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Dead Infection - 1995 A Chapter Of Accidents

: Relapse Records
1. From The Anatomical Deeps
2. Autophagia
3. The End Of Love
4. Hospital
5. Incident At Corsica
6. Airplane's Catastrophe
7. Little John's Story
8. Her Heart In Your Hands
9. Ambulance
10. Colitis Ulcerosa
11. Life Of A Surgeon
12. Fire In The Forest
13. Damaged Elevator
14. The Firing Ground
15. Tragedy At The Railway Station
16. Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me
17. Torn By The Lion Apart
18. The Merry Go-round


1. From The Anatomical Deeps

Out Of The Deeps Of A Human Life Distress Works Its Way. It Promiscously Tears
Everybody's Mind And Bowels Out. An Idea With No Remorse. It Carries Human
Beings Off At Any Time. Nauseating Accidents That Leaves Sheer Despair In The
Midst Of Family And Friends.

2. Autophagia

I Was Left Alone In A World With No God To Take Care. Where No Cilivization Is
Known. Where To Survive Is The Only Aim. Twelve Weeks With No Food Or Water.
Yet I Found A Way Out. With An Enormous Eagerness I Watch My Limbs Being
Consumed. I See Pieces Of Meat Flowing Down The Ankles. I Lose My Balance. My
Legs Are Out Of Control. I Masticate My Fingers And Spit Nails Out. My Bowels
Tangle Up In My Mouth. Insuline Streams Down My Chin. This Is The End. My Mind
Gets No Pain Impulses Any More.

3. The End Of Love

Mike And Susan Have Been Together For Nearly Four Years Now. They Met At
School When Mike Had Moved From Ohio. They Were The Happiest Couple In The
World. As Usual They Decided To Meet At A Caf. Mike Was Waiting For An Hour,
But Susan Didn't Turn Up. He Drove To Her Home. He Found Her Parents
Trembling. Susan Was Dead. When She Was One Her Way To A Date With Mike She
Got Crushed By A Six-ton Board Of Reinforced Concrete. He Went To See Her In
The Mortuary For The Last Time. He Saw Her Cranium Crushed. Her Brain Tangled
Into Her Shiny Hair, Her Ribs Torn From Torso And Her Breathless Heart...
...and Did He Cry.

4. Hospital

The Grand Corridor. A Great Number Of Operating-theatres People In White
Aprons. They Give Hope To The Sentenced To Suffer. One Can Hear A Patient's
Groan From Afar. Surgeons Set His Broken Bone. An Ambulance Arrives. It's An
Enamoured Seventeen-years-old Girl Who Found Happiness In A Razor's Edge. Her
Arteries Colour Hospital Sheets Blood-red. There Is A Robbery Victim Next Door
Who Fights For His Life. Hollowed Eyes, Torn Out Nails, Torso Burned Out With
An Oxacetylened Welder So That One Can See His Heart Beating. All That Doesn't
Let Him Recover. Hospital Smell Drifts In The Air. It Emphasizes Victim's
Suffering. Cases Report Notes Everything Down With Details.

5. Incident At Corsica

Corsica. One Of Many Drug-running Points. The Mafia Hundreds Of People Strong.
A Great Deal Of Them Are Young, Unexperienced Men. In A Hot July Afternoon A
Tragedy Happened. A Young Member Of The Mafia Got Caught By The Police. Too
Excited To Keep His Mouth Shut. Police Methods Made Him Squeal. Too Stupid To
Understand What He Had Done He Went Back To His Friends. But The Godfather
Knew No Mercy. The Boy Was Tortured. They Pulled His Teeth That Might Use
Harder. A Knuckleduster Broke His Jaw In Three Places. He Felt Someone's
Thumbs Go Deep Into His Eyeballs. A Cold Blade On His Wrists. A Magnum-shot
Split His Knee. Then They Let Him Go.

