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Tales Of Darknord - 1998 The Last

1. The Last
2. Fucking Future
3. Overturned Prayer-book
4. Dead Paradise
5. Ignis Sanat
6. Glass Flowers
7. Risus Mortis
8. Lycanthropy
9. Fatal Decay Of Morbid Dreams
10. Surrounded By Darkness
11. Surrounded By Darkness (coda)


1. The Last

I Have To Myself Your Play
With The Atomic Decay.
You Will Shut Me Into Underground
Keeping Up Appearance For My Brain.
You Are Making A Mistake. Common!
Masses Of People For Death.
Fucking War! I'm The Last In World.
Brutal Laws Took My Hands.
And If My Hatred Will Be Last
Angry Talking, Sadness In The Lier
For Destroy Then I'm Ready Go Past
To The Shadows Waiting For The Sun.
I Am The Last!
In The Darkness Downtrodden Door Isn't Hearing My Voice.
Grand Spirites Rise! Follow Me!
Dead Infection In My World.
Your Rituals Died In Me.
I Opened Door And Stoped The War.
Where Is My Mind? Where Is Your?
So Far? Oh! I'm Crazy! I Am Disengaged! I'm The Last!

2. Fucking Future

Slow Death, Insanity In Inflamed Brain.
This Is Peak Of Deformity - World's Pain.
Terrible War. Devils Machine.
Misscarriage Of The Dying Age.
Be Afraid Of Big Destruction Of Senses,
Of Life And Total Repuision.
Life In Fear - Mortal Way Through Your
Fucking Future Day.
Suicide Will Become Your Escape!
Life Encumbrance. Dreadful Death Day.
No More Moment. You Will Die!
Morbid Science Will Create Ruthless
Creatures - Fear And Hate.
Blood And Flesh In Dampness Of Grave.
You're Embodyment Of Death.
Burning Ache! My Eyes! Dry Air!
Dreadful Sentence - Judgement By Fire!
Death - A Winter Of Nuclear Blast.
Sucrifices Of Hell Machine Without
Laws - We Lost Our Feelings.
Evolution Of Gory Earth Is Dead
And What Do You Want?
You Just Tried To Escape From Yourself
But You Stumbled And You Died.
Dreadful War - Slimy Gore.
Sucrifice Of Brain Drive.
Take My Hand With Slave Brand.
It's My Future. Crazy Future!
Vile Future! Fucking Future!

3. Overturned Prayer-book

4. Dead Paradise

Corpses! Are You Sleeping?
Waiting For Iniqitos Doomsday,
Day Of Sacred Ire?
But Now It's Time To Rebel
Not Pray!
Evil Corpses Follow Me!
Demolition All You'll See.
We'll Create Dead Paradise.
Let All Cemeteries Rise!
Demons Of The Murky Night!
We Are Calling You To Rule Us,
Lead Your Slaves To Fight
For Eternal Lifes!
Find Your Own Rotting Death
Squirming In An Acid Bath.
Catch It Now And Butcher It.
Brick Up Death In Gory Crypt.
We Are Marked By Mortal Sin.
Already Dead We Will Win!
Only Death, Fear And Pain
On The Earth Will Remain.
No One Tried To Suspend.
Terror Covering All Lands.
Oldmen And Chilren Die At First.
On Burning Ground Survivals Roast.

5. Ignis Sanat

I'm Dispirited Stench
Of Your Disinhereting Future,
Prisoner Of Unpaiding Dept
Wich Turned Into Holy Duty.
I Don't Want My Privacy Disturbed.
My Privacy Was Impossible.
But No More!
On Throwing Your Laws Into
The Fire I Left My Society!
Brainstorm, Torture In My Soul
Browbeat Your Gingerly World!
I Am Dispirited Future,
A Prophetic Butcher,
Enemy Of Liars,
A New Messiah!
Squash On The Way To Paradise
Gives Me Ironical Smile
Hey You! Discard Your Prejudices,
It's Time To Show Your Merit.
I'm Outsider Voice.
I Have The World Of Nature.
Hey You! I'm Needing In Your Souls
For My Judgement Fire.

