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Bloodbath - 2002 Resurrection Through Carnage

: Century Media Records
1. Ways To The Grave
2. So You Die
3. Mass Strangulation
4. Death Delirium
5. Buried By The Dead
6. The Soulcollector
7. Bathe In Blood
8. Trail Of Insects
9. Like Fire
10. Cry My Name


1. Ways To The Grave

To Believe Is To Deceive
Down On Knees You're Choked On Memories
Turned Into Lies Of Pure Demise
Below To Lay Far Beyond The Day

A Wretched Fate
At The Point Of No Return
Doomed To Crawl
Into The Darkes Of Deaths

Forever Ceased To Be
(on The) Ways To The Grave

A Flickering Mind In The Life Rewind
Thoughts Pierced And Hanged On Hooks
Suffering Hell Inside A Human Shell
Your Body Will Break And Crack To Dust

Die - It's Time To Pay For All Your Sins
Die - Consciousness Devoured By A Cell Of Soil
Die - Punished And Doomed As A Liar
Die - Hope Shall Be Buried With Maggots To Coil

The Presence Fades Away To Betray
All Your Hope Is Gone
There Is None There To Bring Light
And Out Of Sight You Pay In Mental Decay
A Wretched Fate
At The Point Of No Return
Doomed To Rot
Into The Darkest Of Deaths
It All Ends Here In Euphoria And Fear
The Last Sight Is Your Only Light In Total Pain
Portrayed Insane
Lungs Burst By Vomits Nursed

A Wretched Fate
At The Point Of No Return
Doomed To Rot
Into The Darkest Of Deaths

Forever Ceased To Be
(on The) Ways To The Grave

2. So You Die

I Will Have A Feast On Your Soul
And Watch Your World As It Comes Tumbling Down
You Know There Is No Return
I Will Make You Burn Inside Your Time Has Come

I Show No Mercy
You Know I Know No Other Way
Than To Revel In Your Flesh
I Am Born To Conquer
So You Die

I Live Inside You
So You Die
I Won't Surrender
So You Die

And Now When Your Days Are Counted
I Have Reached My Goal
You Are Broken Down
Your Life Is Lost I Have Collected Yet Another Soul

That's When You See
That You Have Lost Your Soul To Me
That's When You Feel
That You Have Lost The Will To Live
And I Am Still Here
Waiting For The Next To Drain Of Life
And I Am Stronger Now
Then When I Took Your Useless Life

No Living Thing Can Be Spared From My Attack
When I Feel The Urge To Kill
I Hate Your Breath And The Strength You Get From Life
Because I Have Never Lived
And Now Its My Time To Be One With
All The Mortal Ones That Walk The Earth
I Enter Human Form My Wicked Soul Lives On Into Eternity

3. Mass Strangulation

40 People Or More - Tied To Hands And Feet
Awaiting Strangulation - Darkening Deceit
Rope Around The Neck - Eyes Falling Out Slow
Extreme Asphyxiation - Blackened Murder Flow
Your Eyes Start To Spray, Panic In Dismay
Deathwish Appearing Fast
Insanity Supreme, Praying To Be Free
Guts Explode In A Blast

Gasping For Breath As You Faint Into Death
Black Hallucinations And Shadows Ahead
Severed And Maimed, Body Is Drained
Swarming Of Flies Round The Dead
Bodies Split In Five, Ritualistic Rage
Deathwish Has Arrived, Bodies Float In Carnage

Mass Strangulation
Hysteric Conjuration
Macabre Infestation
Worship Defecation
Soul Evisceration
Death Hallucination
Malignant Humiliation
Ritualistic Suffocation

Falling Down...

