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Immolation - 1996 Here In After

: Metal Blade Records
1. Nailed To Gold
2. Burn With Jesus
3. Here In After
4. I Feel Nothing
5. Away From God
6. Towards Earth
7. Under The Supreme
8. Christ's Cage


1. Nailed To Gold

As If They Were Tearing Through My Flesh, It Was Embedded In My Mind
That Jesus Died For Me... How Foolish Can They Be

As If They Were Tearing Through My Flesh, It Was Embedded In My Mind
Jesus Didn't Die For Me...
Jesus Died

How Foolish Can They Be To Worship Such A King
Who Was Crowned And Hung Between Two Thieves

In Hopes Of His Return, We Congregate In Prayer
A Faith So Strong It Obscured Us From The Truth

Your Cross Was My Enslaver
Nails That Held Me Close
Your Precious Blood Was Shed
And I Don't Accept Your Pain

Monarch Of Deceit On A Cross Of Hope And Fear
Not A Symbol Of Your Sanctity But A Reminder Of Your Defeat

As You Were Nailed And Killed
So Were We Nailed To Gold
We Live Upon Your Cross And Bear This Guilt For You

2. Burn With Jesus

Behind The Walls Of Christ
The Hypocrites Recite Songs To Glorify
Their King Who's Died In Vain
They Betray The Holy Son

Extinguishing His Light
Their Greed And Their Desire
Have Torn Him From His Cross

They Took Down Upon Us
As Their God Looks Down Upon Them
And Sees Them For What They Are

Devoted To Their Saints And All Their Hails To Mary
Confessions Show Their Weakness
Pathetic Show Of Faith
They Ease Their Guilt
Through The Rosary
Their False Display Of Pit
Condemns The God They Praise

Their Words Of Adoration
Spewing From Their Lips
Lie Far From Their Hearts
Their Insincere Tears
Fall From Lying Eyes
They'll Never See His Kingdom
They'll Burn With Jesus

3. Here In After

Without Warmth
Without Light
But How Do I See In This Darkness
Death Feeds Upon Me
The Condemned Under My Feet
Eternity Has Passed Us By

Everyone Is Here
The Ones I've Loved And Hated
All Of Us In Pain... Together

In A Timeless Void Of Anguish
Where Sorrow Is Like Breathing
And With Every Breath I Hurt More And More

The Fallen And Trampled
Damned To Spend Eternity Here

Constant Burning Souls
In A Sea Of Writhing Flesh
Endless Plains
Of Sin And Deprivation

Those Of Wealth And Might, Of Humble And Weak
Those Who Gave Way To Uphold God's Will
He Who Has Conquered And He Who Has Failed
The Wicked And The Holy In Utter Desolation
In This Absence Of Being, Misery Consumes
Existing Not Living, I Am Dead Yet Ai Feel In Total Seclusion
I Am Left To Ponder The Empty Promises Of Your Shallow God

The Sounds Of Anguish... So Loud
Their Sobbing... Like Thunder
Pierces Through Me... And Crushed Me
Again... And Again... And Again

So Vast This Pain
More Unbearable It Becomes
With Every Passing Moment
I Pray For An End

In A Timeless Void Of Anguish
Where Sorrow Is Like Breathing
And With Every Breath I Hurt More And More

4. I Feel Nothing

Your Prayers,
I Don't Feel Them In My Heart
It Is Not Hate
That I Stare Coldly At The Son Of God
I Can Not Force The Blood Of Christ
To Flow Through Me
God Is Love And His Love Is Dead

Drown Your Sorrows In Prayer
But Your Prayers Will Never Change The World
I Separate Myself
From Those Who Chase The Spirit
I Can't Fall To My Knees
And Pretend Like All The Rest
This Is A Soul That Doesn't Need Saving

Their Paradise Not Mine; An Illusion I Will Not Believe
Divine Presence Of Perfection, Turns Sour In My Gaze
Why Should I Feel Compassion For The Suffering Of Your God
For All The Pain He Allows, I Give Him What He Deserves

In The Name Of The Father,
In The Name Of The Son
Where Is The Holy Spirit, I Feel Nothing
As I Stare Upon The Crucifix, I Feel Nothing For A God I Never Knew
I Refuse To Embrace, And Live By His Word

I Take Not Of His Body
I Take Not Of His Blood
I Don't Need Salvation
Or His Forgiveness
I Don't Want His Kingdom
My Kingdom Is Here

5. Away From God

Many Times I've Keeled Before The Lord Not Knowing He Was At My Feet
Why My Pain, Why My Tears
Only Now To See You Were Just Man

You Sit And Watch, In All Your Splendor
On Creator, It's You I Now Renounce
Everloving God, Your Love Has Failed Me
I Don't Need Your Love...

