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Broken Hope - 1991 Swamped In Gore

: Red Light Records
1. Incinerated
2. Swamped In Gore
3. Bag Full Of Parts
4. Dismembered Carcass
5. Devourer Of Souls
6. Awakening By Stench
7. Gore Hog
8. Gobbling Guts
9. Cannibal Crave
10. Claustrophobic Agnostic Dead


1. Incinerated

Fire Surrounds, Searing Flames Lick, Skin And Hair Bum,
Human Flesh Burning Sweet, Now Sauteed Meat, Cooked Alive

Die By Fire, Painful Death,
Flames Ignite Your Flammable Breath
Intense Heat Sears Your Soul,
Body Reduced To Blackened Charcoal,
The Bowels Of Hell Aren't This Hot,
Cremation Does Away With Rot,
Tissues Melt Into Burning Muck,

Head Deep Fries, Broiling Brain And Eyes,
Skull A Pressure Cooker, Exploding Fireball,
Muscle And Flesh Now Creosote Fused To The Bone

[repeat Chorus]

Bones And Teeth Nothing But Ash,
Dental Identification Gone In A Flash,
Grilled, Burnt And Black As You Burn,
Cremated, You Now Belong In A Urn

Organs To Cinders, Internal Gasses Ignite,
Combusting Within, Singing Inestines Gristled Stiff,
Fat Burns Like Crisco Napalm, Burning Globs,
Smoldering Cadaver, The End Result A Putrid Pyre,

[repeat Chorus]

[music: Broken Hope]
[lyrics: J.wagner]

2. Swamped In Gore

A Grave - Robbed Corpse Is A Souls Disgrace,
Smother The Decay Of Carcass Into Your Face,
Septic Wash Drowning In A Retched River Of
Excrement, Shriek Soundlessly,
Eyeballs Burst As Skull Begins To Crush, Heads Now
Nothing But Blood Pulp And Mush,
Disemboweled Abdominal Organs Internal, Blood
And Guts Run In Pain So Infernal

Hopelessly Swamped In Gore
Pathetically Swamped In Gore
Horribly Swamped In Gore
Gloriously Swamped In Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore, Etc.......

Limbs Are Sloppily Severed, Your Still Alive Cannot
Walk Or Grasp Brain Still Registers,
Belly Slit Intestines Spill Out Upon The Floor, In A Few
Agonized Hours Life Will Be No More,
At The Moment Your Entangled In Your Entrails
Death Comes Bladder Bowels Let Loose, Voluntary Organs Fail,
Bloated Ripe Cadaver, Foul Odor Reek With Might,
Breaks Open Easy Maggots Ooze Everywhere

[repeat Chorus]

Reek Of Meat Mortis
Scenes Of Gore Are Never Ending As Your Engulfed
In A Death Pit Up To Your Neck In Hellish Bile
Dead Waste So Vile,
Fatty Breakdown Of Flesh And Organs After Years Fill
This Cesspool Acidic Paste Eats Your Body,
Toxic Jelly From Rot,
Blood, Pus, And Liquids Internal Excrete Into This
Mess Vomit Bubbles Through Your Chest And Neck,
Swamped In Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore, Etc.........

Limbless On Your Back, All You Do Is Bleed,
Castrated Penis Onto Tongue, You Must Force Feed,
Disgusting Flow Of Mucous Bile And All Digestive
Juices, Blood, Saliva, Pus, Urine, Shit, And All Vital Fluids,
Worse Than Hydrochloric Acid Is The Fatty
Breakdown Of Flesh And Organs Fill The Pit Creating A Vulgare Paste,
Revolting Vile Rancorous Goo Eats You Alive, Soon
You'll Be Another Corpse, Swamped In Gore...

[music: Broken Hope]
[lyrics: J.wagner]

3. Bag Full Of Parts

Inside A Canvass Bag A Horrid Shocking Find,
Butchered Body Parts Atrocity Of A Worst Kind,
Decapitated Head Severed Hands And Feet,
Jellyflying Organs Decomposed Rotting Meat

Bag Of Body Parts
Full Of Rotting Parts
Bag Of Body Parts

Floating In A Lagoon A Putrid Revolting Sack,
Water Helps Preserve Flesh Facial Features Intact,
Limbs Sliced Sawed Broken And Bodly Torn,
Flesh Cut Poorly The Blade Was Dull And Worn.