6. Airplane's Catastrophe

Pretty Luxury In The San Francisco Airport. Boeing's Prepared For Its Flight
To Warsaw. Custom Clearance Is Almost Completed. 280 Passengers Go To The
Plane. They Take Their Seats In Comfortable Arm-chairs. The Machine Takes Off.
It Reaches 7000 Metres In Half An Hour. Inside The Plane There's A Video-movie
On. Pretty Stewardesses Deliver Cool Drinks. The Flight Is Pleasant. There's
Nearly One Hour Left Till The End Of The Flight. The Navigator Gets An
Information On From The Computer That An Engine's Damaged. The Plane Flies
Down. There's Too Little Time To Take Control Of The Situation. The Plane
Crushed Somewhere In The Forest. 198 People Die At Once. The Spines Get
Severed From The Base Of The Skull. It's Impossible To Survive It. The Rest
Fights For Their Lives. Branches Pierced Into Someone's Orbitals, Yet Brain
Lives On. Someone Else Lost His Legs, But Still Adhere On Fragments Of His
Trousers. On The Other Side A Young Man Escaped Unhurt, But Can't A Move. He's
Pressed Down By 120 Kilogrammes Of Bowels, Lungs And Kidneys Of Other
Passengers. Some Where Else There's A Young Girl Who Coughed Out A Few
Centimeters Of Her Intestines.

7. Little John's Story

Little John Was An Infant Prodigy. When He Was 7 He Went To School; His
Knowledge And Talent Were Amazing. From Year To Year His Great Mind Was
Developing At A Rare Bat. He Passed Every Single Exam Perfectly. Some People
Were Jealous, The Others Were Ironical. John Hated Them. They Teased Him And
Often Restored To Fisticuffs. One Day When He Was On The Way Back Home He Met
Them In The Park. Blown Up By Vulgar Words, Kicked And Beaten... But That Was
Not All. There Were Toll-bars In His Hands. They Volleyed Stones At Him. Two
Stones Caught Him On His Temple, One On His Eye. He Streamed With Blood. His
Eyeball Moved Backward For A Few Centimetres. The Guilty Ones Escaped.

8. Her Heart In Your Hands

Be A Hero Of The Story. There's A Girl You're Madly In Love With Feeling That
Is Better Than Paradise. Nothing Else Matter; You Spend With Her All Days
Long. The Air Of Night Clubs Enhances Your Relationship.... But Little Does
She 'bout You, And She Doesn't Know The Pleasure Is. You're All Alone In Her
Digs. You're Going To Show Her Your Manliness. She Doesn't Resist. But Then
She Gets A Sudden Pain Instead Of A Summit Heat. She Can Feel Fire In Her
Chest. She Is Already Unconscious When Your Razor Blade Moves From Her Heart
To Womb. You Take Her Sexual Organs Out. You Look At Your Work. You Try To
Pull Bowels Out, Unsuccessfully However. They're Too Heavy And Slimy So They
Get Back To Their Place. You Penetrate Her Insides, Tearing Her Heart Out Of
The Chest, Part Of Her Life You've Tried To Love. ... And Then You Waked Up
Bathed In Sweat. It's All Right Now. It Was Just A Stupid Dream. Love Goes On.

9. Ambulance

Stefan Were On Duty When The Telephone Ringed. Ambulance Was Needed. Someone
Got Run Over. Stefan Has Been Ambulance Driver For 17 Years. Never Once Has He
Made Any Mistake. He Got Quickly To The Place Of Incident. A Young Kid Lied
Under The Wheel Of A Bus. His Right Leg Lied 5 Meters Farther. It Was An
Unpleasant Scene. The Kid Was Still Alive, Though. He Got Carried Over To The
Ambulance Very Quick. Every Minute Was Important. Stefan Started The Engine In
A Hurry. He Made Too Much Of Being Privileged On The Road. He Didn't Manage To
Stop The Ambulance At The Cross-roads. Driving 95 Km/h He Clashed Together
With A Truck Going From The Opposite Side. The Ambulance Got Crushed. Stefan's
Cranium, Spine And Ribs Lie All Around Now. His Intestines Are Too Sticky And
Thin To Flow Out Of The Driver's Cabin. Stretcher Splitted Into Pieces And
Pierced The Young Kid's Larynx.