6. Glass Flowers

It's Alarm, Incurable Mind Destroy
Poisonous Food.
It's Result Of Industrial Laws.
We'll Rise In The Desert
Prepaing All Presents.
My God Was Transformed,
My Life Was Deformed.
We Was Prepossessed
By Drugs Mystical Dreams.
My Hands Suffocate
Destinies Of Hollow Beastes.
Final Of The Holy War For Own Lifes.
Sucrifice, Suicide!
Now You Prefer To Die,
Now You Life At The Other Side.
She Won! Breaking Death. Holocaust!
Idylly Dreams Fell Into Burning Hell.
Look Around, We Plant A Glass Flowers.

7. Risus Mortis

Words - Appliance.
Appliance For Making A Fool.
Unilateral Denunciation
Of A Treatys. Stupid Rule!
Loss - A Result Of Vegetative Life
Of Monotonous Shadows Of The Same Type.
Dead Body Desecration!
Already Lost Generation!
Things Are Not Looking Up With
Appearance Of Lier.
Where Is The Brutal Middle Ages Laws?
Judgement By Fire!
Play Pranks With World Is Dangerous
And So Point. Thong For Lean Back Of
Unbrushing Holy Terrors. Disillusion
In Sweet Taste Of A Dismey Turn Into
Secretion Pus Our Saint Prayers.
You Allayed Your Asses By Life Of World.
You Betrayed Unhappy People. Bloodsucker!
Probe Price Of Mind And Stop My Mouth!
I Am Seting Fire Against Your Force!
My Meat Is Hard To Chew!

8. Lycanthropy

[six Feet Under Cover]

The Blood Of The Wolf
Infects My Body
In The Night Hear The Howling
Screaming, Flesh Chewed To The Bone
Bleeding, Eternal Horror

Dying In The Darkness
Now One Of Us
Bitten By The Wolf
Now One Of Us

When The Moon Is Full
And The Night Comes Down
Fear All Unnatural Sounds
Human Beast, Animal
Curse Of The Lycanthrope

Dying In The Darkness
Now One Of Us
Bitten By The Wolf
Now One Of Us

Lust For Human Flesh
Legacy Of Blood
Another Victim

Lust For Human Flesh
Legacy Of Blood
Infected Dead

The Blood Of The Wolf
Infects My Body
In The Night Hear The Howling
Screaming, Flesh Chewed To The Bone
Bleeding, Eternal Horror
When The Moon Is Full
And The Night Comes Down
Fear All Unnatural Sounds
Human Beast, Animal
Curse Of The Lycanthrope

9. Fatal Decay Of Morbid Dreams

Dead Bodies. They're Chopped In Half.
Innards Are Eating By Vultures.
Gory Dead Mankind.
It's Just A Dream Of Butcher.
Weird Images. Conqued Sleeping Mind.
Man Is Insane And His Brind Is Blind.
Chaos And Darkness.
Fatal Decay Of Morbid Dreams.
Phantoms Of Death So Real And
Grim Carnivorous Thought Dominate.
Lethargy - An Endless Sleep.
Massacre Will Stay A Vision.
Suffocated In Stincky Crypt.
Bloodshed Is A Dying Illusion.
But The Killer Someday Will Arise
No Hope For Mersy He'll Make
Sacrifice, Catch Some Children,
Asphyxiate And Eat They Hearts,
Fill His Coffin With Innocent,
Blood And Hang Entrails On Hooks.

10. Surrounded By Darkness

[unpure Cover]

My Scream Rises In The Dark Night
Fades Out And Dies Through A Clear Sky
Moonshine Has Now Spotted The Place
In A Grave On A Leafcovered Moisty Ground

My Body Lies Stabbed And Naked In The Dirt
The Surrounding Darkness Scares Me
A Mystical Creature Moves Behind The Trees
But My Torned Body Is Too Weak To Scream

I Breath The Last Moan Before I Die
The Mystical Creature Disappears
I Never Saw Him, Did He Make Me?
To This Lifeless Piece Of Humanity?

Clouds Moves Over A Blazing Sky
The Creature Dances Through The Woods
Once Again You Turn Your Face To The Trees
You See His Cold Eyes Staring At You

11. Surrounded By Darkness (coda)


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The Last 1998
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