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Broken Hope - 1993 The Bowels Of Repugnance

: Metal Blade Records
1. Repugnance
2. The Dead Half
3. Coprophagia
4. She Came Out In Chunks
5. Peeled
6. Hobo Stew
7. Decimated Genitalia
8. Preacher Of Sodomy
9. Remember My Members
10. Waterlogged
11. Embryonic Tri-clops
12. Drinking The Ichor
13. Felching Vampires


1. Repugnance


2. The Dead Half

My Soul Is Split, Half Of It Taken,
Perhaps My Blasphemy Left Me This Forsaken,
Put In This Manner, Filled Me With Dread
Half Of Me Rots Because I Am Half Dead

Putrefying Reek Drives Me Insane,
I'm Living And Deceased, Rot Seeps Into My Brain
Horrid Reality, Oh So Grim

Current Condition Caused By God,
The Living Side Now Must Be Calmed,
I Seek A Mortician To Have The Dead Half Embalmed

I Try And Walk, The Dead Half Drags
Living Eye Watched As Decaying Flesh Sags,
Marked By God, Tormented Living Hell,
Begging To Die, I Can't Endure My Smell

Malicious Revilement Against God,
Now By Christ, I'm Abhorred,
Doomed Execration Afflicted Curse,
Non-believers Fate - Forgive Me Lord

An Undertaker Is My Last Hope,
Intense Mortification, I No Longer Cope
Pathologists Can't Explain Why One Half Died,
End Solution Kill The Living Side.

3. Coprophagia

Sick Hunger, I Desire Human Waste,
Urine And Feces Meet My Taste.
Excrement, The Smell Makes One Choke,
When Put Upon My Plate My Fork Shall Poke.
What Fills The Bladder And Intestines Push Out,
I Worry Not Of Hunger And Drought.

Bowels Move And Excrete My Buffet,
Induced Cathartic Is Fast Food Today.
Undinism, Swallowing Urine Turns Me On,
Attraction To Feces - The Coprophagion.

The Alimentary Canals End Awaits My Dish,
Human Manure I Slurp, Suck And Relish.
Eating Waste Has Problems I Didn't Know,
Voracious Tapeworms Within My Guano.
Stools For Sampling, Melenas Black And Brown,
An Enema Chilled Washes Them Down.

Fatty, Mucous, And Lead Pencil Shit,
Are Which I Am A Connoisseur Fool,
A Hemorrhage In The Stomach And Duodenum,
Adds A Repulsive Flavour To A Black Tarry Stool.

I Symbolize Fully Coprophagia Impure

Diagnosed Mental Illness, Excrement Cravings Occur.
Essential Foods Needed, Already Digested,
Diet Deficiency From Feces Ingested
Consuming Sewage, How I Enjoy To Be,
The Coprophagion Is What You Call Me.

4. She Came Out In Chunks

She Concealed Such A Horror, Her Beauty Mislead,
Outside Such A Woman, Yet Inside She Was Dead.

We Kissed And Touched Heavily, Our Passion Grew Hot,
Seconds Later Between Her Legs I Began To Finger Rot.
My Digits Swam Inside Her Collapsing Vaginal Walls,
Moaning With Sick Ecstasy, She Caressed My Shrunken Balls.
I Pushed So Deep Inside, Slightly Past My Wrist,
My Hand Pulled Out Ovaries, And Uterus Wrapped My Fist.
She Came Out In Chunks,
Rotting Vaginal Hunks,
Genital Retroplasia Obvious,
Pathognomic Traits Severely Leperous.

As I Rubbed Her Clitoris, It Ripped From Its Hood,
Madly Trying To Put It Back Did No Goddamn Good.
I Finished Her Masturbation, She Now Had Such A Gap,
Blood, Crumbled Man's Pubis Lay Splattered On Her Lap.
Perenium Dehiscence Joins Vagina And Anus Into Rectocele,
Advanced Hansen's Disease Of Pudendum, Pubis Tissues Peel,
Tissue Cells In Genitalia Totally Degenerated,
Painless Breakage Of Pubic Flesh And Nerves Deteriorated.

Discharging Putrefied Matter In A Dead Menstrual Flow,
Where The Pathogenesis Began No One Will Know.
A Bacterium Hybrid Of Gangrene And Leprosy,
Organs Prolapse As The Disease Continues Its Spree.
She Giggles As Her Rotten Hymen Breaks,
Horribly, Entire Vaginal Cavity Disintegrates.
Female Organ Structures In Decomposing States,
This Shall Be The Last Of My Blind Dates.
I Spread Her Withered Labias, They Split, Ripped And Broke,
Douching Internal Mortis, On Gangrenous Feminine Odor I Choke.
I Peeled Back Her Pubis And Hair, It Tore In Such A Way,
If Trimmed Proper It Would Make A Revolting Toupe
Genital Breakage By A Simple Touch Or Wipe,
Pustules From Internal, She's Sickenly Ripe.
Reproductive Organs In Complete Mortification,
From Clit To Birth Canal In Total Retrogression.

