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Tales Of Darknord - 2000 Dismissed

: Death Metal : More Hate Productions
1. Nonsense
2. Dismissed
3. Dirge
4. Everyday Eternity
5. Nothing More Except Circulation
6. Really Rich Grave


1. Nonsense

I Wonder What You'll Say
About Nonsense Of Darvin Tales.
You Listen Legends About Humanism
Of People And Society. Your Mind Is Dreaming.
My Ears Twist From Disposition.
I Feel The Alien Information.
We Loss The Sensible Fulcrum.
History Turn Into Dead Time.
I Wanna Be Free!
You Get Used To Intrude.
One's Views Upon Me.
You Think That Only Your
Opinion Is Right.
We'll Fight Till Obliteration.
God Give Me A Scale For Blood.
Make A War With Nature Constructions Is
Make A Millions Grave-yards.
What's The Aim Of The Human Creation?
Troopers Of Death Isn't For Life!
Sick Any Virtue On The Crucifixion.
Rape All The Sergeons! You're Gods!
I Give The Lie To Your Foolish Mind.
You Know That Life With Energy
Is Better Than Oilstave.
You Won But Wrong. I Can See Your Bones.
The Masses Of Worms. They Swarm In Torso
Of Big And Decayed Houses Without Any Hopes.
You Cry! Across The Door In Madness Eyes
You See The War By Life And Light. You Roar.
You Roar!

2. Dismissed

The Switches Turn On In The Night.
It's Blasphemy! It's Terrifying!
I Am Certain!
The Cesspool Stench With Horror Things.
This Is Corpses! This Is Flesh!
I See Clot Blood.
Near This House I Lose Hope
Not Only On The Life But And On The Own Grave.
I Came On The Light.
The Door Has Opened And I Was
Caught By My Hair And Tied
To The Sacrificial Post.
Dissmissed Sadist.
He Practised Medicine
In Past. Now And All Last
Days He Feel Melancholy.
He Was Sadist And Then Dismissed.
I'm Feeling Fear.
The Shaggy Hair Lies On Arms.
Angry Face. Hungry Eyes.
Incarnation Of Beast.
The Dirty Fingers Feel My Torso.
Crasy Gay! Who Are You?
Inborn Monstr.
And Then He Told Me History
About He. Now I Can See
Suffocation And
Why He Lives At This Hidden Place.
From The Childhood He Must
Took Part In The Wars.
He Is Just Ill, Invalid.
Crasy Man. His Brain Is Dead.
He Was Killed By Our Hands.
This Is Beast Look Like Priest.
It's Slavery, War.
It's Depenclence From The Kill.
Salary By Work - It's Sourse Of Evil.
Lightly To Kill For Your Own Master.
Assembly Of Leaders Utter Loud Laughter.
Bodies Hang On Iron Thorns
Piersing Bloodless Flesh.
Bily-pusy Defecations
Drop Down From Gashes
In Their Stomachs.
This Is An Illusory Story.
The Story Of The Damned.
Temples Are Demolished And
Altars Are Profaned.
This Is A Blasphemous Story.
The Story Of Dismissed.
My Obsessive Thoughts Turn In Reality.
Mutilated Corpses Swing
On The Rusty Hooks
Drove In Their Gory Sockets.
Only Black Winds Blows.

3. Dirge

Hear My Scream Dreary Bay.
Now I'm Submerged Deep In Pain.
Odious Beast From The World
Hidden Beyond Graves And
Filled With Cold.
My Crypt Made From Stones.
I'm Sleeping And Seeing Crosses.
My Dark Soul Is Dead.
My Dream So Real. It In Ripping Head.
Grave Number 1 And Number 2.
Killer And Victim. Who Is Who?
Our Lifes Are Dead.
One Will Burn In Hell.
Endless File Of Hearses Drive
It's Dreadful Load
Crunching With Skulls And Bones
Which Are Covering The Road.
I'll Die With Feeling Of Terror.
Death - This Is The Cause To Be Everywhere.
We Were Saint But The Dead Brain
Kills Us And Lead To The Last Way
In This Mortal Pain.
I Washed By Bloody Rain.
You Stay At The Abyss
And May Be Will Die.
You Never Overcome This.
Forgive Me And Die!