Jesus, You Couldn't Save Me
You Couldn't Save Them
You Couldn't Save The World From Misery

Hate My Sin, Love My Pain
You Made Us Suffer, To Your Delight
To Feel Your Anguish, Will Be My Strength
Your Broken Kingdom, Shall Fall Below

Once A Time When I Yearned To Be At One With The Lord

Cheated By Your False Claims Of Divinity
I Defy Your Word And Rise In Your Disdain
To Revoke You Of Your Dominion
I Am The Darkness Of The World

You Couldn't Save Me
You Couldn't Save The Them
You Couldn't Save The World From Misery

Savior And Healer
The Water You Walked Is Drowning Me

With Glimpses Of The Highest Reward
And The Depths Of The Overwhelming Promise
I Confront Him, The Heavens Before Me
God Fleeing, His Presence Swept Away

6. Towards Earth

Death He Lied!

To The Most High, Above All
They Cower In His Might
But Now, In His Nakedness And Shame
He Falls...

Fallen King... To Endure
Ceaseless Pain... World Is Dead
Mighty God... Pulling Down

The Heavens Divide, Revealing A Light
From Out Of The Sky, Their Savior Appears
The Figure Adorned In Wonder And Brilliance
Plummeting Down, Falling To Earth
In Horror They Watch, It Was All Just A Lie.
As Light Turns To Black, Devours Their Hope... And Faith.

Mighty God... Pulling Down
Casting Down... Everything High
And Bringing You... Towards Earth

Cold Darkness, Swallows Life
Heavens Promise, Stolen Light
Now To Suffer With Their Fallen Christ

Blood To Dust, Flesh To Dirt
To The Earth, They Lie
Light Of God, Never Seen

To The Most High, From Below
They Cower In His Might
But Now In Triumphant Glory
Rejoice The Fall Of God
Towards Earth

Might God... Pulling Down
Casting Down... Everything High
And Bringing You... Towards Earth

Mighty God... Consume The Light
Casting Down... Your Pathetic Christ
And Bringing Them... Towards Hell

7. Under The Supreme

Martyrs Of The Cross, Bear The Flames Of Hate
The Madness In Their Eyes Is Blind To Their Obsession
The Judgments They Bestow... In God's Name

Abolish The Impious, Conquering Their Fate
Driven By Beliefs They Enforce Upon The Weak
To Justify The Life... They've Destroyed.

For Control Of The Soil, Sacred Grounds Of Faith
Soaking In The Blood, The Blood Of Their Redemption
Longing For Deliverance... From Sin

Apostles Of Perversion, The Suffering They Induce
Thrive Upon The Carnage, Take Pleasure In Their Pain
They Offer No Atonement... For They're His Chosen

Take The Weak... Make Them See
Our Blessed Ways... Died For God

Sickening... Benevolence
Twisted... Conviction

On The Shores Of Armageddon, The Defeated Bow Their Heads
Silent Are Their Prayers, Silent Are The Heavens
Their Somber Eyes Have Seen The Coming Of The Beast.

Behold The Loss Of Life And The Triumphs Of Death
The Fall Of Man And God, A Penance For Devotion
Feel The Fury Of His Everlasting Retribution

8. Christ's Cage

Captives Of Faith,
His Image Never Fading From Their Eyes
Imprisoned By Their Own Creation
It Grows Stronger, Distorts And Confines
Behind The Gates, The Worshipped Oppressor
To Which Weak Minds Fall
To A God In A Godless World

Obeying Him... Serving Him
The Golden Gates, Only Surrounding Him

Crushed By The Weight Of Devotion Through The Hails Of A Dying Trinity
Within These Bars They'll Wait An Eternity
For The Coming Of A Dead Messiah
In Passion They Adore, Embodied With Lies
Tempted By The World, Carry Out Their Lives
As They Press Against The Bars, Steel Upon Their Flesh
Possessed By The One They Call Lord.

They'll Live And Die Within His Cage
His Followers Locked In Steel

Christ's Cage Christ

Where They Leave Their Sin
Where They Worship Him
They See More Than What He Is
In His Cage They Are His Slaves

Empty And Silent... Barren His Kingdom
He Will Perish... Alone In Heaven
Gates Of Gold, Now His Cage

Christ's Cage Christ

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