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Skepticism - 1995 Stormcrowfleet

1. Sign Of A Storm
2. Pouring
3. By Silent Wings
4. The Rising Of The Flames
5. The Gallant Crow
6. The Everdarkgreen


1. Sign Of A Storm

By The Healing Waters
Of My Lovely Shores
I Laid
The Air So Bleak
So Cold
I Breathed With My Eyes
With My Ears
Through Aeons Went My Journey

From These Mountains
I Swear The World
I Am The Hammer
I Am Lightning
By The Signs I Shall Return
To Burn All Land
Beyond The Seas

2. Pouring

On The Cold Bridge Of Grey Stones
Stood The Old Man In His Grey Robe
Opening His Oak Barrels
Pouring Them To The River

So Began The Pouring
Light Frozen
Down Snowing

Light Was Weakening
Grey Was The Curtain
Wide Were The Shores
Of The Grey And Green Seas
It Was Final

3. By Silent Wings

Sweet Is The Air Under The Forceful Wings
Sharp Is The Gaze To Read
Reflections From Distant Lakes
Whispers From Distant Woods
Calls From Distant Mountains
That Brings Summonings From The Ones
With The Swords

Come, Carry The Seeds
Of Storms
Come, Satisfy The Lust
And The Craving
Come, Fleet, Come
By Silent Wings

4. The Rising Of The Flames

The Flames - Waves Are Our Path
The Wind - Blows Away The Fear
Calm - And Strong Are Our Minds

Joy On The Fields Is Eternal
Pain Beyond View
The Flames Raise Us

In The Cold The Flames Glow
Under The Flood

The Waves - Flames Are Our Path
The Last One
We Die - We Never Fall
The Flames In Our Veins

Storm Behind, Storm Ahead
Oar Strokes Are Our Way
Away And Back Again
The Flames Are Rising

5. The Gallant Crow

Up There Time Is Air
Up There Place Is Warmth
Up There Dustbridge; The Throne
Up There He Is Alone

Up There The Light Of No Sun
Dim Is The Glow
Up There Are The Stars
Far, Far Below
Up There Skies Painted
With Glances; The Touch
Up There He Is
Proudly Alone

6. The Everdarkgreen

As The Crowds Are Now Left Behind
I Enter The Vastness Of Green
I Was Weary Of All The Noise Around
For My Ears Silence Is The Ultimate Sound

The Forest Is Around Me
In Silence The Pines Stand Tall
With The Wind They Whisper Their Tales
As Their Wisdom Is Everdarkgreen

Dark Green Are My Hallways
Within My Rooms Lies Endless Peace
Surrounded By The Ones That Understand Me
Surrounded By The Ones I Can Trust

At The Swamps
Mist Is Rising
It All Below
As Light Creates Shades To The Mist Screen
I See No Dreams Coming True
A Breath From The Endless Ground
The Wisdom Is Everdarkgreen

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