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Therion - 2000 Deggial

1. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
2. Eternal Return
3. Enter Vril-ya
4. Ship Of Luna
5. The Invincible
6. Deggial
7. Emerald Crown
8. The Flight Of The Lord Of Flies
9. The Flesh Of The Gods
10. Via Nocturna
11. O Fortuna


1. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx

The Sphinx And Star
The Key And Gate.

Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
Eleven Riddles Of The Star
Drink The Wine Of Babylon
And Dance The Dance Of Yezidi

The Sphinx And Star
The Cup And Stone.

Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
Give All The Keys To Alkhemy
And The Making Of The Stone
That Will Turn The Metal To Gold

Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
Enter The Desert Of Apep
Through The Tower Of Yezid
That Will Turn Mud To Diamonds

2. Eternal Return

Kronos Is Drumming
And Time Is Running.
Enter The Aeon
And Bring Back The Past.

Wheel Of Fortuna
Dancing With Shiva
Spin To The Newborn
Who Live To The Last.

The World Is Changing
And Fall Apart
End Of The Kingdom
And Of The Heart

The Queen Of Beauty (veil Of Time)
Now Cold And Pale
The Sun Is Setting
The Night Prevail.

But Fear Not Darkness.
It' Hidden Light
And You Will Find It
Shining With Bright.

The Time Is Running (veil Of Time)
The Flame Will Burn
When Today Vanish,
But All Return.

Time Will Come To An End But Bring Back The Start Again

Queen Of Time Will Rise Again
And Bring Forth The Future
Wheel Of Time Will Whirl Around
And Bring Back The Past.

3. Enter Vril-ya

Enter The Underworld
Enter Vril-ya Enter Vril-ya
A Step Down The Stairway
Enter Vril-ya Enter Vril-ya

Inside Earth There Was A Land Of Mystery
Lighted Up By The Black Sun Of Underground
In This World They Got The Key To Time And Space
And Forces Too Strong For Mankind To Know.

O Land Vril-ya
An Vril-ya

Secret Chiefs Of Agharti
Will Reveal The Lore Of Vril
And Aldebaran, (and) Aldebaran
Ansa Agarthi

Yani-ya Koom-zi Vril-ya An Sumer An Drakon A-u-ran
Yani-ya Glek-ya Sol Nax An Sorat An Drakon A-u-ran

When We Unlock The Hidden Lore Of Vril
We Fold Space And Travel Across The Time.
With This Force Man Will Become Like God
And Rule The Earth Through The Light Of The Black Sun.

Enter The Underworld
Enter Vril-ya Enter Vril-ya
A Step Down The Stairway
Enter Vril-ya Enter Vril-ya

Yani-ya Koom-zi Vril-ya An Sumer An Drakon A-u-ran
Yani-ya Glek-ya Sol Nax An Sorat An Drakon A-u-ran

Enter Vril-ya Man Of Sumer
Enter Vril-ya Man Of Sorat
Enter Vril-ya Man Of Drakon
Enter It Now Man Of Vril-ya
Enter Vril-ya Man Of Sorat
Enter Vril-ya Enter It Now.

4. Ship Of Luna

Over The Nightsky
Sail Ship Of Luna!
Taking The Spirits
Into The New Day

Dance Moonbeam, Be My Guide
Through The Calm Of The Night.

Lady Moon So Cold So Bright.
Sail With Your Ship.
Maid Luna, Steer To The Dream.

Waters Of The Mind
Flow Across The Time
(and) There Sail The Moon:
Hera And Hecate
Luna And Aradia

Sail, Fantasy
In The Dark And The Calm!
Steer Ship Of Moon
To The Land Of My Dreams.

5. The Invincible

The Blaze Of Northern Light
Reflect The Dawn Of Gods
Of Ancient Pantheons
Who Rest No More In Peace.

Faith Of The Old, The Strong One From Above:
The Invincible.

All The Gods Of The Sky And The Earth
Proclaim This Day, This Day.
See The Signs In The Day And The Night,
Foretell The One, The One.

Open Up The Runa Of Belief Of The Strong And The Brave
Open Up! Let The Gods Of Your Heart And Your Soul Show The Way.

The Eye Of The High One
Have Seen The Dawn Of Gods
In The Well Of Mimera
(and) Through The Flight Of Ravens

6. Deggial

One Eye, One Brow, So It Stand
Letters Of Cefer Is His Mark - The Name Of Deggial

Bear The Sign Of Deggial

A Son Of Desert With A Lore Of Disbelief
He Say God Is Dead Today And That Man Will Be Born Out Of His Place

Sorath The Sun In The Dark
Cefer He's Before God
Blasphemy Of Deggial

Deggial Tell The Truth That Man Is But A Beast
And For The Reason Of That Man Is More Than God.

