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Bloodbath - 2004 Nightmares Made Flesh

: Century Media Records
1. Cancer Of The Soul
2. Brave New Hell
3. Soul Evisceration
4. Outnumbering The Day
5. Feeding The Undead
6. Eaten
7. Bastard Son Of God
8. Year Of The Cadaver Race
9. The Ascension
10. Draped In Disease
11. Stillborn Saviour
12. Blood Vortex


1. Cancer Of The Soul

Kill Them, For They Must Die
Mongers Of The Greatest Lie
Burn Them, For (the) Sins They Scar
Followers Not Leaders In War
Left To Rot Is Their Faith On Poles
Icons Shatter With Burning Holes
Curtains Fall On Religion's Role
The Cancer Of The Soul

Hallowed Name, Holy Trinity
With Disdain Now Crush This Divinity
Preaching Tongues, Lizard Spawned
Recycle The Christian Death From (the) Beyond
House Of God, Pit Of Snakes
Staring Through The Eyes Of Mistakes
In Their Hearts, Oh They Carry Fear
Succumb To Death And Make It Disappear

Casket Cracks, (with) Human Debris
Death In The Last Degree
Salvation's Not, To Be Seen
Faith Is Lost In The Blood-red Scream
Repeating God's, Name In Vain
The Mantra Of Your Life's Pain
Body Cracks, (with) Vivisection
Salvation's Now A Dead Infection

2. Brave New Hell

Rising From The Darkside
Arriving From Beyond
The Lord Of Death Approaches
To End All Human Lives

The Pleasure Of The Torment
Will Bring Him Back To Earth
The Time Has Come For Closure
The Final Hour Calls

But There's A Way Out Of The Misery
You Can Join The Massacre
Once You're In You're Never Out
A Soldier Of The Dead Forevermore

There's Eternity For Sale
In The Brave New Hell
You Will Join Here And Dwell
In The Brave New Hell (brave New Hell)
None Can Stop The Rising
Of The Brave New Hell
You Will Come Alive
In The Brave New Hell (brave New Hell)

Your Death For Life Eternal
Is No High Price To Play
You'll Get More Strength
From Every Single Human That You Slay

The Night Of Devastation
The Final Holocaust
Bring On The Armageddon
Only Death Remains

Now... That All His Enemies Have Ceased
It's Time For The Final Feast
Tear The Flesh Of The Remains Of Mankind
The Rebirth Of Hell On Earth

Behold... Eternal Eclipse!
Humanity Fades Away
The Creatures Bond To Black
Will Turn Color Into Grey

3. Soul Evisceration

Surgical Exposure
Embalmed In Blood And Unaware
Your Heart Collapsing In The Wake
Your Eyes Are Frozen In A Stare

Imprisonment In Flesh
Deadened Body Holding Cell
Neurobiosis Cuts The Way On Through
Rotting Soul Condemned To Hell

I Cut Away
Sculpture Death
Carve In Your Thoughts
Parasite Breath
Breed Is The Cause
Sever The Spine
I Dissect
So Perfect
Muscles That Bind

Soul Evisceration

Nauseating Pressure
Internal Landscapes Overflow
Bleeding Forth The Secrets Of Your Soul
The Human Body Deathrow

Installment Of Distress
Revolting Death Is Now Complete
Your Suffering Is Taking Human Form
My Own Disease Is Named Deceit

4. Outnumbering The Day

Flames, Wildfire
As Far As The Eye Can See
Purging Inferno Catastrophy
Waves, Highwater
At The Places It Shouldn't Be
Sweeping, Whirlpool Insanity

World Downfall, The Fury And The Chaos Within
Ambushment, Attack From Within The Earth

When The Sky Turns Black And Nature's Sounds Go Mute
The Dead Walk The Earth's Last Round
Outnumbering The Day
All Light Peels Away
In The Flickering Sway Of The Sun's Last Ray