Pieces Members And Organs Thrown Into The Bag,
Emanating Noxious Odor Makes One Gag,
Disposal The Motive Why The Bag Was Brung,
Ribcage Cleaved And Split Removing Each Lung.

Bag Of Body Parts
Full Of Rotting Parts
Bag Of Body Parts

Beheaded Disemboweled Extracting Each Eye,
Chopped To Pieces Is A Profane Way To Die,
When Vile Acts Seem To End A New One Always Starts,
Repulsive Discovery This Bag Full Of Parts.

Custard Mortis Film Bacteria Newly Fresh
Algae From Water Deteriorates The Flesh

Body Parts Litter This Dark Lagoon,
Grisly Remains Other Ones Shall Surface Soon

[music: Broken Hope]
[lyrics: J.wagner]

4. Dismembered Carcass

Amputated Appendages, Limbless Now,
Nothing But A Useless Torso, And A
Sack Of Shit - Filled Organs......

Dismembered Carcass

Infectious Gangrene Has Spread,
Any Longer You'll Be Dead,
Arms And Legs Contain The Disease,
Severed At Shoulders And Knees,
Heart Unhealthy Pumps Immobile,
With These Bloody Stumps......

Disfigured Rotting Corpse..

Cadaver Limbless Now......

Dismembered Carcass,
Amputated Strife,
Dismembered Carcass,
Severed From A Knife......


5. Devourer Of Souls

Most Think When Death Comes,
That Spirits Are Judged,
These Cheap Beliefs Can Bum In Hell,
Hopeless Truth Dying Time Comith,
Spirits Become My Prey,
Satisfying My Unholy Appetite,
Within Me All Are Equal
Being Eternally Digested.

Death Is The Unknown Goal,
When You Are Deceased,
I Devour Your Soul

Some Souls May Become Free,
But Limbo Is A Dark Ocean,
And I The Shark Only Time,
Before I Bite And Feast,
Then Another Soul Eternally Digest,
Into This Dark Gods Gullet Of The Damned,
Afterlife Unfortunately Is Just
Another Different Hell.

[repeat Chorus]

Forget Your Savior I Am The Only Salvation,
Afterlife Hell, Now Prepare For The Miserable Duration,
For The Newly Dead Black Bells Begin To Toll,
As The Unholy God Of Agony Devour's Another Soul....

6. Awakening By Stench

This Coffin Isn't Big Enough For Me,
Silk, Satin And Lace Surrounding Three,
I Hate Being Dressed Up They've Got Me Looking Fucked Up,
I Want Out And No Ones Stopping Me.

My Finger Nails Have Grown Strong Enough
Inch Long, Sharp, Ripping Through This Stuff
Wood Shavings Falling In My Face,
Who Could Stand The Smell Of This Place,
How Much More Can I Bear,
I've Broken Through The Last Layer.

Arise From The Dead, Awoken From The Stench,
Bodys That Are Decomposing, Thousands Of Them Decayed And Bloating,
The Reek Of Them Magnifies By How Old And When They Died,
The Smell Of These Corps' Decomposing Gags Me Odors Of Theme Corroding,
I Must Get Away From This Peutred [?] Stench Until Then I Will Not Rest.

The Soil Pours In At A Steady Rate,
Falls On Me And I Push It All Away,
My Bed Is Getting Filled Up, My Body Starts To Move Up,
Through The Hole In The Lid That I Have Ripped Away.

The Weight Of The Dirt Falls On Me It's Broken Every Bone In My Body,
Kicking Fractured Arms And Legs About, Won't Be Much Longer Until I'm Out,
I'm Getting Close, I'm Gaining My Site, Poke My Fingers Through To The Day

[repeat Chorus]

The Deceased - Sense Of Smell
Detects Rot - And Awakens This Lifeless Shell
Now I Claw - From Hallowed Ground
To This Reeking Stench - I'm No Longer Bound

[music: Broken Hope]
[lyrics: R.stanek, J.wagner]

7. Gore Hog

Uuuhhhh !! Gore Hog Brings Death !!!
Soaked With Warm Blood...
Immense Pig Of Doom...
Snout Basted With Gore.
Tusks Disembowel...
Entrails Pulled Out
Blood Encrusts It's Hair
Ribcage, Lungs, Intestines Fly Through The Air.

