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Carcass - 1993 Heartwork

: Earache Records
1. Buried Dreams
2. Carnal Forge
3. No Love Lost
4. Heartwork
5. Embodiment
6. This Mortal Coil
7. Arbeit Macht Fleisch
8. Blind Bleeding The Blind
9. Doctrinal Expletives
10. Death Certificate


1. Buried Dreams

Welcome, To A World Of Hate
A Life Of Buried Dreams
Smothered, By The Soils Of Fate
Welcome, To A World Of Pain
Bitterness Your Only Wealth
The Sand Of Time Kicked In Your Face
-rubbed In Your Face

When Aspirations Are Squashed
When Life's Chances Are Lost
When All Hope Is Gone
When Expectations Are Quashed
When Self Esteem Is Lost
When Ambition Is Mourned
...all You Need Is Hate

In Futility, For Self Preservation
We All Need Someone
-someone To Hate

[1st Lead - Steer]
[2nd Lead - Amott]

2. Carnal Forge

Multifarious Carnage
Meretriciously Internecine
Sublime Enmangling Steelbath
Of Escheated Atrocities

Enigmatic Longanimity Of Ruminent Mass Graves
Meritorious Victory, Into Body-bags Now Scraped...

Regnant Fleshpiles
The Dead Regorged
Osculatory Majestic Wrath
This Carnal Forge

Desensitized - To Perspicuous Horror
Dehumanized - Fresh Cannon Fodder...

[lead - Steer]

Meritorious Horror
Perspicuous Onslaught
Dehumanized - Cannon Fodder

Killing Sanitized
Slaughter Sanctified
Desensitized - To Genocide

Reigning Corpsepiles
Death Regorged

Sousing Bloodbath
Carnage Forged...

In The Cold, Callous Dignity Of The Mass Grave...

[lead - Amott]

Multiferocious Carnage
Cruel, Mendacious Creed
Sublime, Murderous Bloodbath
Of Fiscal Atrocities

Inexorable Mettle In Redolent Consomme
An Opprobious Crucible Of Molten Human Waste...

Priapismic Deathpiles
Infinitely Regorged
The Smelting Butchery
Of The Carnal Forge

Desensitized - To Pragmatic Murder
Dehumanized - Into Cannon Fodder...

3. No Love Lost

Sensual Awakening
Numbing Feeling's Dead
Conception's Romanticised
Synthesized Broken Heart's To Bled

Without Emotion You Heartstring's Played
Strummed And Severed To The Tune Of A Tragic Serenade

[a Tragic Chorus]
Without Emotion, Your Heartstrings Break
Snapped And Severed To The Tune Of A Tragic, Sad Cliche

No Love Lost
When All Is Said And Done
There's No Love Lost

The Low Cost Of Loving
Amorous Travesty
Human Frailties And Weakness Are Easy Prey
How Your Poor Heart Will Bleed

[1st Lead - Amott]
[2nd Lead - Steer]

4. Heartwork

[lead - Steer]

Works Of Art, Painted Black
Magniloquent, Bleeding Dark
Monotonous Palate, Murky Spectrum, Grimly Unlimited
Food For Thought, So Prolific
In Contrasting Shades, Forcely Fed
Abstraction, So Choking, So Provocative

A Canvas To Paint, To Degenerate
Dark Reflections - Degeneration
A Canvas To Paint, To Denigrate
Dark Reflections, Of Dark Foul Light

Profound, Aesthetic Beauty
Or Shaded, Sensary Corruption
Perceptions, Shattered, Splintered, Mirroring
In Deft Taints, Diluted, Tinted
Spelt Out, In Impaired Colour
Denigrating, Going To Paints To Pain - Not A Pretty Picture

Works Of Heart Bleeding Dark
Black, Magniloquent Art
Monotonous Palate, Murky Spectrum, Grimly Unlimited
Prolific Food For Thought
Contrasting, Fed With Force
Abstraction, So Choking, So Provocative

Bleeding Works Of Art
Seething Work So Dark
Seering Words From The Heart

[1st Lead - Steer]
[2nd Lead - Amott]

5. Embodiment

I Bow Down Your Precious Icon, Deity Of Self Suppression
This Effigy Of Flesh, Corporeal Christi, Nailed
In Submission To This False Idol, Seeking Deliverance
From This Spiritual Hierarchy, Downward Spiralling, A Corrupt Throne
Of Repression And Guilt

Our Will Be Done
Thy Kingdom Burn

On My Knees, Before This Tormented Flesh, In Irreverence
In Communion With This Parasitic Host Of Virtuous Divinity
This Imperious Creed Bears Testament To The Failures Of Our Morality
Righteous Durance Is Our Cross We Bear In Stations
In Stations Of The Lost