5. Peeled

Take You With My Skinning Hearth
Strap You In My Restraining Chair
Clean And Hone My Instruments
Then The Torture Will Begin
Blood Drips Off Your Finger Tips
Drool Sags Down From Your Chin
Eyes Roll Back And Jowls Clench
I Vigorously Carve And Peel Your Skin
Chunks Of Skin Fly Through The Air, Nauseating Pool Of Piss
And Blood Evolves Beneath The Chair
As You Struggle To Stay Alive, I'm Overwhelmed By Laughter
I Split Your Scalp Spreading It Apart
Pull Your Face Below Your Neck
From Muscle And Flesh Your Skin I've Pried
Grizzly Apparel Fitted To My Size
Finger Pointing In Your Blood
Rolling In Piles Of Guts
Polish And Buff Your Skull
Nail Your Scalp To My Wall
Grind Your Bones Into Dust
Cannot Stop Till All Is Mush
I Save Tattooed Skins
Gallons Of Blood Line The Floor

6. Hobo Stew

A Certain Human Being, Lowest Form Of Scum
A Sick Individual, Fetal Cannibalizing Bum

I Have A Hunger, It Goes To An Extreme Extent,
Feeding Out Of Abortion Clinic Bins Wasn't Meant
Most Homeless Hobos Wait In Line For Goodwill Soup,
Nasty Me Scrapes Clinic Dumpsters For Aborted Goop,

Earliest Stages Of Development,
Since Conception Their Future Was Dim,
Tasting The Unborn Upon A Whim,
Unborn, Aborted, Because They Were Unwanted
Abortions To My Feasting, Horrid Scenes Of Sick Chagrin,

Unborn, Immature And Incomplete,
Delicious Miscarriage Meat
A Succulent Fetus Treat,
Expulsion Of The Embryo,
A Dinner Bizarre For This Hobo

Fetus Eater, No Meat Is Sweeter,
Ultrasound Shows Inside The Womb, Not Upon My Plate
Served With Bread And Greens, Oh The Generations I've Ate
From The Uterus Bloodily Spewed,
Aborted Child Now Hobo Food,
Fetus Ripped From Womb,
Disposed To Be Subjected To A Culinary Doom

My Eating Habits Horribly Crude,
Their Rubbery Textures I Have Chewed,
Gulping Down Fetal Slop,
Embryonic Jelly On My Lips And Chin

Fetus Eater No Meat Is Sweeter

Since Conception Their Future Was Dim,
Tasting The Unborn Upon A Whim,
Fallopian Wastes Fill Me To The Brim,
Picking My Teeth With A Fetal Limb.

7. Decimated Genitalia

Scrotum Nailed To The Block,
Testicles Obliterated By Ballpeen Hammer.
Labia Stitched Shut, Blood Runs From Suture.
Clitoris Removed With The Yank Of A Hook.
Vulva And Suprapubic Region Pulverized By Sledgehammer Blow.
Fucked To The Cervix With A Razor Wire Dowel.
Internally Ripped, Chewed, Ground And Sliced.
Cunt Queefs Vaginal Blood Hunks Unevenly Diced.
Long Needle Rod, Barbed On The End.
Thrust Deep Down The Corpora Cavernosa.
A Turn, A Pull, And Out Comes The Works.
Scrotum Pulled Through And Turned Inside Out.

Piercing Screams Of Griding Groins,
Mutilation Of The Purest Loins,
Manhood Removed And Women's Venus.
Genitals Into Carnage Be It Vagina Or Penis.

Excruciating Pain, Castration Would Be Better.
The Pleasure Of Orgasm Never Known.
Infected Needle Broken In Balls And Thus.
Later, About To Cum He Ejaculates Pus.

Vaginoplasty For Each Appalling Tear.
Mangled Twats Beyond Repair.
Genitourinary Core Pulverized With Malice.
Obliterated Genitals, Vagina And Phallus.

Genitortured Reproductive Organs Decimated.
Sickenly Forced Or Self-immolated.
Genitals Never Again As They Were,
Hacked Up Crotches Resemble Bloody Hamburger.