10. Colitis Ulcerosa

Convulsive Spasms Make Taking Food Impossible. Large Intestine Perforation
Causes Decease. Anatomised Reveraibility Of Phlogistic And Ulcerous
Transitions Increase. Unbearable Agony Refuses Family Condolences. Hospital
Staff Is Helpless. A Breathing Body Is Undergone The Final Surgical
Intervention. It's Too Late, Anyway. An Alien Molecule Floods Entails And
Burns His Final Breath. Bowels Explosion. A Compound Of Semi-digested Food
Flows From His Mouth.

11. Life Of A Surgeon

Richard Graduated From A Medical Academy Three Months Ago. He Passed The Exams
Perfectly. He's Been Working As A Cardiosurgeon For A Week Now. He Was To Face
His Very First Patient At A September Night. He Was Dashing And Yet Fearful.
His Bread And Cheese For Saving Other People's Lives. The Patient Is 68. It Is
His Second Heart Attack. Richard Makes The First Cut. Scalpel In His Hand
Moves Smoothly Like A Conductor's Baton. Arteries Make Visible. Richard
Feels Warm Blood Drops On His Forehead. Then He Feels His Stomach In His
Mouth. He Used To See Intestines When He Served His Apprenticeship. But Today
He Couldn't Stand It. The Dinner He Ate An Hour Ago Flows Down From His
Covered Mouth Onto The Patient's Torso. Pieces Of Semi-digested Meal Mingle In
A Seven-centimetre Long Surgeon Cut. Vomited Matter Ornaments The Patient's
Torso And Soothes Him. Richard Though His Job Would Be Different. His
Conscience Exhausted Him.

12. Fire In The Forest

Just Like Every July, Scott With His Buddies And His Girlfriend Camped Out In
The Forest. They Left Willengton For A Couple Of Days And Plunged Into The
Open. It Was On The First Night Out. Camp-fire Sparked Into Sweltering
Darkness. Scott Got Some Beers From The Car. No Beer, No Fun. Can After Can.
Alcohol Was Being Drunk In A Hurry. It's 2 A.m. No One Was Able To Get The
Tents Or Even Put Out The Camp Fire. After A Hard Drinking Spree They Felt
Asleep Just Anywhere. Everything Around Changed In The Morning.the Camp-fire
Made The Forest Burn. Scott Lay Next To The Fire So His Body Reduced To Ashes.
His Girlfriend Lay Half-naked On The Stream-side. The Fire Consumed Her
Incompletely Leaving No Bones. Anyway, She Couldn't Survive. It Was Hard To
Describe Other Bodies As They Looked Like Burned Dry Twigs. ...party's Over.

13. Damaged Elevator

A 47 Storeyed Office Building. Luxury Working Conditions. Day After Day
Welfare Is Created. Working Hours Are Out. Time To Go Back Home And See The
Family. A Bunch Of People Leave Their Posts. Somewhere Up There They Wait For
An Elevstor To Come. The Door Closes. The Elevator Moves Down. Three Seconds
Pass And Horror Begins. Steel Ropes Snap. The Elevator Falls Quickly Down.
Brake System Is Out Of Order. The Elevator Crashes Downstairs. The Bunch Of
People Mingled With Their Intestines. Bowels Form Endless Knots Spotted With
Colourful Brains. Heaps Of Eye-balls Hanging Loose On Veinless. Bones Get
Tangled Up In The Shock-absorbing Springs. Clerks' Ties Are Not Far Removed
From Peritoneum Lobes. ...an Unexpected Technology Error.