The Gore Hog Shall Come,
To Lay Waste,
It Will Crush You,
Into A Pulpy Paste,
It's Jaws Smash Your Head,
Scarfing Down Your Brains,
Smothering Snout In Your Denise,
It Defecates On Your Remains,

Uuuhhh !! Gore Hog Brings Death...
Hamhocks From Hell...!!

[music: Broken Hope]
[lyrics: J.wagner]

8. Gobbling Guts

Cannibalistic Cravings I Enjoy Dining Upon The
Flesh To The Living Or Deceased.
I Drool At The Throught Of Soft Fleshy Organs,
Prepared Or Raw To Become My Feast,
I Consume Innards, Chase Them Down With Blood
Swallowing Mouthfuls Of The Nauseating Swill,
Sauteed Lungs, Barbecued Stomachs, Cooked
And Raw Organs,
I'll Eat My Fill,

Gobbling Guts, Intestinal Fortitude
Gobbling Guts Dine Upon Organs
Gobbling Guts Disembowel The
Gobbling Guts Eat The Fetal Embryo
Gobbling Guts Baptized In The
Gobbling Guts Shower In Excrement

On The Stiffs I Dish Out The Entrails And
Prepare To Enjoy A Delicious Corpse Feast,
To Be Uncouth Is Usually Accepted, I Chew The
Bones Clean Like A Beast,
Intestines I Find Are Hard To Chew Through, A Tug Of
War As I Pull, Stretch, And Gnaw,
Digestive Juices Somewhat Scald My Palate, Blood,
Gore, Viscera, Salivate Down My Maw.

[repeat Chorus]

Now I Gobble Your Purulent Fucking Guts

Fresh Warm Eyeballs Are A Delicacy, I Pluck Them
Out, And Then Hastily Chomp,
Sally To The Taste, But Sometimes Sour, I Cause
Them To Burst With A Stomp,
Undissected Abdomens Are Cornucopia, Sickly
Munching On A Cadaveric Platter,
My Macabre Appetite Makes Meals From Men,
Gobbling Deceased Organs And Splatter.

9. Cannibal Crave

Graverobbing Cemeteries, Body Parts I Steal
Using The Meat And Flesh, To Consist Of My Meal,
Often Necrophilia Invades My Deranged Twisted Head,
Spending Sexual Tensions Making Love To The Dead,
This Is My Way Of Life As Now It Shall Remain,
Fetishes For Organs Sick Thoughts Within My Brain.

I Butcher And Slaughter My Fellow Man,
I After The Food Chain With Each Sick Plan,
Human Meat Fresh Or From The Grave,
Satisfies My Insatiable Cannibal Crave

Some Nights I Dress In Ornaments Of Flesh,
Beneath The Night I Dig For Organs Not So Fresh,
The Sight Of A Corpse Makes Me Salivate,
I Know I'm Mentally Sick, These Thoughts Aren't Right,
Compelled To Make Use Of The Deceased,
For The Craving On Human Meat I'll Feast,
Dining Upon My Own Related Species,
Digesting The Race Of Man Into My Feces.

[repeat Chorus]

[music: Broken Hope]
[lyrics: J.wagner]

10. Claustrophobic Agnostic Dead

Finally, Dying Day Come And Gone,
Inside Your Grave You Lay At The Break Of Dawn,
Now You Find, Your Soul Hasn't Left This Hallowed Ground,
Spirit Screams For Judgment But Makes No Sound
Agnostic Beliefs When You Had Been Living,
Beg For Judgment And The Gods To Be Forgiving,
Physical Body Rots But Not Your Soul,
Verdict Limbo, Eternally Stuck Within This Hole,

Down To Where The Damned Dead Dwell,
Never To See Heaven Or Hell,
Death Has Given A Cursed Touch,
A Cold Casket You Externally Clutch
Claustrophobic Agnostic [4x]
Dead !

Externally, Trying To Break But There's No Hope,
For Heaven, Or Hell You Wearily Grope,
Inside This Box, Blackness Is All You See,
Claustrophobic, You Cannot Ever Be Free,
If Alive, You Would Change Your Ways,
Promise Faith, And Pray For Days & Days,
No Longer, A Living Mortal Being,
Fate Sealed, Perpetual Darkness All You're Seeing.

[(repeat) Pre-chorus/chorus (repeat)]

Blackness Overwhelms - The Odor Of Your Rot,
Laying For Ever Within - A Cemetery Plot,
Hopelessness Eternal Companion - Fills You With Mortal Dread,
Salvation Never Comes - Claustrophobic Agnostic Dead.

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