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Carcass - 1988 Reek Of Putrefaction

: Earache Records
1. Genital Grinder
2. Regurgitation Of Giblets
3. Maggot Colony
4. Pyosisified (rotten To The Gore)
5. Carbonized Eyesockets
6. Frenzied Detruncation
7. Vomited Anal Tract
8. Festerday
9. Fermenting Innards
10. Excreted Alive
11. Suppuration
12. Foeticide
13. Microwaved Uterogestation
14. Feast On Dismembered Carnage
15. Splattered Cavities
16. Psychopathologist
17. Burnt To A Crisp
18. Pungent Excruciation
19. Manifestation On Verrucose Urethra
20. Oxidised Razor Masticator
21. Mucopurulence Excretor
22. Malignant Defecation


1. Genital Grinder


2. Regurgitation Of Giblets

Coughing Up A Mixture
Of Mucus, Phlegm And Bile
The Sordid Sight Of Burning Flesh
...your Stomach Is Reviled

Spew Up Your Sanguined Guts
In Your Wooden Box
Septic Vomit Of Chyme...
...putrid Offal...

Regurgitated Giblets
Blocked In Your Oesophagus
Eaten By The Maggots
Trapped In Your Sarcophagus

3. Maggot Colony

Oozing Chyme Reeks As Your Duodenum Is Hacked
Secreting Gastric Juices, Enzymes Melt Your Faecal Tract
Torn Major Arteries, Your Corpse With Blood Is Drenched
Your Mouth Is Ripped Inside-out As Your Oesophagus Is Wrenched

Maggots And Grubs Bore Into The Mouldy Remains
Masticating Lymph, Caked Blood And Cankered Decay
Maturating Brains Play Host To The Grisly Fete
Stuffed Anal Passage, Served On A Plate

Purulent Torso Is A Perfect Maggots Meal
Spilt Cerebrospinal Fluid Is Sucked Up With Zeal
Botulism Vitiates The Emulsifying Bile
Liquidized Gall Bladder, Viscid Pus Smells Vile

4. Pyosisified (rotten To The Gore)

The Lingering Scirrhus Begins To Harden
As The Insides Fall Prey To Putrefaction
Rotting Tissue Turns To Mush And Pulp
As Your Mind Is Torn By Encephalitis

Your Cavities Rot With Ulcers
Your Infected Inflammations Torn
Your Gizzards Eaten By Incursive Decay
You're Infernally Rotten To The Gore...

Juices Digested From Each Pus-swollen Pore
Insatiable Hunger As I Feast On The Gore
Nothing Gives Me Greater Pleasure
Than A Bowl Full Of Chyme
Maggot Infested Kidneys
Are What I Choose Every Time

The Smell Of Plaguing Infection
Is Nauseatingly Emetic
Prolonged Spumescence Of Stale Pus
Stinks Like Hot, Putrid Vomit

Your Body Is Indurate
The Insides Are Black As Tar
Your Innards Gnawed By Septic Hate
Now A Mass Of Empyaema

Your Blood Is Caked
Dried And Inconsistent
Your Bloody Rotten Gore
Is Now Vitrescent

5. Carbonized Eyesockets

The Pungent Aroma Of Hot, Bubbling, Molten Gristle
Blends With The Stench Of Hot, Singeing Flesh Soldered To Liquid Muscle.
As The Cornea Is Pierced And Fried Sizzling Retina
Burning And Spitting On The Now Blackened, Charred Fovea

Holes Of Crumbling Carbon Are All That Are Left
Charred Eye-sockets Of Hot Scorched Flesh

Fusing Symblepharon, Your Flesh Turns Into Coke
Extravasative Gunge Now Black, Pungent Smoke.
Charred Eye-sockets - Horrifically Pernicious
Your Sight Irreparable By Your Optician

Once Flowing Blood Is Now Dried, Resembling Black Pudding
Now All That Bleeds Is A Slow Trickle Of Hot, Sticky Muscle.
The Sclera Is A Lump Of Carbon Burning On Smouldering Membrane
Your Eyeballs Are Blistering, Your Optic Nerves Now Aflame.

6. Frenzied Detruncation

Limb From Limb...
Curled Glands...
Hacked Giblets...
Stumps For Hands...

Limb From Bloody Limb

Ruptured Spleen...
Rancid Loin...
Shattered Ribs...
Splattered Groin...