4. Death Delirium

Night Gleaming Moon
The Hours Passing Fast
Into The Bloodstained Walls
The Victim's Shadow Is Cast

My Ears Are Deaf To The Weakened Cries
Born My Rapture In The Final Sighs
A State Of Mind For The Killing Kind
A Fog Of Death Leaving Me Blind
Tearing Flesh Inverting The Trinity
Bastard Child Of God
Delusion Inside My Lust
Death Delirium

Forcing You Into Death's Affinity
Drowning In Your Blood
Ornated Blood Of Rust
Death Delirium
Death My Disease
Saved Me From The Light
A Feast On Your Remains
Your Corpse Carved Up With Delight

I Am Laughing As Your Life's Undone
Your Body Is Mine To Savage Now As You're Gone
The Skin Is Torn Sinners Blade So Cold
Morbid End To Massacres Of Old

Gone Soul Is Drained
This Path I Will Always Pace
Lust Soothes My Lust
A Freak Of The Human Race

Red Dripping Down
The Urge Of One Defiled
Haze My Sweetest Wish
Is Slaying Your Woman And Child

5. Buried By The Dead

Pulse Expire, Death Comes In A Burst
Black Forecast Of A Lifelong Thirst

Lord Of The Tomb By My Side
Cadaverous, Dead And Insane In The Eye
Speak A Madman's Prophecy

He Will Drain My Soul When It Is Free
Phantoms Of The Grave Kill To Survive
Sucking Death-energy From The Ones Who Will Die
Into Death Cast
A Spiral Of The Past
Eclipse Grips For My Soul
Torn From Death's Bed
And Buried By The Dead
Their Hands Are White And Cold

Crawling Through The Soil And Snow
Pitch-black Grave Cracks Up Below
Screams Measure A Timeless Echo
Hideous Figures Laugh And Beckon

Coming Through Me
Souls Imprisoned In Gore
Malignant Anguish Never Seen Before
Victims Drag Their Limbs Across The Halls Of The Dead
Funeral Bell Rings To Celebrate The Dread
All My Flesh And My Bones
Are Ready To Explode In A Gush Of Red Foam
Virulent Infectious Death-disease Is Spread
Rush Of Thoughts Vanish As I Die Undead

6. The Soulcollector

When You Close Your Eyes And Fall Asleep
Then It's Time For Me To Rise
You Believe You Are Safe In Dreamland
And That No One Can Reach You There
I Seduce You In Your Slumber
And Invite You To My World
Your Body Is Still In The Real World
But Now Your Soul Belongs To Me
I Will Bring You Torture Everlasting
Unleash My Hate Upon You
You Know I Am The Master Of Your Mind Now
You Are Lost To Me
You Will Sleep Forever

I Will Detain You Hate You And Despise You
So Many Ways To Bring You Pain
To Desecrate The Memory Of A Human
Is What It Takes To Make You Mine

So Slow
Taste My Terror
So Slow
I Am Your Doom

Watch The Darkness All Around
Lost Forever To Me You Are Bound
Hate Eternal From Me To You
Desecration Beyond Control

Now It's Time For Me To Murder
Yet Another Sleeping Soul
I Feed Upon Their Dreams
And Then Reverse Them To Their Face

While The World Awaits The Awakening
Of The Breathing Lifeless Ones
I Am Off To Tseek A New Life
To Invite In Eternal Sleep

Sometimes You Feel Me
You Are Slipping Away
But Sometimes You Are Stronger
And Won't Let Me Stay
The Pain That You Bring Me When You Lock Me Out
It Will Be Remembered 'til We Meet Again

Know Me As The Soulcollector

7. Bathe In Blood

I Keep My Eyes On The Screen
Pulse Oximeter Flash In Indistinct Green
Tapping Of The Veins Haemoglobin Rains
Bloodbath Now Will Occur

In Dysfunctional Belief
Pressure Of The Blood Is Set To Be Relieved
Tappping Of The Veins Haemoglobin Rains
Heart Is Being Disturbed

Violent Deed, Sickening Greed,
Transfusion Of Obscenity
Losing Track, Eyes Turn Black,
Departure Of My Sanity

Bleeding - Feel The Rush, Taste The Heat
Speeding - Pain Threshold For A Heartbeat

Wisdom Streams, Endlessly
Fulfilling Of A Murder Dream
Night Routines In The Mortuary
Death Walks On The Round Unseen

I Examine Your Death As I Stab Overhead
Your Body Cracks And I Bathe In Blood
Wallow In Gore And Thoughts Of The Dead
I Condemn Myself As I Bathe In Blood
Saw Your Hell Through A Blood-flushing Cell
Dreams Are Dead As I Bathe In Blood
Washed Out The Life Of Every Cell
Death Exploration As I Bathe In Blood

A Bloodshot Sight Of Gore
Bursting Body Sprays
Life To Proceed No More
A Bloodbath Of The Human Race

