One Is No One In Here

Somewhere Outside Of Circle, Questions, Whispers
This Is My Place, I Know, Strange Power
I Must Continue My Trip Eastern, Hail
Fire: Strongest Of Everything
Air: And The Whispers Will Be
Earth: The Seal Of Destiny

To A Big Circle Arrived I
But Why? I Don't Know
I Look: But I Can't See
I Listen: But I Can't Hear
I Sniff: But I Can't Smell

The Lightning From The Deserted Sky
I'm One Of Them

(i See) Flagstones Surrounding Me
(i Hear) Screams Fill My Mind
(i Smell) Stench Of Ishtar

Blow From Abyss,
Struggle Of Soul, Blood From Sacrifice
Harmony Of Power,
Materialism Is Lost Souls Win

I Had Rejected Everything, Except Myself,
No Prayer, No God
I'm Lord Of Myself And I'm Free To Go Out

6. Colossal Vision

I'm Inside Of Giant Arche Hydra
Lord Of Dreams Passed Me Here
This Warm Slime - Realm Of Fear
There's Only One Solution, Use Explosives,
Detonate The Way Out

I Failed, Rabid Stream Of Worms Covers Me
Horrible Lifeforms, I Can't Stand It
Oxygen Is Running Out, I Can't Breath
My Thoughts Are Slowly Fading Away

I Sail Trough Colossal Visions
Visions Of Other Dimensions
Beautiful Trip Through Eternity
I Travelled Through Everything
Forbidden Side Of The Universe
Earthly Limitations Disappeared

Strange Hymn, Echoing Softly
Rhyme From Transspace

Malformation Past, Present, Future
I Have Unchained This Desecrated Trinity
This Is My Release To All Lifeforms
A Gift Of The Supreme Being

7. Time Has Gone

Five Days Travelled
Wakened In The Land Of The Black Desert
Rotten Corpses Everywhere
Endless Fields, Rising Fear

Endless Fear
Moves Me On
Time Has Gone
Past Is Here

Moonlight Twists My Mind
Perfect Silence Surrounds Me
Dreams Turn To Nightmares
The Black Walls Of Death

Ritual Of Horrid Monsters
The Cult Of The Evil Or Your Sick Imagination

Fear - Pain - Darkness
Destroys My Mind

8. The Trip Was Infra Green

I Feel Madness In Here!

Religious Zealots Are Psychotic Cowards
They Blindly Believe In The Tyrant God,
New Aeon Coming

Depth Ever Deepening, Darkness Darkening Still
Folly For Wisdom, Quilt For Innocence
Anguish For Rapture And Hope For Despair

My Mind Opened, I Came Into Being
I Can See In The Dark
Huge Creature Following Me
Lightning And Vibration Of Scene
The Heritage Of The Brotherhood
I Remember Only A Shape Of Colour
The Trip Was... Infra Green

9. Passe Tiermes

From The Distant Lakes To A Gloomy Dream
Friends Of Cosmos Dive Into The Sea Of Worlds
Last Ray Of Sunlight Disappears And Ritual Begins

Shadows Of The Arctic Mountain Surrounds Primitive People
Excited Rhythm Becomes Absorbed By The Shaman
Extreme Suitability Of Emotional And Instinctual Forces

Wisdom Of Silence
Stillness Of The Dark
From Self To Cosmos

There Are Worlds Beyond Imagination
Worlds In Space, Aeons So Strange

Honoured Ancestors, The Noble,
The Mighty, The Wise Of The Earth
We Shall Overcome The Doctrine
Of The Demented Nazarene
For The Law Of The Strong
Is The Joy Of The World

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