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Deicide - 1990 Deicide

: Roadrunner Records
1. Lunatic Of God's Creation
2. Sacrificial Suicide
3. Oblivious To Evil
4. Dead By Dawn
5. Blaspherereion
6. Deicide
7. Carnage In The Temple Of Damned
8. Mephistopheles
9. Day Of Darkness
10. Crucifixation


1. Lunatic Of God's Creation

Servants Of Death, Enchanter Of Pain
From The Land Of No Return, You'll Kill Again
Smear The Blood On Naked Corpse

Lunatic Of God's Creation
No Resist
Hear The Voices Of Devastation

There Is Darkness In His Eyes
And You Won't See It, Before You Die
Feel The Knife Of The Lord Divine's


2. Sacrificial Suicide

Satanized, Crucified, Feel The Wrath Of Suicide
Incus Fear Of The Sphere, Angel Darkness Disappears
Covenant, Blasphemous, Open Up Unhollness (unholyness?)
Father Satan, Let Me Just Unholy Sins

Suicide Sacrifice
Destruction Of Holy Life
Blood Of Unholy Knife
Satan I Sacrifice

Behold The Crucifix, Symbol Of Sterility
I Am Crucifix - Satan
Suicide Sacrifice, Profeasting Evil Night
Lust Into Reality - Satan
Angel Of The Black Abyss, Satan Lord I Hall (hail?)
Insane Blasphemous - Satan
Sacrifical Suicide, Ritual To End My Life
Benemoth Incess My Fate - Satan

Dammed To Tell, End Of My Life
Wrath Of God - Satan (warth?)
Sin My Soul, Blesses With Fire
Throne Of Stone - Satan
I Must Die, In My Wake
Seventh Gate - Satan
Suicide, End My Life
I Must Die - Satan

[lead - Eric]

Suicide Sacrifice, Thrust Of Evil Deep Inside
Lucifer Never Lies, Take Away Thee Mortal Life
Demigod, Satan Son, Commend To Body To The Ground
Father Satan, I'll Find Peace When I Am God


Take Me!

3. Oblivious To Evil

Join Us

Evil Night Of An Evil Death
Epitome Of Illusion
Sacrifice Of The Unborn Child
Enter The Kingdom Of Darkness
Sodomized For The Ritual
For There Is Nowhere To Run
Open The Gates To The Manifestation
And Grant Me The Powers Of Darkness

Infernal Majesty, Take This Dead Offering
Feeding The Demon Seed, Evil Bestowed On Me

Exorice The Power Of Dead
Invert My Cross Of Time
The Retaim Of Satan Anarchy
Inside My Scared Sign

Lucifer Bring Me The Legions Of Deaths
Abbadon Kill Until Nothing Is Left
Celtic God Of A Satan Fate
Oblivious To Evil

[lead - Eric/brian]

Death Of Defiled The Rituals
Of Dreams And Disillusion
Unlock The Box And Gimp In Pain
Summon The Demons Of Darkness
Evil Gods That Fast With Flesh
Prepare Me For The Dead
Release Me From The Angels So Righteous
For Your God Is Dead


4. Dead By Dawn

[lead - Eric]

Book Of The Dead, Pages Bound In Human Flesh
Feasting The Beast, From The Blood The Words Were Said
I Am Unseen, Dreamt The Sacred Passage Aloud
Trapped In A Dream Of The Necronomicon

Seven Lords Of An Evil And Fatal Force
Levitate Through The Secret And Ancient Doors
Unbegun, Premenating Bizarre
Swept Away To The Castle Of Cantar

Seeking The Tomb, Tried To Possess
Immortal Sleep, Visions Of Death
Drank Of The Blood, Water Of Life
Splendorous Son, Show Me The Sign
You Are Dead
Blanketing Fear, Unknown To Man
Demons Appear, Death They Command

(dead By Dawn, Dead By Dawn, Dead By Dawn
Dead, By, Dawn) [x3]

Blasphermate Me

[lead - Eric]

We Are What Wars, And Shall Rule Again
Dead By Dawn, Chanting Death Thee Ancient Hymm
This Is Not Real, I Am Not The Chosen One
Trapped In A Spell Of Necronomicon

Torted Pain, In The Palace Of Dead
Rec(i?)tate, Through The Passages I Dreamt
Dead, Dead By Dawn
Dead, Dead By Dawn

5. Blaspherereion

Bleeding Death, Undead, Broke The Seal Suhrim
Deserc(cr?)ate, Evil Ghost Thoth Freed Him
Mass Destruction, Ended Lives, Blasphemation, You Will Die

Darkest One, Bleeding Death, From Beyond
Death Be Done, No Regression, Unforbidden
You Will Die - It's Been Written

Die - Blaspherereion
Die - Blaspherereion

Vicl(i?)ous Warth Adar, Torted Past Rendered
Odious Evil, Elder Death, Feast Us
God's Construction, Holy Doom
Don't Believe, You're Consumed