Retching Pus...
Dissect And Slash...
Limb From Limb...
Stenching Gash...

7. Vomited Anal Tract

Oral Eruption
Rectal Extroversion...

Your Vagus Implodes, As Nausea Strikes
Savaging Your Body In Terminal Retch
Violent Spasms And Decaying Enzymes
Engulf Your Throat As You Belch

Intestinal Disturbance, Your Ileum Turns Inside-out
Your Duodenum Is Thrust Up Towards Your Mouth
Your Pancreas Excretes Stale Septic Pus
Your Whole Digestive System Is Now A Sticky Mush

Rectal Vomit In Your Thorax
Retch Your Anal Tract

Liquidized Oesophagus Mixes With Bloodied Excretion
As You Pathetically Gasp For Breath
The Stench Of Hot Faeces Scorch Your Nose
As You Violently Vomit To Death

Your Intestines Are Rising, Up Towards Your Throat
Stale Bile Escaping Through Your Bloodied Nose
Your Colon Digested Into Acidic Slush
Your Tongue Gargling On Your Dislocated Anus

[solo: Grotesque Anal Disgorgement]

8. Festerday

Tear Out Your Intestines
Cut Your Liver Into Two
Throttle Your Heart
Till It's Swollen And Blue

Puncture Your Flesh
Skewer Your Eyes
Leave You To Fester
Then Eat You Alive

[solo: Lacerated Sinews]

9. Fermenting Innards

Your Pulverized Torso Languishes In Its Pool Of Pus
Minced, Cancerous Viscera - Gore Seeps From The Guts
My Fetid Fetish Is To Excavate The Moulding Rot
I Drool My Gastric Juices As I Chomp On You Blood-clots

Fermenting Innards, Bubbling With Rot
Alcoholic Pus, Dissolves The Wooden Box

I Gouge Into The Chest's Cavity To Rip Out The Intestines
Slivering Soft Entrails To Release The Foaming Secretions
I Suck Up The Concoction And Eat The Decay
With Cankered Disgorgement I Excrete My Gurgling Prey

Bile, Chyme And Blood In The Offal Effervesce
I Eviscerate The Bowels And Drink The Clotted Cess

10. Excreted Alive

Eaten Alive
Munched Into Pulp
Premature Necropsy
Comes Closer With Each Gulp

Brain Not Fully Dead
Decrepit Splattered Libs
Mass Ensanguined Spasms
Excretion Now Begins...

...semi-conscious Human Faeces
...semi-digested Squirming Pieces
...semi-animate In Excrement
...semi-terminal Constipation

[solo: Pulsating Sphincter]

11. Suppuration

The Rotting Corpse Lies On A Mortuary Slab
Pus Starts To Burst From Each Visceral Scab
Body Temperature Drops, Bone Seizure Takes Place
As The Discharge Oozes From The Boils On The Face

Suppurated - Pyosisified
Pustulated - Soggy Insides

The Cataleptic Remains Incite The Suppuration
Giving Way To The Stench Of Anal Emanation
This Repulsive Concoction Drips Onto The Floor
Cleansing The Viscous Enzymes Of The Body's Inner Core

12. Foeticide

Plugged Into The Socket
Leads Attached To Twisting Skin
Ignite The Squirming Foetus
To Dissolve It From Within

The Uterus Aspirated...foeticide
Suction Catheter Eradicating...your Insides

Foeticides Done Daily
Frying Them Inside The Womb
Electrocuting Embryos
In Their Sterile Tomb

Your Cervix An Abscess... Foeticide
Pumped Out By Your Gynaecologist... Your Insides

Spasmodic Convulsions Of Pleasure Are Gained
Pumping Out The Boiling Gunge As You Languish In Pain
Scouring Out The Womb From Effervescing Rot
Scrubbing-brush Comes In Handy To Clean Out All The Clots

Electrodes Buzz With Power
Visceral Muscle Is Charred Black
Melting Bone, Frying Aqueous Humour
A Dignified Death Is What You Lack

13. Microwaved Uterogestation

Fomentatious Perflation Hydrogenates Your Foetal Cisterna
Coagulating Haemorrhage And Your Congenital Hernia

Dehydrated Soup - Crumbling Hygroma
Pectified Sludge - Dank, Acrid Aroma

Clotting Uteral Mucus, Dissipating Your Foetus
Melting Your Uterus And Evaporation Your Cyesis