4. Everyday Eternity

Staying On Graves You Realize The Process
Of The Life And Of The Death.
Sunset Has Come. You Hear Slow Wind
Among The Crosses Which Grind The Bones.
Is It The Fate Brought Them Together
With The Slimy Grave And Empty Death?
All What They Wants Turn Into Ash
And Fell In Burning Hell As People Say.
Born For The Life You Burn At Ritual Fire
Which Not Of You It Made By.... Who?
What Is The Aim Except The Evil Laughter
He Wants To Reach By This End.
We're Burning In Grace Of His Wishes.
He Lead Us To Graves. No!
Death Isn't The Gate.
All This Liyng Words Is Prayers Of Deads.
To Pretend On The Future
Is Stupid And Crasy For You.
Life Without The Finish
Is Tales Of The Christians A Few.
Now! Our Lives At The Trap
Of His Clever Mind
He Cheats Us In One Step!
Any Hope On The Future
Is Empty And Given't Succes.
Our Life Is Restricted By Boders
And All On The Earth Comes To Death.
Death - This Is A New Cure For A Life.
My Fear Overgrow In Blind Rage.
I Feel It Stench.
It Wanna Taste The Human Blood.
I'm Calling For This Beast!
Comes To Me!
It Comes To Me. Torture And Kill.
Brutality. Insanity.
Sticky Mist Flow In Empty Graves.
Corpses Rise Obeying Like Slaves.
In Deeptrance They Mutter Names Of Anient Gods.
While Insanity Engulf My Twisted Thought.
Free Opinions Roll In Dark.
All Begins To Think Of Masks.
Demolishing Curse. It Burried Remorse.
Bloody Blasphemy Burns Me Violently.

5. Nothing More Except Circulation

Swells Of Eyes Analyse The Kingdom
Of The Moving Insects And Want Find The
Beautiful Juicy Food For Callows Jaws.
It's Usually Days. There Are We.
Such Creation Without Salvation
Is Stupor Of The Spirit To Me.
Enemies Arround Me Are Ready To Torture Me.
I'm Blood Peace Of The Horror Shriek!
Some Dolt Will Says: Isn't It The Truth?
Sunny Days Warm Ground And The Flowers Shine.
May Be In Other World The Evil Rules
But We All Right! Hey! Who Are You?
Fall Me To Ground! No!!!
Just The Bones Of Dolt Are Remain On The Ground.
There Isn't Laws At Other World
Which Are Not Look Like Of It.
Prepare For Death Without Sence - It's Naturally End.
A Millions Worms Eat Hundreeds Corpses
Exactly Like People Eat The Organic Food.
A Stupid Issue: Whose Quilt In It?
Why Indeed The Appetite Is
The Main Cause Of All Decay?
The Name Of Which May Be Is Life.
Or Global Way To Water-closet Pan.
You Must Learn To Chew!
This Is The Main Aim!
Eat And Manure!
Isn't It The High Pleasure?

6. Really Rich Grave

From Dark Room I'm Hearing Angry Voice.
This Is Story About Like Stupid Man Made Foolish Choice.
No More Than Age Ago
Two Christians Cross Holy Law.
Make Change With Other Side
Of World With Devil. Were They Want Dying?
At Really Rich Grave And No More!
Tawdry Terror They Are Feeling!
Losing Tawdry Terror They Have
Gone To The Terrible Wishes.
Shame Left Damned Selves.
Why? They Tired From Eternal Poverty.
What's The Crasy Method They Turn From Variations?
What's The Way To Rich Embraced Your Mind.
They Started The Mission.
They Deicided Take The Spades In Your Dirty Hands.
They Went To The Graves. The Deads Is Not Bit Thiefs.
No! It's Scream Of Generations.
The Angry Spades Broke Ground - The Last Salvation.
They Crashed The Skulls With Gold Constructions
Taking No Notice Of This Appelation.
They Regardless Of Curse From The Grave-yards
Become A Practised Hand At This Dirty Deal.
Their Appetite Came With The Eating
And They Deicided To Rob The Crypt Of Faraon.
You Found This Grave!
Wellcome In That Crypt!
You See Million Of Diamonds.
There Is Really Rich Grave.
The Grave Has High And Imposing Walls.
One Of The Thiefs Take Ones From.
The Horror Curse Of Faraons!
The Diamonds Broke On Their Heads.
Diamonds! Poor Thing Overtakes Them At Rich Grave.

Dismissed 2000 More Hate Productions
The Last 1998
Endless Sunfall 1997 More Hate Productions





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