Winds, Tornado
Rage Above All Lands
Blowing Storm Out Of Hand

Soil, Sands
Spreading Across The Nations
Disastrous Dry Desert Plantations

When The Rats Flee Off This Sinking Ship Called Earth
The World Stops Turning As Time Dies
Outnumbering The Day
All The Air Blows Cold
As The Damp Mould Covers More Than Only Our Old

5. Feeding The Undead

Come Forth Defiled One
Command The Swarming Of Flies
Let Us Pray
The Womb Of Darkness Will Soon Give Birth

Contagious Dysphoria
Asleep In Rotten Demise
Malediction Awakes The Ones Absorbed By Earth

I Let The Serpent Crawl In
Release Me From Vile Faith
I See You Come With Cold
I Heard Your Name In Tongues

Enslaving The Underworld
Bring Cadavers To Rise
Feed Our Minds With What Was Once Forseen

Bring Death To Year One
Reverse The Closing Of Eyes
Isanity Rules As God Of Light Becomes Unclean

Feed The Undead
Invoke Murder
Crush The Forgery
Pray The Light Of Day Will Never Come Again

6. Eaten

I've Had One Desire Since I Was Born
To See My Body Ripped And Torn
To See My Flesh Devoured Before My Eyes
I'm Here For You I Volunteer As A Human Sacrifice

Carve Me Up, Slice Me Apart
Suck My Guts, Lick My Heart
Chop Me Up I Like To Be Hurt
Drink My Marrow And Blood For Dessert
Eaten... My One Desire, My Only Wish Is To Be--
Eaten... The Longer I Live The More I'm Dying To Feel The Pain
Eaten... I Would Do Anything To Be--
Eaten... My One Desire, My Only Wish Is To Be--

I Finally Found You, My Personal Slaughter
As An Appetizer, I Let You Taste My Daughter
Call Me Sick But This Is What I Need
My Only Purpose Here Is For You To Feed

Desecrate Me
Tear Me Limb From Limb
Eviscerate Me
Chew Me To Death

7. Bastard Son Of God

He Is Hater Of The Rotten Earth
He Is The Nova That Will Drape The Sky In Woe
We Drink From His Poisoned Water
He Is Lord Of Those Who Dwell Bound In Sickness
Spitting Vomit In The Face Of Faith
Cleansing Us Who Must Atone For Being Weak
We Drink From His Poisoned Water
He Is The Shadow Cast Upon Those Defiled

Victorious Call
It Will Not Befall
No Salvation Is Free
Death Comes Beckoning Thee
Encircle Thee
Voices Come In Wind
Son Of Perdition
You Come Beckoning Me

The Sky Embedded In The Death Of A Nova
Effigy Is Seen In A Second Of Light
No Voice In The Crack Of His Mouth
Bastard Son Of God

8. Year Of The Cadaver Race

A Black And White Moving Cloud Of Wings In The Sky
A Flock Of Vultures Approach While Blotting Out The Sun
Their Shrieks Are Deafening
To The Human Ears
Of Those Who Died, All Return...

Feel The Hoofs - They're Coming
Hear The Growls - They're Coming
Fallen Prey Now Hunt Their Hunter
Vengeance Of The Animal Beast

See Their Numbers - They're Coming
Smell Their Stench - They're Coming
Slaughtered Victims Now Slay Their Master
Retaliation Of The Beast

Nations Are Trampled Under Four Legged Flesh
A Pounding Horde Of Hollow Bodies In Sight
They Rear Their Skulls And Cry Out
Of All Those Who Were Killed, All Return

Echoes Of Swine Squeals Distorting The Silence
Reclaiming The Loss Of Meat Stolen From Their Bodies
Chewing And Pissing On Human Remains
Of All Those Who Were Slain, All Return

Moans And Barks Coming From The Same Direction
The Human's Pets No Longer Sit At Their Sides
Primitive Instincts, Animalistic Dogma
Of All Those In Captivity, Now In Devious Activity