Your Molten Foetus Is Reconstituted By Warm, Molten Enzymes
Slowly Digested In Microwaved Slime
Your Stomach Is Churning, Heat Effervescing Your Succus
Your Innards Running Like Hot, Sticky Mucus

Mangled Uterogestation, Your Perimetrium Clots
Your Insides Cooking, Steaming And Hot

14. Feast On Dismembered Carnage

Bodies Dismembered, Corpses Desecrated
Carcasses Liquidized And Minced With Hatred
Brains Are Splattered, Strewn Limbs And Heads
Blood Has Been Spurted As The Arteries Were Shredded

Eyes Have Been Impaled, Flayed Skin In Strips
Intestines And Guts From The Body Have Been Ripped
Stench Of Sweet Blood, Bones Have Been Crunched
Festering Gore Is Eaten For Lunch

Parasitic Carnivorous Carrion, Your Gastrointestinal Tract,
Your Prey's Cremator
Bloody Neo-cannibalistic, Bloodfeed Masticator
Rigor Sanguined Fleshfeast, Gourging On Festered Entrails And Warm Meat
Devouring Cold Offal, Necro-sentient Mortis Feed

Mutilated Organs, The Meat-cleaver Is Raised
Falls To Mash The Head And Rip Up The Face
Throats Slit With Vengeance, Flesh Stripped To The Bone
Your Death Is Terrible, Painful And Slow

Drooling Palate
Terrible Odorous Mess
The Repulsive Stench
Of Roasting Flesh

Sterile Carnage, Dried Sanguined Personae Desecration
Scooping Out The Entrails, Violent Entrail Emancipation
The Taste Of Violent Gorge Hot On Your Breath
Digesting The Succulent Corpse In Your Succous Death

15. Splattered Cavities

Erupted Thoracic Savies - Serum, Pus And Offal
Perspiring Ulcerous Chancre - Splattered On Your Wall
Necro-cellular Lesions - The Stench Of Staining Scabs
Scraped Up By Medics, And Wrapped In Plastic Bags

Exploding Pus And Bile, Abdominal Saliva Sprays
Coughing Out Your Intestines, And Rubbing Them In Your Face
Carbuncles Oozing Sanguous, Mortified Entrails And Rot
Pieced Together For Autopsy, In Your Wooden Box

Frantic Pelvic Gut-wrench
Splattered Guts And Gore
Seeping Disembowelment
Mopped Up Off The Floor

Pelvic Insides Now Rest In Your Perineum
Splattered Gore Seeping From Your Orifices Like Hot Sebum

Pancreatic Juices
Internal Digestive Mess
Acidic Dripping Spittle
And Squelching Moist Flesh

Pulverized Thoracic Cavity
Your Rib-cage Is Snapped
Rupturing Internal Organs
Crushed In Your Diaphragm
Your Lungs Are Collapsed
As Your Abdominal Cavity Is Splattered
Terminal Back-ache Paralysing
As Your Spine Is Shattered

16. Psychopathologist

Effervescing Entrails Corroding After Years
The Stench Of The Canker Brings Me No Tears
Festering Tumours Of Cancerous Decay
Gnawed And Chewed By Maggots With Malicious Hate

I Like To Slide My Hand Inside Your Stomach
And Rip Out The Putrid Remains,
Drink The Pus And Munch On The Internal Organs
Until All The Casket Is Drained.
It's Fun Being A Pathologist - Slicing Up Corpses
Especially When They Have Just Been Exhumed,
I Like Doing Autopsies On Festering Carcasses -
I Get High Sniffing On All The Fumes

[solo: Inquisitive Brutality]

The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin
The Mould And The Gore Remind Me Of That You're Rotting
Congealed Blood Clotted Around Both Sets Of Veins
The Beautiful Colour Of Your Decomposing Brain

17. Burnt To A Crisp

[solo: Cranial Cremation]

Torched To A Pimple
Peeling Skin And Tissue
Inflammable Rectal Gases
Scalding Your Sinews

Charbroiled To Blackened Char
Smoked, Sauted And Black
Blistering Flaking Tissue
Insalvageable By Skin Graft
Fused Into A Mess
Dribbling Cartilage And Fumes
Your Body Shrivelling
Your Fingers Beginning To Prune

Burnt To A Cinder
Your Body Charred
Incinerated Carbon
Molten As Tar
Smouldering Ashes
Scorched Entrails
Carbonated Dust
Cremated Remains

