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Abaddon Incarnate - 1999 The Last Supper

: Season of Mist
1. Nihilist
2. I Hate
3. The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead
4. Temple Of Rancid Filth
5. Vermithrax
6. Vile Pleasures Of Transfiguration
7. Raping Ground
8. When The Demons Come
9. Manhead
10. Forced Osculum Infame
11. Hell Noise


1. Nihilist

Shadow Culture Arise A Call To Arms
The Time Of Burning Has Come
Armed With Bombs And Hatred
A New Holocaust Of Christians Has Come

Balors One Eye Is Watching Us
Our Hearts Grow Cold To All Life
The Hour For Devastation Of Humanity
Is Ours In Which To Rise And Burn

Wrath Of The Black Wraiths
Force Of Hate Devastate
Goat Cults Rise To Strike!

Building A Dark Age. Burning The Old Age
Architect Soldiers. Armed With Malice And Bullets
On Into Final War. Burning Human Scum
Nuclear Fires Rage
Nothing Will Stop Us From Burning These Fuckers

Reaffirming Our Stranglehold On Humanity
Our Webs Grow Even Tighter
A Intricate Design Of A Web Of Laws
To Choke You Ugly Things
We Are More Beautiful And Brighter Than Your God
You Are Small And Ugly. We Detest Your Weakness
We Will Obliterate Your Ugly Race
And The Devour Your God

Holy Repulsive Humans
We Wash Your Filth In Atom Fires
Born Of Hate We Will Kill You
The Ancient Signals Reaffirmed
Death Is Our King He Is Back
666 Destroyer Of Man
5 Billion Worms Dead At Fast
The Beast Awake Man Is Dead
My Hopes Are Done. I Weep With Euphoric Joy

2. I Hate

The Blackness Tearing At My Guts
I've Tried So Hard To Master - To Tame Myself
Untamed Being No Control Or Purpose Yet
I Need A Djinn To Guide My Rage...

He Comes!!!

In My Dreams I Hear Him, A Dweller Between The Worlds
An Ancient Evil Force Unleashed By My Desires
He Is My Master And So I Am His
For Me Are As The Same, Born Of The Same Shit

He And I Are One, Our Desires Must Be Sated
My Lust For Her Flesh With His Thirst For My Soul
Her Neck In My Hands, I Am Given The Strength To Rape
I Wish, I Wish, I Wish, I Wish

He Comes!!!

3. The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead

Starlight Filters Through The Trees
I Am Rapt In Twisted Taught
I Wander To The Ancient Tomb Amidst The Stinking Fog
Beneath The Moon Upon A Tomb Entranced In A Black Daze
I Seek Forbidden Truths That Lie Beyond The Grave

Dark Minds Were Born To Suffer
Beneath The Lies Of The White Christ
Be Free Among The Dead Ancients
Mind Meld With The Unholy Rot

Sometimes I Hear Them Moaning Deep Within Their Vaults
Starving, Lonely, Pathetic Bastards Infected With The Rot
But If I Spend Long Enough In This Morbid Trance
They Begin To See My Magic And I Become Their God

4. Temple Of Rancid Filth

My Heart Is A Black Temple
Cold And Empty As Satan's Abyss
All I Am Is Poisoned Flower
Spiteful And Hateful

My Heart Is Rotten And Sour
Touch It, It Beats Malignantly
It Hates You, I Hate You
I Spit With Spite. I Spit. I Spit

Death. Death. Death. Death

I Invert All Of You And Your Lives
Look No Longer To The Sky
You Who Have Dared Touch My Black Soul
Will Now Wither And Die!!

My Heart Is Satan's Abyss
Temple Of Sour Filth
Foulness Pumps Through All My Veins
Filling Within Me A Mighty Spite

5. Vermithrax

I Will Make You Pay The Fucking Price
For Your Filthy Way Of Life
There Is Only One Solution
That Is Mass Execution
It Makes Me Sick It Makes Me Hate
To Watch You Prance Like Sodomitic Apes
The Earth Will Be Cleansed Of Your Ugliness
With Pride I Commit Homosexicide

To Think They Hesited, When They Could Be Satisfied
I Will Unleash My Anger With Vast Amounts Of Chemical Weapons

Listen To Me I Have Something Important To Tell You
There Is Homosexuals Crawling In Your Vicinity
They Fuck Like Rats
They Spread Vermithrax
I Shall Split You All Into
Easily Proscecutable Units
Send You To The Death Camp
Send You Back To Your Sterile Father

To Think They Hesited, When They Could Be Satisfied
I Will Unleash My Anger With Vast Amounts Of Chemical Weapons
I Have No Guilt About This. I Shall Not Hesitate
What Justifies This Massacre Is The Fact That
Jesus Was Bent Too

6. Vile Pleasures Of Transfiguration

Mortals Die For Search Of Knowledge
Ancient Wisdom Spell's Of Changing

Call On Astaroth Send To Us Messengers
Minions Of Unholyness Join Us With The Nothingness

Behold Orgy Of Bestial Frenzy

Destroy My Mortal Form With Forbidden Words I Call You Forth

Transform Servants To Essence Of Chaos
We All Exist As One With New Found Pleasures
Flesh Crawls Taught Grows Mind Goes To World Beyond
Ecstasy Transcend To Death Skin Part Shared It Never Ends

7. Raping Ground

Drag The Angels Dowm From Heaven
Infinite Sodom And Firefuck Awaits

Tear Their Wings From Angelic Flesh
Bitch Angels Scream For Mercy
Tremendous Agony In The Raping Ground

My Hommunculus In Gnashing Cunnifingus
Cunt Diabolus Behold Majestic Rape War In Hell

I Personally Executed The Jesu Worm
I Laughed As His Brain Fell From His Holy Fucking Head
I Personally Saw To The Virgin Mary, I Laughed She Wept
Sick Indulgence, Depravity, Majestic Debauchery
Great War In The Raping Ground

8. When The Demons Come

9. Manhead

10. Forced Osculum Infame

11. Hell Noise

The Last Supper 1999 Season of Mist





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