Species Without A Language Of Words
Known Only For Their Deeds
A Call Upon Death, Death Answers Quickly
Of All Those Who're Alive, Not An Animal - Not A Man

Massive Human Emibration
Massive Death Inhabitation

9. The Ascension

Behold, The Moon Is Hiding In The Clouds
The Night Is Silent, A World In Fear
A Million Days Since He Was Buried In The Sea
He Will Rise Again, His Demon Spirit Will Be Free

We Summon Thee Oh Mighty One
Master Can You Hear Our Calls
We'll Die For You Oh Lord Of Death
We Await The Day When The Curtain Of Night
Will Fall And Never Rise
The Dead Shall Rise Again
Pleasure Turn To Pain
The Ascension
Nothing Will Survive
Hell Shall Come Alive
The Ascension

Demise, The Sun Is Dying In The Sky
The Ground Is Shaking, The End Is Near
All The Restless Souls
From The Universe Below Will Rise Again
Let The Eternal Misery Begin

Ressurection Through Carnage
Breeding Death
In Eternal Darkness
Death Shall Live Forevermore

10. Draped In Disease

Down The Sour Drains
Below The World You Think You Know
Where Man Does Never Tread
For No Sun Ever Shined That Deep Down Low

Down The Rotten Dark
From The Filth Of Mankind It Is Born
Breathing The Stench Of Rancid Sewage
Growing As A Freak In The Decayed Brewage

From Life It Sets All Free
Indulged In Killing Spree
Disguised As The One To Be
Draped In Disease
Medication Set Aside
No Cure Here To Confide
In Your Veins It Then Shall Hide
Draped In Disease

Subterranean Growth Maligned
Abomination The Kind
Balterium Lord Of Twisted Mass
Eyeless But Not Blind

Feasting The Excrements
Of A Thousand Infections Severe
Crawling As A Snake
In The Spreading Epidemic Lair

Down The Fluid Hell
Stained Are The Walls With Its Poisoned Breath
Roots Of Pestilent Plague
The Rates Abide Its Ways As A Tail Of Death

Down The Hive Of Chills
From The Filth Of Mankind It Now Feeds

11. Stillborn Saviour

In Darkest Times When Evil Ruled
Salvation Out Of Sight
Three Wise Men Had Seen The Sign
To End Eternal Night

Life... Awaiting Signs From The One
Death... The Very Essence Of Fear
Find... They're On A Quest For The Place
Where... The Son Of God Will Rise

Stillborn Savior
Prayers In Vain
Stillborn Savior
Now He Will Return

The Prophecies Were Only Lies
Hell Moves Into Paradise
All Your Prayers Weren't Worth Much
He Was Denied His Birth

The Ancient Gods Reclaim The Earth
And Chaos Reigns Supreme
The Reaper Took The Heaven Sent
And Ended Life Serene

Nothing Can Free The World
Forever Captured In The Dark
Nothing Can Save The Earth
The Creatures Of The Dead Will Arise
Feasting Upon Mankind
Humanity Is Soon Extinct
Desolation Soon Complete
The Darkest One Has Been Enthroned

Infernal Death, A World In Flames
No Humans Stand A Chance
The Pure Ones Fell Into The Abyss
On Dead Angels Demons Dance

Hell Is Here
A Force You Can't Defeat
Born From Fear
Betrayal And Deceit

12. Blood Vortex

Speaking By The Name Of Seti
The Effigy Speaks Through A Mask Made Of Human Skin
Godless Fallen Soul Impaled
A Name Might Be Upon You Before We Will Let You In
I Believe, Bloodshed In The Name Of Sorrow
Stone Is Cast For The Enemy To Walk In Harms Way
We Will Make Him Burn And Burn Again
Lost In The Vortex He Is Gone No Blessing Underway

Coming Of Flood
Sickening God
Bring Him To Me
Torrent Of Blood

Rid Us The Disease Of Mankind
Unseen Is He Who Will Ultimately Control The Gift
Blocking Out The Sun
Our Chains Eroded We Are Finally Set Adrift

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