Burnt To A Crisp
Your Fat's On Fire
Devouring You Whole
Like A Cadaver-stoked Pyre

Charred To The Bone
Your Flesh Is Burnt
Tissues Molten
Bodily Gases Inert
Human Inferno
Blazing Eruption
Evaporating Marrow
Spontaneous Combustion

Burnt To A Crisp
Your Hair Is Singed
Devouring Your Scalp
Receding Your Fringe

Dripping Flesh And Fat
Spreads Like An Irritating Rash
Your Fingers Melting
As You Vainly Scratch

[solo: Malevolent Scrotal Incendiary Including Extreme Hate]

18. Pungent Excruciation

Sanguinary Disinterment
Necrobiotic Rash
Gnawing, Throbbing Anguish
The Gullet Is Now Mashed
Pungent Excruciation
Flesh Mummified By Lice
Amputated Contusion
Help Yourself To A Slice...


Gangrenous Abscesses
Paralysis Sets In
More Carnage And Bloodshed
And The Reek Of Molten Skin
Frenzied Detruncation
Dispeptic, Charred And Black
Terminal Putrescence
Psychotics Carve And Hack

Osteoporous Enzymes Release Deadly Secretions
As The Clotted Parasites Devour The Excretion
Emanation, Suppuration - Blood Starts To Gush
My Nocturnal Dysentry Is Unleashed On This Mush

[solo1: Parasitic Excrement Consumption]

[solo2: Morbid Ferocity]

19. Manifestation On Verrucose Urethra

Bloody Hypertrophy Of Papillae Spewing Urethritis Like Urticaria
Septicaemia Filled Dermis Scorched By Acidic Uric Nocturia.

Verrucose Urethra
Glutenous Condyloma

Ureterocoeles Excreting Warm, Decaying, Cystic Pemphigus
Gnawing At Flesh With Rancid Uraturial Lust.

20. Oxidised Razor Masticator

Chomping And Splicing, Your Gums Sliced To Shreds
Tattered Bloody Ribbons, Incisored Skin Is Shred
Scraping On Sore Teeth, Cracking And Chipping
Shredding And Mincing Raw Nerve Endings

Salivating - Sanguis, Phlegm, Froth And Foam
Masticating - Your Mandible Stripped To The Bone

Mangling Your Tongue, Bloody Torn And Dripping
The Swollen Savage Muscle Frayed And Blistering
Your Vocal Chords Severed, Your Lips Are Mutilated
Masticating Carved Palate As Your Mouth Is Grated

Only Raw Gargles Croak From Your Throat
A Trickling Death-rasp As You Choke
A Silly Grin Carved From Ear To Ear
Spurting Mucus And Tongue As Your Wind-pipe Tears

Gaping And Sore
The Rusty Razors Bore
Skin Hangs And Seeps
Peptic Ulcers Bleed

Your Mouth Is A Sea Of Cartilage, Rabid Saliva Bleeds
Swallowing Shredded Tongue And Pulverized, Crunching Teeth
Respirating A Bolus Of Rusty Razor Blades
Asphyxiating Bloody Garotte, Tearing Your Jugular Vein

21. Mucopurulence Excretor

Pyosis Mucolysifies Malignant Mucocoeles
Pustules Endocrinating Disseminated Mortified Cells
Flesh Punctuated By Cancerous Pustules
Burning Your Face With Formicating Papules

Mucopurulence Excretor

Mucopurulent Organs Digested In Sepsis
Mucolysifying, Rancidifying As You Eat Your Own Cysts
Putrefying Your Pyorrhoea - Infested Corpse Excretes Away
Expelling Pyuria And Septic Goitrous Membrane

22. Malignant Defecation

Dried, Rotting, Flaking, Rancid Flesh
Crumbling Tissue - Nothing Left
Cancerous, Mouldy, Septic Infestation
Smouldering Decay Of Defecation

Your Bowels Now Play Host To Pestilent Decay
Waiting Dormantly, It Knows You're Easy Prey

See The Corpse, Smell The Rot
Rigor Mortis Sets In Like A Frost
Lacerated Arteries, Entrails In A Mess
The Dry, Stale Smell Of Long Rotted Flesh

See The Corpse, Smell The Warmth
As Its Cold, Grey Insides Fester And Burn
The Guts May Melt, But The Torso Remains
As The Jellified Innards Turn Into Methane

[finale:] Ultimate Excretion Of Rabid Globular Neoplasm

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