Deggial Unbeliever Of The Sons Of God Disbeliever Of The Book,
Deggial, Unbeliever Of The Sons Of God, Disbeliever, You Are Deggial
Unbeliever Of The Sons Of God Disbeliever Of The Book.

7. Emerald Crown

During The War That Took Place In Heaven
The Brightest Of The Star Lost His Precious Crown
It Fell Down To Earth And Was Buried Deep.
From That Very Time Man Has Searched For It

Son Of Dawn Lost The Crown In The End.
Holy Knights Riding Out On A Quest
Searching It In The Sky And The Earth.

It's The Cup Of Graal They Will Find
It's The Crown Of The Star From The Sky.
Holy Knights Bring It Back To The King.

Emerald Crown.

Visit The Interior Of The Earth
And By Purifying You Find The Stone.

Find The Crown Of Lucifer,
Watch The Glare Of Emerald
Bring It Back To Paradise
And Drink The Wine Of The Graal

Roses Of The Venus Star
And Dewy Drops Of Emerald
Is The Way To Illuminate

The Secret Path Of Achmardi.

8. The Flight Of The Lord Of Flies


9. The Flesh Of The Gods

The Black Earth Luxurance
Is The Food Of The Mind
In The Alchemical Lab Of Nature,
Is The True Tunnel Of Set

The Gods Of The Earth Of Mind From The Star
Eat The Flesh Of Gods And Become One Of Them

There Is A Secret Network Below
Here In The Tunnels The Flesh Of Gods Grow.

The Serpent Coil, Out Of The Earth
And Offer Fruits Of Knowledge
Eat It And Become Like God
And Enter The Astral Skies.

Revive The Old Sacrament From The Days Of Paganism
That Open The Third Eye And Enter Astral Skies

Falling Down Stardust Into Planet Pores
Embryo Of Godhead Is In These Spores

Enter Dreamtime, The Continuum Of Space
The Gate Of Time
Is What You Can Reach
Flesh Of The Gods Will Fertilize The Mind
The Fruits Of God Is What You Will Eat

10. Via Nocturna

[the Path]

Deep In The Wood, In The Dark, There's A Way
Follow This Path And You'll Meet A Strange Crowd

In The Forest You Will Meet
Silhouettes Of Your Dreams
Dancing On The Path You Walk.
Things You Have Frightened
You Now Find So Sweet.
On The Path Of Darkness
Your Wishes Become Real.
On The Crossroad You Will Meet
What Your Heart Desire.
Take A Glance Upon The Shadows
On You See Your Face In Them.
When You Wake Up You Wish
You Will Sleep Again.


Follow Via Nocturna And Luna

Join The Dance Of Hexentanz
And Meet The Mephisto.
Follow Via Nocturna And Luna

All This Fauns And Weird Companions
Moonstruck Witches And Their Demons

"follow The Nightway And Become One Of Us"
So Says The Celebrants Of The Hexentanz.
They Gather At Bro-cken, On Hills And The Seas
Dancing To The Flute Of Pan Until Dawn
They Will Show You Strange Worlds Of The Night,
Land Of The Moonlight And Of Dark Memories,
Caress The Lady Who Is Leading The Dance,
Know Her Name Is Lilith - The Queen Of The Night
She Tells You Secrets In The Form Of The Owl,
Open Your Inner Passions And Your Desire.
"here In The Wilderness We Are Really Free
To Do Our True Will And To Be Like The Beasts.
Some Call Us Barbarians And We Are Proud Of That,
No Passion Is Forbidden, No Pleasure Or Pain
I Can Show You A Paradise You've Called A Sin
We Do Our True Will And Call It Arcady"

Via Nocturna, The Path Of Nahema
Via Nocturna, Will Lead You To Lilith And Pan.

In The Deepest Forest
In The Deepest Dark
You Will Find The Fire
And This Secret Path

When You Wake Up You Will Believe It Was A Wonderful Dream
And That You Never Will Caress The Lady Of The Night Again,
But You Will At Once If You Enter The Via Nocturna.

11. O Fortuna

O Fortuna, Velut Luna, Statu Variabilis
Semper Crescis Aut Decrescis; Vita Detestabilis
Nunc, Obdurat Et Tunc Curat Ludo Mentis Aciem
Egestatem, Potestatem Dissolvit Ut Glaciem.
Sors Immanis Et Inanis, Rota Tu Volubilis,
Status Malus, Vana Salus Semper Dissolubilis
Obumbrata, Et Velata Michi Quoque Niteris;
Nunc Per Ludum Dorsum Nudum Fero Tui Sceleris.
Sors Salutis Et Virtutis Michi Nunc Contraria,
Est Affectus Et Defectus Semper In Angaria.
Hac In Hora Sine Mora Corde Pulsum Tangite;
Quod Per Sortem Sternit Fortem, Mecum Omnes Plangite!

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