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Agoraphobic Nosebleed - 1999 The Poacher Diaries

: Relapse Records
1. Mantis
2. Center Of The Hive
3. Glass Tornado
4. Landfills Of Extinct Possibility
5. Pentassam Constellation
6. Bed Of Flies
7. Destroyed
8. Gringo
9. Infected Womb


1. Mantis

The World Looks Like A Finger Painting Done With
Broken Hands I Saw The Last Mantis Today Eat Its Own
Head And Fuck Itself Into Nothing Into Nothing I'm
Told That We Had Hands Once And We Started Carrying
Knives Now We Have Knives Instead So Even When We Try
To Embrace We Stabe Learn To Lick Your Wounds For The
Taste Learn To Lick Your Wounds For The Taste

2. Center Of The Hive

Encoded Transmissions Spun Out Of Control Bring The
Purging Insurrection Of Fals Consciousness Custodians
Of The Agenda Secure The Contaminated Areas Your Own
Evil Your Own Good Obsolete 1000 Seed A Clouded
Descent Straight To The Center Of The Hive Labyrinth
Suspended By High-tension Wires That Reach Upward To
The Sky

3. Glass Tornado

Crawling Over The Bodies Of Your Dead Bastard Children
More Like A Loss To A Plotline Then You Can Tell Your
Friends How Cool It Was To Be Pissed On At Your Own

4. Landfills Of Extinct Possibility

The Clouds Attacked Slowly Obscuring Everything We
Took Out Our Eyes And Pretended We Could See

5. Pentassam Constellation

Your Hope Collapsed Like A Burning Orphanage Under The
Weight Of Their Expectations It Must Seem Routine For
You Now Snowing In Their Spit Languishing In Their
Refuse A Human/virus A Victim Of Disease Called
Circumstance Their Real Faces Are The Faces Of Disgust
The Only Kind You See From Down Here Here There Is No
Healing Only The Slowing Of Decay I've Heard They
Still Smile In Their World Perhaps You Will Go There
Someday And Destroy Their Happiness

6. Bed Of Flies

All Circumstance Is Sabotage That Which Does Not Kill
Us Makes Us Stranger Command Chaotic Brute Force The
Stars In Your Eyes Stolen Reprogrammed Another
Headless Blunder With Blood Up Its Sleeves The Priests
Live In The Towers They Put Thoughts In My Head Making
Me Sin While Sinning Through Me Mold The Little Shit
Figure Make It Dance Break Its Legs They Call It
Building Character A Villain To Be Exact

7. Destroyed

I Wage An Unholy War Against Your Fucked Up Soul The
Shattered Illusions Of A Thousand Nightmares Preserved
In A Jar Of Shit By God Surprise You Fucking Lose
Urine Dripping From Your Stigmata The Stench That
Surrounds You Gives You Away And The Evil Moisture
That You Secrete No Lie No Shit This Is Fucking War

8. Gringo

9. Infected Womb

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