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Kataklysm - 1998 Victims Of This Fallen World

: Hypnotic
1. As My World Burns
2. Imminent Downfall
3. Feared Resistence
4. Caged In
5. Portraits Of Anger
6. Extreme To The Core
7. Courage Through Hope
8. A View From Inside
9. (god)head
10. Embracing Europa
11. I Remember
12. World Of Treason Ii


1. As My World Burns

As The World Burns
We Stand In Line
In A Shade Of Everlasting Pain...
What This Life For ?
Tell Me Why We Live To Die !?
Enlighten My Soul !
All I Found Was A Locked Door...
Contradictions For Eternity
Opposite Ways To Serenity
No One Knows, The Truth
For Infinity
Awaiting The Falls Of
This Society
Answer Me This Infinite Question...
A Question With An Infinite Answer
What Are We Here For?

2. Imminent Downfall

Imminent Downfall!
Lost Through These Nostalgic
Eyes I Bury The Seed Of Life
And The Pain I See,
We've Modified The Way Of
Though, And Understanding
Nothing Can't Change
What We've Done
Different World's Collide
They Collide!!
Who Will Die
Who Will Cry
Who Will Lie
Imminent Downfall
Who Will Lie
Who Will Cry
Who Will Die
Imminent Downfall
Betrayed By The System We Created
Survival Of The Fittest
Among The Sickest!
No Mercy For The Weak
No Chance For Repent
They Live And Let The Innocent Die...

3. Feared Resistence

They've Tried
To Shut It Down
They Failed
Were Here To Stay !
Evolution Is Primal
Running Circles Around Them
Unleashed The Legions
Worlwide Domination !!
Betrayed By Multimedia
Left To Be Forgotten
Corporate Manoeuvres
Persist To Take Away
Our Pride And Self-esteem
They Force To Set The Rules.
They Force To Set The Law.
The Creators Of Trend
No More Control!
We Are Their Feared Resistence !!

4. Caged In

Nothing In This World
Could Make Me Think
Your Selfishness
Insults Me
How Can Cruel Somebody Be
I Know One Day I'll Rise
Only The Strong Survive...
You Jealousy Portrays
Your Insecurity
No Wonder Your So Sensitive
Unfold Your True Identity
I Know One Day I'll Rise You Try To Manipulate Who I Am!
Don't Try To Change
What You Don't Understand.
Only In Your Head
Caged In
Is A Perfect World...
Only In America
Caged In
These Dreams Are Sold
Caged In
Welcome To The City Of Sin
You Think You Know It All
So Tell Me Why You're Miserable
Nothing Lasts Forever
Your Eyes Are Lying
So My Conscience Is Crystal Clear
You Tried To Manipulate Who I Am!
Don't Try To Change
What You Don't Understand.
Only In Your Head
Caged In
Is A Perfect World...
Only In America
Caged In
These Dreams Are Sold
I'm A Man
In Another Man's Land
Just Trying To Survive
With My Daily Bread,
But You Gotta
Understand Why Life
Can Be So Bad,
In A World Where No One Cares
If You Live Or Die!
Coz' You And Me,
Were Victims Of This Fuckin' World...
Ain't Nobody Gonna Save Your Ass...
But Yourself!

5. Portraits Of Anger

Portraits Of Anger
Lost In Deceit
There's No Forgiving
For The Weak Minds
Time Running Short
Criminal Minds
Facing Man To Die
Unloved Child With Brokenn Dreams
Why Can't We See...
Portraits Of Anger
Feelings Denied
Portraits Of Anger
Destined To Die
There Is No Boundaries
There Is No Law
We Are The Victims
Of This Fallen World

6. Extreme To The Core

Millions Have Died
In The Hand Fire
And Many More Will,
Battle For A Better Economy
War !
Children Are Slaughterd
Country's In Chaos
Invading The Land
Power At Hand
Under Command
Kill To Survive
The Innocent Die
We Love This Game
That's Why Our Families
Are Destroyed...
Extreme To The Core

7. Courage Through Hope

Blood Falls From The Sky
It Thickens With Time
All The Pain In The World
Can't Stop Me
Surviving Every Difficult
Moment In Life
I've Challenged To Overcome
This Difficult Path
The Dreams Of A Better Tomorrow
Without Strength
There Is Nothing But Sorrow
Who Will Save You?
If You Can't Save Yourself
Who Will Control The Uncontrolled
Torn Apart
Senseless Shutdown
Hold On To What You Believe
All You've Got Is A Dream
Courage Through Hope

8. A View From Inside

Life Will Never Be The Same,
As I Enter It's Final Phase
Who Will Take Away
This Eternal Pain
The Memories Of A Suffering Past...
I Hide Behind A Shadow Of Depression
No One Knows How I Feel...
No One Will Ever Know
Look Into My Eyes
I Lie
Negative Vibes
Anger Arise
Pain Inside
Blade In Hand
Distorted Signals
Suicide Mind
Hope Declines
Innocent Dies
I'am Failure

9. (god)head

I Uphold My Task
To Create And Uncreate
" Slaves Are The Ones Who Fallow
The Myth Of An Unproven God "
Are The Words Of The Atheist
For We Are The Children
Of The Damn
Non-sense !
Set Forth To An Undiscovered
Era Of Spiritual Fire
Rupture Of An Untamed System
The Poor & The Feeble Denied
Are The Ones Who Died
And Never Return
Trust Is What We Give
And Never Regain!
Lies After Lies
An Everlasting Myth
An Everlasting Paradox
An Everlasting Symbol
An Everlasting Treason
Gather As One
For The Final
Demon Seed
I Survive
I'll Take Your Soul
We Keep On Coming
And We Don't Stop
Bring The Retribution
Become Undone
I'll Take Your Soul

10. Embracing Europa

The Signs Of Armageddon
Among Us
The Discovery Of New World
Is Among Us
Europa A Moon Of Jupiter
In The Midst Of Ice Age
And Early Stages Of Life
Towards Europa
The Revolution Has Begun
Into Submission
We Burn Into The Sun
Towards Europa
There Is Nowhere To Run
Into Evolution
The Revolution Has Begun
We've Searched
The Promise Land
We Have Broken Through
The Gates Of Eternity
And Created Our Own Demise
Not Knowing Is A Crime
Unknown Mysterious.
Eternal Sleep With Open Eyes...
No One Can Save Us!!

11. I Remember

From The Light That Blind My Eyes
The Fire Burns Inside
From The Memories Of
Looking Into Your Eyes
I Felt Your Pain
The Sadness Of Your Soul
A Life Of Broken Dreams
A Heart Of Gold
I Can'y Believe...
I Remember
Like It Was Yesterday
I Remember
I Saw You Sleeping Away
I Remember
Like It Was Yesterday
Your Blood Flows Through Mine
I'm A Part Of You
That Will Never Die
The Tears In Your Face
The Tears In Mine
It Will Never Be The Same
But The Memories Remain...

12. World Of Treason Ii


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