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Deicide - 1997 Serpents Of The Light

: Roadrunner Records
1. Serpents Of The Light
2. Bastard Of Christ
3. Blame It On God
4. This Is Hell We're In
5. I Am No One
6. Slave To The Cross
7. Creatures Of Habit
8. Believe The Lie
9. The Truth Above
10. Father Baker's


1. Serpents Of The Light

Free Of Their God, Intelligence Won
Go With Your Instinct To Live As You Want
No Longer Begging For Mercy From Thieves
They Can't Come Near You, Through Them You Can See
Keep To The Outside The Teachings Of Christ
Denounce The Father, Undo His Disguise
Die!!!!!!!!!!!! Serpents Of The Light

[lead: Eric]

You Are At One, The Serpent Now Gone
Harness The Power To Refuse The Son
Under The Bible Inherit Deceit
Above It Enlighten To What You Can Be
Savor The Pleasure Once Known In Your Life
Heaven's Compassion You Know Is A Lie
Serpents Of The Light

Serpents Of The Light, Return To Where You Hide
Give Us Peace Of Mind!!
Serpents Of The Light, Revolting Parasite
Thorns In Paradise!!
Serpents Of The Light, Expelled From Human Life
Free Of Jesus Christ!!

2. Bastard Of Christ

Bastard Of The Cross Relentlessly
Strike Fear Preaching Of His Coming Here
Scriptures, Twisted Words To Provocate
Rapture From The Lord Your God So Great

Bastards Of Christ - Die!!!!

He Fucked Himself To Save You - Put To Death, Masochist
For This His Word Berate Truth - Agonized, Prophecized
Revive The Book Of Fiction - Blasphemy, Gluttony, To Deceive You And Me
In Battled Disposition - Hang The Bitch On The Cross
Entitle His Convictions - Blasphemous, Lunatic
Your Heart Is Full Of Hatred - Bastards Die,
Fuck Your Christ, Will Survive,
Kill Yourself........die!!!!!!!!!!

[lead: Brian]

Bastard, For Your God You Compromise
Do Without, Search The Truth You'll Never Find
Scriptures Offer Little To Relate
Laughter From The Lord Into Your Face

Bastards Of Christ - Die!!!!

You Think Your God Will Save Who - I Will See, Just Believe
You Fool, Not True, No Thank You - Enemy Of The Cross
His Word Installs Deception - Pray To God, Not For Me,
For Yourself, Soon You'll See
You'll Die For Your Religion - Holy Shit, Pacifist
Untrue With Choices Given - Nothing Won, You Are Dead
Describe The Holy Vision - Blacking Out, Final Breath, Meet With Death,
Nothingness, Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Blame It On God

God Is The Reason We Live In Dismay
It Is His Will That This World's Suffering
If We Do Not Believe What You Foretell
We Can Expect Afterlife Will Be Hell

You Are The One Who Killed His Own Son
We Are The Ones You're Blaming It On
Lust Was Created Beginning With Hymn
When We Indulge We Are Guilty Of Sin
Torture Our Lives With Confusion And Lies
Mass Contradiction, Religious Facades

Blame It On God
Blame It On God
Blame It On God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liar

[lead: Eric]

Lord Of Salvation Keep Looking Away
It Is Your Will That This World Goes Astray
Take Us Each Day From This Place You Unworthed
Unfulfilled Promise Of Heaven On Earth

You Are The One Who Killed Your Own Son
We Are The Ones Your Hatred Is On
Children Are Dying And This You're Content
Where Is Your Profit In What You Have Left
No Intervention From Angels Above
God Is The Reason That Satan Lives On

4. This Is Hell We're In

Racing With Death, Life In A Mess
Time Growing Shorter With Every Regret
Efforts Subceeding, I'm Losing Restrain
Insincere Promise I've Broken Again
Nothing Can Touch Me For Once I Am Dead
Exclude The Body, The Spirit Is Left
I Have No Problem In Coping With Life
It Is This World That Condemns Me To Die

This Is Hell We're In
Enduring In Pain
In This Hell We're In
I Will Not Remain
This Is Hell We're In
Forbidden To Want
From This Hell We're In
I Wish To Move On

Wrapped In Self Doubt Enmeshed In The Brain
Darkest Depression Succumbing Again
Waiting The Hour, The String Snaps Inside
Length Of A Second To Take My Own Life
So It Is Promised I Do Not Believe
Anything Better Than What I Have Seen
Out Of This Body, I Wait For This Day
In This Hell Were In, Entangled In Pain

Balance Upset Into Leaning On Death
Simplified Option To Life's Little Test
Constantly Guarding Against Its Attack
Why Were We Put Here To Feel Its Effect
Violent Pressure Has Tired My Tries
It Is My Wish That It's Soon That I Die
Hanging By Threads To The Realms Of The Sane
It Is This World That Has Made Me This Way

[lead: Eric]

5. I Am No One

I'm Your Forsaken, The Fallen From Grace
Horror Of Evil, Created Mistake
Ruthless And Wicked, I Feast With The Damned
I Am The Cyst On Your Lord's Holy Lamb

Fuck Your Religion With Blood On Its Hands
Forgive The Savior, Forget About Man
Profits For Heaven Build Kingdoms Of Greed
Whoring Redempter, Embezzle The Weak

I Am No One, Without Me He's Unknown
Darkness Gives Power To Light Up His Throne
Descend On Earth In Angelic Display
The Time Has Come To Undo His Restrains

I'm The Temptation That Swallowed His Eve
God's Inhibition Leave Nothing To See
Hatred And Anger Conceived From The Dust
I Am The Shame And The Filth Of Their Lust