Invidious Trauma
Transfixed Bodies In A Grotesque Scene
Disgusting Horror Of Dried Out Life
Coagulated Bloodstream

Eyes Stare Blank
Unable To See As Death Reappears
Unspeakable Chill In The Hyper White Light
Fall To My Knees In Fear

8. Trail Of Insects

Maggots Feast, Eternal Whisper
Eating Through Your Soul
In Your Head Their Bodies Glisten
The Stench Of Death Is Foul
Riot Inside You
Swarming Around And Through
A Trail Of Insects Down Your Spine
Vermin Inside You
Control You
Devour You
My Sickening Mind Made You Dissolve
Vermin Inside You
They Move You
Devour You

Poisonous, Vile Obedience
To Rotting Deadened Art
Made Me Let This Death-inferno
Rip My Soul Apart
Your Skin Is Turning Blue
I Kill Myself Through You
I Trap Myself In Blasphemous Torture
Mind Decaying Fast
In Hyper-death A Carnal Fortune
And Deadly Shadows Cast
All The Rotting Flesh
Turned Into A Mesh

Their Mastication
Violent Invasion Of My Mind
Emptiness Takes Over
Pleasure's Gone, Insanity I Find

Memories Choke Me
Chloroform Drenched Anxiety
Corpses Provoke Me
No More Killing Variety
Pestering Forgery
I'm Gone Beyond All Help
Dehydrated Mind
I'm Swallowing Insects Myself

9. Like Fire

I Am Eternal
The Ruler Of The Earth And Sky
I Am Infernal
I Am On A Quest To See The Heavens Die
My Fascination With The Dead
Won't Be Fulfilled Here On This Killing Spree

And When They Dream
That's When My Spirit Arise
And When They Scream
A Little Part Of Them Dies
I Find My Way Into The Minds Of The Weak
They Are Led Astray
It's Now My Path That They Seek

You Die Before Me
Your Destiny Is In My Hands
You Are Soon To See
My One Desire Is To Rule This World Eternally

And When They Dream
That's When My Spirit Arise
And When They Scream
A Little Part Of Them Dies
I Find My Way Into The Minds Of The Weak
They Are Led Astray
It's Now My Path That They Seek

You Will Never Reach Me
I Am The Darkest One
You Will Never Heal Me
A Mind Beyond Repair
I Will Make You Fear Me
I Slay Your Hopes And Dreams
You're Lost Forever
In This World Of Mine

I Devastate Your Life
And Crush Your Every Dream
No Human Being Will Perceive Your Silent Scream
The King Of Rapture Will Betray Your Soul Tonight
The Life Of Yours Is Soon To End In Brutal Death

Don't Look Me In The Eyes If You Are Awake
Just A Glimpse Of Me Will Put Your Life At Stake
I Am The Horizon
I Am The Serpent Of The Dead
My Gaze Will Burn Your Skin And Flesh Into A Crisp

Like Fire
Like Fire

This Very Morbid Mind Of Mine
Will Set Your Course Into And Early Grave
I Twist Your Fate And Seal Your Doom
I Bit You Welcome - My Eternal Slave

10. Cry My Name

You Will See
My Burning Inferno
And There Is No Way
In Your Wildest Dreams
That You Can Say No

I Suffocate Your Soul
And Drain You Of Your Lifeblood
The Breathing Darkness Here
Will Make You Disappear
There Is No Return

I Steal Your Soul
And Carve A Hole Right Where Your Heart Once Used To Be
I Watch You Die
I Hear You Cry
It Fills My Soul With Such Delight

You Are Lost
You Are Entering A Dead World
Wherever You Will Turn
You Will See Your Spirit Burn
Your Life Is Over

Here In Death's Dominion
Where Even Shadows Die
I Am The One Almighty
You Will Cry My Name
And When You Seek Forgiveness
You Will See There Is No God
And For All Eternity
You Will Cry My Name

Cry Out

Now It's Time To Return
To The World Up Above
And Invite You To Burn

Oh, The Ones That I Seek
Are Defenseless And Weak
Soon Their Hearts Will Be Mind

And No One Can Slip
From My Powerful Grip
I Was Born To Deceive

The Smell Of Your Flesh
So Rancid And Fresh
It Keeps Me Alive

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