Our Will Be Done
Thy Kingdom Burn - Thy Kingdom Burn
Our Will Be Done

From Your Knees Arise
By Your Own Hand, Your God You Scribe
The Earth Shall Inherit The Meek
Your God Is Dead

[lead - Amott]

Bound Down, In God We're Trussed, Foul Stature
Icons Embodied In Flesh, We Nail
In Servitude To Deities Fashioned In Our Self Image
Shadows Of Eternal Strife Cast By Those Who Serve
Serve A Crown Of Pawns

[lead - Steer]

6. This Mortal Coil

Tearing Down The Walls
Breaching Frontiers, Unlocking The Gates
To A New World Disorder
A Fresh Balance Of Terror, The Equilibrium Of Hate/
All Flesh Entwined, In The Equality Of Pain

Archaic Nescience Unleashed
Entrenched, A Bitter Legacy
Tempered In Mental Scars
All Flesh Entwined In Mortal Equality

Tangled Mortal Coil

[1st Lead - Steer]
[2nd Lead - Amott]

Twisted And Warped
Tangled Mortal Coil

7. Arbeit Macht Fleisch

Prognathous Gears Grind
So Diligent And Serrated They Mesh
Toothed Cogs Churn
So Trechant, Against Soft Flesh
Worked To The Bone
Up To The Hilt, Depredated
Raw Materialism
To Stoke The Furnaces
Toiling, Rotting
Life Slowly Slips Away
Consumed, Inhumed
In This Mechanized Corruption Line
By Mincing Machinery Industrialised - Pulped And Pulverised
Enslaved To The Grind

Blood, Sweat, Toil, Tears
Arbeit Macht Frei/fleisch

-grave To The Grind

[lead - Amott]

Inimitable Gears Twist
To Churn A Living Grave
Stainless Cogs Shredding
Scathing Pistons Bludgeon And Flail
Stripping To The Bone
Retund Mandrels Levigate
Just Raw Material
Your Pound Of Flesh For The Suzerain
Toiling, Rotting
Life Slowly Dissipates
Consumed, Inhumed
In A Corruption Line, Mechanized
By Mincing Machinery, Industrialized - Crunched And Brutalised
-a Grave To The Blind

[lead - Steer]

8. Blind Bleeding The Blind

[lick Trade-off Amott/steer/amott/steer]

Parched With Thirst Our Cup Overfloweth
With The Crimson Milk Of Human Blindness
In Charnel Towers Of Ivory Besieged
The Bones Of Subjugation Are Picked Clean
In Barren Decadence, Tears Are The Only Affluence
Welling Eyes Are Indifferent, As The Blind Bleed

Blood And Tear - Out Damn Spot Out
The Fruits Of Perpetual Decay
Pouring The Salts In Open Wounds - Out Damn Spot Out
The Scars Remain, Will Stay Perpetual Decay

Bloody Hands Never Wash Clean
Abject Misery To Bleed
Decadence To Feed
Out Damn Spot Out

Parched With Thirst How The Other Half Die
Void Of Compassion Our Cup Runs Dry
With A Silver Spoon Born To Dig Communal Graves
The Only Consecration, The Economics Of Pain
In Barren Decadence, Tears Are The Fuel Of Affluence
Wells Of Blood Run Diffluent, A Bitter Harvest To Reap...

[lead Trade-off Amott/steer/amott/steer]

9. Doctrinal Expletives

A Play On Words, Or Words On Play
Last Chapter, Verse In The Final Act
Words Well Scripted, Each Sentence Choking
Inaudible Gag, Blanket Which Suffocates
As You Eat Another's Words
Malnourished, You Starve

[lead - Amott]

Silence Has A Definition
Vocabulary Of Muted Diction
Precise Thought To Miscomprehend
Ambiguity In High Resolution
Articulate Expletive Fiction
Open To Misinterpretation - So Precise
(silence Has A Definition
A Vocabulary Of Muted Diction
Articulate, Expletive)

Condensed Meaning, Making No Sense
Open Mouth The Lines
In Stressed Expression, Understand The Silence
The Piercing Calm, Sour Music To Your Ears
As You Regurgitate Another's Words
In Their Shallowness You Drown

[lead - Amott]

A Play On Words, Making No Sense

[lead - Steer]

Which Makes No Sense
Which Makes Nonsense

10. Death Certificate

A Grim Myriad, A Grey Kaleidoscope, Sterile, Contrasting
Born And Die, Institutionalised, A Bleak Epitaph, An Apalogue So Sad

Cross Indexed, Cross Dissected
Cross Referenced, Contabescence
Cross Indexed, Cross Bisected
Cross Referenced, Certificate Of Death/certified Dead

Machine Coded, Reduced To Hard Memory, In A Data Base
Digitalised, Statistical Obituary, Your Only Legacy, Your Final Resting Place

[1st Lead - Steer]
[2nd Lead - Amott]

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