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Immolation - 2005 Harnessing Ruin

: Listenable Records
1. Swarm Of Terror
2. Our Saviour Sleeps
3. Challenge The Storm
4. Harnessing Ruin
5. Dead To Me
6. Son Of Iniquity
7. My Own Enemy
8. Crown The Liar
9. At Mourning's Twilight


1. Swarm Of Terror

Call Us The Devil
But It's You Who Holds The Darkest Heart
Call The Weak To Arms
Savage Words To Your Savage World

Abusing Control... Menacing All

Call Yourself The Victim
But It's You Who Walks A Vicious Path
Call Them To The Mayhem
For You They'll Lay Down With The Dead

Rabid Conviction... Uphold The Threat

A Swarm Of Terror
Across The Land
Spreading Sickness To Curse The World

Punishing Judgment
Will Bring The End
Cast The Nightmare To Take Down Mankind

A Swarm Of Terror
Across The Land
Spreading Sickness To Curse The World

2. Our Saviour Sleeps

Child Of Promise
Where Are You Now
Our Savior Sleeps
Awake For Us

Your Miracles Are Needed Now
Carry Us Out Of Harm's Way If You Can

His Children Weep
And Cry His Name
Our Savior Sleeps
Why Won't He Rise

Carry Us As You Said You Would
Through The Dark That Clouds Our World

We Trusted You
But You Did Not Come Through
The Suffering You Left With Us
Will Torture Our Lives Forever

Child Of Promise
Where Are You Now
Our Savior Sleeps
Eternal Night

Carry Us As You Said You Would
Through The Dark That Clouds Our World

3. Challenge The Storm

Miles To Suffer
So Much Before Us
Confusion Follows
Fills The Air

The Struggle Ahead
Will Change Us All
Shock Our Conscious
Test Our Strengths

Walk Through The Fire
Force Our Steps
Weaken Our Hearts
With Chilling Screams Of Death

Death Is Creeping Ar Our Backs
We Dread To Think What Lies Ahead
Hysteria Exploding All Around Us
Flames That Touch The Sky
Numbing Fear Takes Over
Prepare Yourself, For The Worst Is Yet To Come

Cascading Down Like Rain
Our Blood, Our Hopes, Our Being

Learn To Breathe
The Agression In
It Thrives In You
Must Forge On
We Believe
This Must Be Done
Embracing Madness
We Must Forge On

4. Harnessing Ruin

Forward Moving, Never Slowing
A Soulles Machine That Hungers For Victory
Tear Through The Soil, Tear Through The Soul
Power In Motion, Daunting Procession

Swift And Cunning...
Striking Down The Opposition
Stand And Fight...
Resist Its Might And Be Erased

Rolling Forward, Like Thunder For Glory
Seizing The Day, Seizing The Night
All Or Nothing, And All It Will Take
Breathing Its Chaos Over The Land

Raining Down...
A Storm Of Fire, Intimidating
Its Poison Touches All...
For Generations To Come

Cutting The Throats And Bleeding All Hopes
Tireless And Savage, Preying On Fear
Courting Death, While Trampling Life
Exist For The Battle, Live For The War

Assume No Blame...
The Blood It Sheds, A Purpose Served
And When It's Done...
We'll Call It Back To March Again

5. Dead To Me

You've Left Me In The Filth
You've Left Me Here To Die... Why

Look At How You've Broken Me
Can't You See What You Have Done
Is It The Devil In You
Or Just A Selfish Heart

So Much Loyality
But Devotion Had A Price
I Carried You, I Held You Up
But You Tried To Drag Me Down
All The Fatal Blows You've Thrown At Me
You Rubbed It In My Face
Now You Are Dead To Me
Your Death Will Set Me Free

Miles I've Walked For You
But You've Given Not A Step
Remember All I've Done
How Quickly We Forget
You've Taken Me Away
So Far From Who I Was
And Almost Pulled My Soul
Right Out From Under Me

You've Cast A Thousand Lashes
I Never Said A Word
Another Thousand Lashes
Left Me Screaming At The World

Now I'm Free
You're Dead To Me
Now I'm Free

6. Son Of Iniquity

All Will Hear My Voice
Change The Course Of Time
My Fury Disrupts The World
Reward Me With Wonders Beyond My Dreams