14. The Firing Ground

20 Years Old David Was Called Up. A Chance For Him To Become A Real Man.
Dressed In A Uniform, With A Machine-gun In His Hands Went To The Firing Place
With His New Mates. Entrenching, Obstacle Race Were Not Difficult For David To
Do. He Was A Perfectly Fit Boy. But Then It Was Time To Play With Fire.
Something He Couldn't Cope With. Throwing The Hand-grenade Wasn't Quite
Simple. He Delayed Too Long. It Exploded In His Hands. David Got Torn Apart.
There Was Nothing Left Of Him. Ground Not Mingled With David's Intestines.

15. Tragedy At The Railway Station

A Ordinary Railway-station. Platforms, Tracks, People With Their Luggage. A
Train Arrives. It's 30 Minutes Late. But Passengers Have Finally Seen It
Coming Up. Compartments Fill Up Quickly. After 10 Minutes There Are No Free
Seats Left. Some People Have To Stand In The Corridor. After A While The Train
Leaves. It Moves Faster And Faster. All The Same Time A 47-years-old-woman
Runs Along A Platform. She's A Bit Late, But Tries To Open The Wagon's Door
And Get In. After 2 Seconds The Woman Trips Against Her Big Bag And Gets Under
The Train. Its Wheels Cut Her Legs Up To Her Tighs. The Woman Screams, But The
Wheels Crush Her Cranium And Chest. Now Comes The Silence Broken Only By The
Engine's Blast.

16. Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me

John And Marylin Were A Happy Couple. They's Been Together For Five Years.
Just Like Every Morning John Get Up To Do Shopping. Marylin And Their
2-years-old Son Were Still Asleep. 10 Minutes Went By. Marylin Was Woken Up By
A Loud Crash. She Looked Out Of The Window And Saw People Gather In Front Of
Here House. She Ran Ouside. She Looked At A Man Lying On The Street. At His
Clothes, At His Shopping Bag. That Was John. A Policemen Turned John's Face
On Marilyn. She Puked. John's Brain Flowed Out Through His Eyesockets And
Ears. There Was The Cause Of The Accident Standing Near To John's Body. A
Goods Truck That Was. John's Eyeballs Stuck To The Car's Tires. She Couldn't
Bear Such A Sight.

17. Torn By The Lion Apart

The Thompson's Family Won A Pleasure-trip To Cameroon This Year. They All Visa
Formalities And Even Before Three Days Went By They Were Able To Find Out The
Secrets Of The African Jungle. Following Their Guide They Entered The Heart Of
That Exotic Country. For The First Time They Could Watch Autochtons' Ordinary
Living And Variety Of Flora Just To Meet Their Doom At The End Of The Road. A
Lion Jumped From Behind The Trees. Alas, That Was Not A Dream. Father Was The
First One To Die. The Lion Bit A Hand Off. Before He Died, His Wife And Child
Watched Him Bleeding And Screaming. The Lion Torn Wife's Bowels Out And
Mutilated Unborn Fetus. The Guide Tried To Cover The Child, But After A
While, His Meat Was All Around The Ground. The Child Escaped, But Will He

18. The Merry Go-round

A Hot Sunday Morning. Dad Took Little Bruce To Amusement Park. The Boy Was
Querulous. He Wanted To Ride On A Merry-go-round. Dad Would Do Anything For
His Offspring, Wouldn't He? The Machine Got Moving. It Gathered Momentum.
Bruce Was Already 9 Meters Over The Ground. Dad Looked Up... And Suddenly He
Got Shocked.a Gear Of The Merry-go-round Cracked. Father's Eyes Watched His
Son's Head Knocks Against The Ground. But It's Not Over. A Two And A Half Ton
Axle Dropped Onto The Kid. Dad Ran Up So Fast That His Son's Brain Smeared His
Festive Jacket. The Boy's Intestines Decorated The Amusement Park Glamour.

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