8. Preacher Of Sodomy

Pedophile Priest A Preacher Of Sodomy,
Innocent Children Giving Head To Blasphemy,
In The Catholic Church Religions Is His Role,
To Speak The Lord's Word He Had Devoted His Soul,
Committed To The Church And A Vow Of Celibacy,
His Holiness Burns With Sexual Tensions And Religious Lunacy,
He Pushes Inside, They Cry As Their Anus Rips,
From Their Tender Lips His Unholy Semen Drips,
Sodomizing Boys Within The House Of God,
Screaming As They Rectally Accept His Prod,
Withdrawing His Bloody Penis Now Hard As A Rock,
He Takes A Page Of Scripture And With It Wipes His Cock,
He Quotes The Bible To His Daily Congregation,
His Buttocks Bleed From The Choir Boys Flagellation,
A Molester Of Innocence, Violating With Every Deed,
So Many Times Among Chapel Pews He Has Spent His Seed,
Children He Baptizes Know Of His Crucifix Of Skin,
He Makes It Holy In Their Mouths As They Choke It In.

9. Remember My Members

Remember My Members - Schizophrenic Psychotic Bitch,
Remember My Members - Cunt, You've Finally Cracked,
Remember My Members - I'm Anatomized And Immobilized,
Remember My Members - For Death I Scream And Beg,
Remember My Members - My Penis, Each Arm, Each Leg,
Remember My Members - My Members, Remember!

My Dear Beloved Darling, I Loved You With All My Heart,
It Has Since Vanished Because You Pulled Me Apart,
I Tried Hard To Convince You That It Just Wasn't True,
I Really, Really Was Faithful I Never Cheated On You.

Suspicious, Distrust, Your Cruelty My Fate,
In A Vehement Neurotic Rage.

10. Waterlogged

In The Deep Underwater I Am Sinking,
Water, H2o, Soaking My Pores,
Lungs Filling With Fluid, Impairing,
Struggling Beneath The Surface For Oxygen,
I Cannot, For My Life Swim To Save Myself,
Plunging Beyond The Surface Into An Aqueous Tomb,
Submerged I Spiral Down To The Darkest Fathom,
Screams Are Merely Bubbles From My Lips,
Skin And Organs Swell From Saturation,
Bursting Vessels In My Body,
Saturated, Disfigured And Swollen,
Caught By The Current There Is No Escaping,
Lodged Under A Log Entangled In Seaweed,
Sand Encrusts Every Orifice,
Covered With Silt In An Unmarked Watery Grave,
Settling Upon The Bottom I Lay Upon The Sand,
Fish Gnaw Away At My Lips,
Crustaceans Dine Upon My Swollen Flesh,
Within This Underwater World,
Surrounding Me, Smothering Thee,
I Suffocate, Ocean My Fate,
Beneath Each Wave, I've Found My Grave,
A Sodden Corpse, Waterlogged.

11. Embryonic Tri-clops

Rotting Fetus - Blackened Uterus - Look Close And See,
This World's Impurity, Our Fault
Pollutions Here, Sky Blackened No Longer Clear,
Atmosphere Becoming Cancerous,
Fetus' Growing Rancerous, Goddamn These Pregnancies,
They Shall Breed On Disease.

Earth's Become Sour, Stripped And Torn,
New Age Of Man Is Being Born,
Infecting Pollution Never Seems To Stop,
Within The Womb Embryonic Tri-clops.

Foul Seed Will Fertilize, Rancid Egg Shall Specialize,
We Shall Become Extinct, Because We Never Think,
Soon Conceive A Twisted Enormity,
Birth To A Gibbering Deformity.

12. Drinking The Ichor

13. Felching Vampires

Serrated Penis Cuts Through The Anus,
Sandpaper Tongue Tickles Intestines,
Cravings For Blood, Fetish For Feces,
Canines Inserted, Gurgling Semen
Suckling Sweat, Semen And Blood
Cold, Clammy Hands Probe Virgin Cunt,
Felching Rectal Semen,
Feasting On The Purity,
Vaginal Blood Bubbles Within Thee,
Virginity Gone, No Longer Pure,
Purulent Cunt Soiled Forever,
Razor Sharp Nails Carve Down Your Back,
Blood And Semen Stream From Swollen Crack,
To Get The Right Mixture, A Must Is Patience,
A Joyful Needling Anal Lacerations,
Hindquarters Look To Be Gnawed By Rats,
Drained Of All Fluids, Just An Empty Sack,
Relish Milky Waste,
Scratch Kick And Bite To No Avail,
Try To Squirm Out Of My Grasp,
I Like To Sit Back And Watch You Bleed,
In Your Buttocks Is Where I'll Thrust My Penis,
Lying On The Ground As Pale As A Ghost,
Like A Parasite I Suck Blood From A Host,
Feasting Is Over, Time To Lay Back And Rest,
Stomach Settling, Starting To Digest,
Licking My Lips, The Meal Is Over,
Grinning As I Wonder Who'll Be Next To Bend Over.

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