So Easy For Me To Believe
So Easy For Me To See
That The Path I'm Walking Down
Was Chosen For Me

When The Time Has Come, All Will Know My Name
And With These Hands I Will Own The Day
Tearing Down The Sun, Leave My Youth Behind
Only Just A Child, I Will Shed My Life
My Innocence Made Me Easy Prey
Stole My Thoughts And Fed Me Theirs
Another Faceless Child, Another Holy Soldier
Ripped Apart By Lies And Sent Into The War

I'm Too Far Gone, It's Taken Control Of Me
There's No Tutning Back
My Time Has Finally Come
For This Moment, I Am God

I've Sacrificed My Life Fot You
And Given Everything I Was
Revere This Precious Gift Of Mine
Your Son Will Never Rise Again

The World Will Watch Me
In A Blaze Od Twisted Glory
Will You Remember What I Have Done
Or Forget That I Was Your Son

7. My Own Enemy

I Can Feel The Weakness In You
It's Just A Matter Of Time
Once I Have Control
You'll Never Be The Same

I Make You Question Faith
Put Your Morals To The Test
Bend You Into Submission
My Essence You Can Not Fight

I'll Show You Things You've Never Seen
Expose The Darkness Deep Within
Taste And Feel A Different World
Leave Behind All You Were

New Heights Of Passion And The Pleasure Of Pain
Show No Compassion, Show No Remorse
My Helpless Slave, Do As I Say
Indulge In Me To The End

And Destructive
Go Ahead
You Know You Want It
Feel Tmptation
Just Give In
Taste It Once
You Won't Go Back

The Easy Path Was Clear To See
The Choice You Made Has Brought You Here
Your Broken Life In Front Of Me
Spiral Down Into My Arms

8. Crown The Liar

Believe In The Liar
His Words Will Convey
Profound And Charismatic
Influence All To His Side

Tell Them What They Want To Hear
Keep The Wolves At Bay
Swallow All The Truth
And Spit Deception Out

Together We'll Pave The Way
To His Omnipotence
Calming All Dissention
Dissuading Intervention

Hiding Sanity - Strangling Reason
Remove His Wicked Tongue - Or Face The Consequence

Divide And Conquer... Uproot And Tear Down.. The World Is His
Provide The Cause... Cause The Effect... Create The Hatred
Extort Our Passions... Extort Our Strenghts... Force Our Hand
Distort Our Vision... Distort Your Promise... Bending Glory

Undo The World - Unleash Its Fury
Release Our Demons - Infect Us All With Your Venom

We Saw It Coming And Watched Him Rise
We Did Nothing To Stop This Mess
A Fool's Kingdom, A Fool's King
We Raised The Liar And Crowned The Beast

The Lives Of Many... On The Heels Of Victory... Will Know Defeat
He Led Us Blindly... So Blind In Anger... We Could Not See
The Cries Of Reason... So Loud Their Cries... Fell On Deaf Ears
We'll Bear The Scars... And Take The Pain... For One More Day

9. At Mourning's Twilight

Can You Feel It Coming
Can You Feel It Closing In
Looming All Around Us
A Horror Waiting To Begin
Smell It In The Air
A Sense Of Havoc Growing Strong
The Tides About The Truth
Poised To Take Us Down

And One By One We'll Fall... Giants Side By Side
And One By One We'll Fall... The Irony Of Our End

Rage Of Silence Builds
A Calm That's So Deceitful
We're Our Own Prey
Watching The Night Fall
We Can Not Stop This
It Pulls Us Under
The Tides Now Turning
Poised To Strike Us Down

And One By One We'll Fall... We'll Slowly Dissapear
And One By One We'll Fall... Our Darkest Day Draws Near

We Had It In Our Hands, We Thought We Had The Power
But Controll Was An Illusion That Finally Defied Us
Took It All For Granted, Too Little Was Too Late
Finally Catching Up To Us, Grandeur Has A Heavy Cost

Burn The World Around Us, Incinerate The Skies
Fading Into Nothing, But What Did We Expect
Now The Final Fury Of Our Final Hours
In Awe Of What We've Done, So Beautiful To Watch

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