Lord Chaos, Death, Save Us
Kill Human Kind, Life Was Denied
Lord Black Death, Thoth , Confess
Send To Desecrate, Lord Blasphemate

[lead - Eric]


6. Deicide

No Lord Shall Stand Before Myself

I Can Strike The Light And See Through The Truth
For I'm The Deicide, Dominus, What Could You Do
Thou Has Falled You Now, One Again And Always Will
On The Cross, Forgotten Son, A Sacrifice It Had To Be Done

Died For Me, Well That's Too Bad I Don't Believe
Killed My Sins Of The Evil What I Am
Your Destruction, Reasons Of A World In Pain
Blind Desciple (discipte?), You Will Never Live Again

Wage Of Death, Course Of Life
Unsematic Birth Of The Deicide
Eyes Of Pain, Pleads Of Death
As You're Put To Rest

Three Days To Rise
If He Lives Again He Is Sure To Die
I Killed Jesus
Just To See Him Bleed On His Pulpis Throne
I Am Evil
I'm The Deicide And I Killed The Lord
No More Reasons
I Will Kill The World In Another Form

I Rule This World

Nail Him

[lead - Brain]

I Can Strike The Light And See Through The Truth
For I'm The Deicide, Dominus, What Could You Do
Thou Has Falled You Now, One Again And Always Will
On The Cross, Forgotten Son, A Sacrifice It Had To Be Done


7. Carnage In The Temple Of Damned

Sacramental Ceremony
People's Temple Of The Holy
Sepulcher For Salvation
Suicidal Confirmation
Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned
You Will Never Sin Again!

When We Meet Again It Will Be The Promised Land
Death Is In Command To The Victims Of The Plan
In The Temple Of The Damned
Drink The Blood, Concentrate Of Death
Congregation Is Dead

[lead - Eric]

Carnage Of The Dead
Mass Cremations Of The Blessed
Sermonizing Fatal End
In The Temple Of The Damned

Homage Of Unknown, Origin Of Mr. Jones
Of The Final Praise To The Populated Grave
In The Temple Of Saved
Death Awaits You, To Escape Is To Die
Carnage, Blessed Be The Non-divine

[lead - Eric]

8. Mephistopheles

Invective Death, From The Hand
To Write The Book Of Evil
Terminus Of The Overture
Recite The Role Of Power

Schizophrenic Reflex, Vesicate, Mut(i?)late
Refuse The Force On Which You Die
Myrmidon Of Goethe
Abortion Of Angels That Flee For Their Lives
Animated Onslaugh(t?), Expectorated Discharge
Elegy Of Evil, Visions Of Light For Thou Has Forgotten

Adulating Scripture, Dominate, Terminate
Fascist(?) Author Of Gods
Drubbing Of His Light Fears
Bring Forth The Atheist, Sent To Inseminate
Aggtavated Blasphmere, Insurrected One To Tell
Power Through Defile
Mephisto Is Coming To Claim Mme For Hell
Take Me Mephistopheles

[lead - Brian]

Insurrect The Shield Of Satan
Grant Me Immortality
To Rise

[lead - Eric]

9. Day Of Darkness

Death Is Now The Day
When The Fires Fall From The Sky
Let Us Pray
When The Darkness Falls We Will Die
Endless Pain
Crucifying Death From Above
We Must Pay

Day Of Darkness

Question Our Fate When Day Of Darkness
Forces Of Evil Now Upon Us
Forces Of Evil On Display
Forces Of Holy Brought This Day

Death Is Now The Day
When The Reaper Calls For The Dead
We'll Be Saved
In This World Of Desecrating Minds
We Must Pay
Crucifying World Of Evil Death
Let Us Pray

Day Of Darkness

[lead - Brian]

10. Crucifixation

Give Praise To Satan, He Has Won

[lead - Brian]

Dynical Existence, Crucifixion
You Will Give Praise To Satan
Lord Of Lords, Kind Of Kings
Spread Your Wings

Haunted By The Righteous One, Bent Of My Repention
Crucifixion Lucifer, Save Me From Destruction
Holy Priest That Can't Confirm, Shun The Cross Of Evil
Violent But Undisturbed, Wait For Thee Invertion

To Break The Bonds Of Evil
To Die Upon The Cross
To Die Uncertain Death
From Whom You Place It On

Crucifixation - Thee Unholy Denominations
Crucifixation - Holy Termination

You Will Give Praise To Satan

[lead - Brain]

Impaled Vibration, Crucifixation

Levitating Act Of Death, Messa(e?)nger Of Satan's Mass
Blinded By The Crucifix, Sacrilegious Impalement
Kill The Chosen, Righteous Son, Claim The Cross Inverted One
Everlasting Hell Damm(n?)ation, From The Lord, Crucifixation


Where's My Crucifix?
I Can't Die Without It.

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