Forfeit The Savior For Cleansing Of Sins
Relive The Site Of His Crucifixion
Tragedy Follows The Wealth Of Your Faith
Holy Disorder Has Fell Into Place

Banished From Heaven, Unsatisfied Soul
Out Of The Way Of Jehovah's Control
Let Upon Earth To Envoke Its Decay
The Time Has Come For Your God To Take Blame

[lead: Eric]
[lead: Brian]

6. Slave To The Cross

[lead: Eric]

Killing, Blood Spilling For Faith In Your God
Spreading The Message Defending His Fraud
Murder Unheard Of Until Their Belief
Rape Of The Willing Is Blessed By The Priest
Travel To New Worlds Enslaved Under God
Destroy Their Cultures Then Leave Them To Rot

Purification, Consent To Concede
Killing The Ones Who Will Never Believe
Annihilation, Convert To The Cross
Civilization All Under One God

Slave To The Cross
Slave To The Cross

Splitting Masses Indivision
Genocidal Inquisition
Unified Through Their Religion
Wreck This World With Heaven's Wisdom

Reign Of The Cross, The Aggressor
Has Killed More People Than Cancer
Slave To The Cross Of Deception
When Will We Stop His Infection

Slave To The Cross - Slave To The Cross

[lead: Eric]
[lead: Brian]

Terrify Into Religion
Recify The Church Ambition
Crucify Who Will Not Listen
Wreck This World With Heaven's Wisdom

7. Creatures Of Habit

What In The World Do You Wish To Achieve
Why Do You Think You'll Get Something For Free
Look In Yourself, Is It Worth What You Said
It May Be You Who Comes Turning Up Dead

Lives Are Worth Nothing Unless You Have Something To Gain
Loath In Assumption, You Really Should Watch What You Say
When You Are Wrong It Is All Just A Part Of A Game
Creatures Of Habit, The Bullshit Is Always The Same

Eye For An Eye, Applaud When You Die
Shit On Your Grave For The Rest Of My Life
Faces Of Two Will Divide For Control
You Are The Pawns In This World All Alone

Creatures Of Habit, To Cease To Exist
Now That It's Over You'll Get What You Give
Creatures Of Habit, I Daydream You Dead
Choking The Life From You With My Bare Hands

What In The World Is Becoming Of Greed
Why Do You Wish To Continue This Dream
Look At Myself, Isn't Worth What I'm Dealt
This May Be For You But I'm Getting Out

Unfair Decision You Try To Impose Out Of Spite
In Their Own Interest They Care And Pretend To Be Nice
I Will Not Have It And Now That I've Opened My Eyes
Creatures Of Habit, I Have No Respect For Your Kind

8. Believe The Lie

Time You Died For Your Religion
Hypnotized By His Infliction
Go To Him, He Is Your Savior
Leave This Place, Do Us A Favor

Believe The Lie Of A God You'll Never Know
Prepare To Die When You Least Expect To Go
A Desperate Mind Will Ignore Reality
The Word Of Christ Has You Lost In Fantasy

Believe The Lie To Reside With Him In Death
Conserve To Buy Into What He's Promising
Don't Be So Blind Not To Mind Hypocrisy
You Just Might Find What You Want Can Never Be

Take Your Life, Be A True Christian
For The Lies Of His Existence
Sacrifice Rendered Unable
Book Of God, It Is A Fable

[lead: Brian]

Believe The Lie To Return From Which We Came
The Serpent's Light Has You Mesmerized Again
When Faith Decides Suicide At Heaven's Whim
Believe The Lie, You Are Saved From All Your Sins

When Is Life Worth A Religion
Ease Your Mind, Make The Incision
Prey To Him, Incoming Stranger
Son Of God Dead In The Manger

9. The Truth Above

Arrive On Earth, From Our Past Have Returned
Not His Child, Christians In Denial
His Rule Undone, We Are Their Creation
The Truth Above Does Not Know Your Savior

Unidentified Evolution
Fallen Truth, Break The God Illusion
Out Of Faith Will Revive With Reason
Synchronize This World We Live In

[lead: Brian]

The Truth Coming Will Destroy His Story
Not Of This Earth, We Are Part Of Research
Christian Hunted, End Of God Confronted
The Truth Above, We Are Part Who They Are

Key To Life Is The Question Answered
Fly Into Never Known Advancement
Out Of Ignorance Running Rampant
Sterilizing Us From Disaster

[lead: Brian]

10. Father Baker's

There Exists A Place Of Agony
Where Children Are Held Captive
Belt Across The Back, The Nuns Attack
Believe In God Or Be Beaten To Death

Work To Earn Your Keep, No Time To Sleep
You Better Know The Bible Verse
Or Go Without And Die Of Thirst
Resent Your Birth - Thanks To God!!!!!!!!!!!

[lead: Eric]

At Father Baker's The Pain Is Divine
If You Are Lucky You'll Get Out Alive

Welcome To Terror, You're Where You Belong
Father Is Waiting To Show You Your Wrong
Learn Early On To Behave Or You'll Die
Live With His Torture, No One To Confide
Innocence Lost By The Rage He Inflicts
Repent To God Or The Pain Will Persist

Kept Inside A Cage, Humiliate
Till Father Takes Confession
Whipped Unmercifully And Left To Bleed
And By The End To Be One With God

Fast You Into Place, The Final Phase
Before You Meet His Maker
Do As You Are Told Or You Will Go
And Then You'll Know What Is Suffering

[lead: Brian]

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