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Macabre - 1999 Unabomber

: Hammerheart Records
1. The Unabomber
2. Ambassador Hotel
3. The Brain
4. David Brom Took An Axe
5. Dr Holmes He Stripped Their Bones
6. Ed Gein
7. Serial Killer


1. The Unabomber

2. Ambassador Hotel

3. The Brain

4. David Brom Took An Axe

He Took An Axe
And Then Attacked
And Away At His Family
He Beagan To Hack
His Dad Wouldn't Let Him
Listen To A Hardcore Band
So Here Comes David
With An Axe In His Hand


David Brom Killed His Dad
His Mother And Brother And Sister
He Took An Axe To Their Heads
David Brom He Killed His Dad
His Mother And Brother And Sister
Took An Axe To Their Heads
They Were Sitting There
And David Came In
Then He Axed Them
Again And Again
Now His Family
Is All Dead
David Came Down
With An Axe On Their Heads


5. Dr Holmes He Stripped Their Bones

Just Call Me Dr. Holmes
I'd Like To Strip Your Bones
But First I'm Going To Kill You
Inside Of My Black Hotel
I'll Gas You In Your Bedroom
I'm Going To Take Your Life Soon


Dr. Holmes He Stripped Their Bones
To Medical Students Their Skeletons He Sold
He Melted Their Flesh In Acid Bath
And Sold Their Bones In Classified Ads
I Want You To Work For Me
But Don't Tell Anybody
Just Come To My Black Hotel
And Bring Me All Your Money
I'll Put You In My Lime Pit
Your Life I'm Going To End It


6. Ed Gein

I'm A Killer, And A Grave Digger
My Stew Will Be Made Out Of You
I Eat Women, I'm A Cannibal
And A Necrophiliac Too
I Make Braclets Out Of Bodies
And Coffe Drums Made With Flesh
Organs Frying In My Kitchen
And The Skin Of Your Chest Is My Vest

Ed Gein - He's Crazy, He's Mental, He's Sick
Ed Gein - The Head Of A Girl In His Sink
Ed Gein - His Soup Bowl Is Made Of A Skull
Ed Gein - Your Face Is A Trophy On The Wall
I'm A Fiend, I'm So Morbid
That I Sleep With Your Organs At Night
And Have Sex With Decaying Bodies
To Me It's Such A Delight
The I'll Eat Them In My Kitchen
I Will Savor The Mortal Meal
It's Delicious, I'm Exited
Just The Thought Of Gives Me A Thrill
Ed Gein - He'll Shoot You In The Head
Ed Gein - Then Drag You Home On A Sled
Ed Gein - He'll Gut You In His Woodshed
Ed Gein - Does Things To Your Corpse People Dread

7. Serial Killer

I'll Thrill You; I'll Kill You; Cut Your Heart Out
Then I'll Dismember Your Body Parts
I'll Break In Your House Late At Night
My Smiling Face Is Your Final Sight
I'll Cut Your Throat With A Razor Blade
And Leave You To Rot In A Shallow Grave
I'll Pound Your Face Against The Fuckin' Street
You'll Love My Work; It'll Be Complete
I'll Strip You And Rip You; Your Death Is My Game
I Love My Work And I Have No Shame
I'll Pick You Up When You're Hitchhiking
Then You'll Never Be Seen Again
I'll Cave In Your Head, Your Face I'll Distort
Then You'll End Up As A "missing" Report
I'll Smash Your Skull With A Two-by-four
Till Your Brains Are On The Floor

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