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Incantation - 1992 Onward To Golgotha

: Relapse Records
1. Golgotha
2. Devoured Death
3. Blasphemous Cremation
4. Rotting Spiritual Embodiement
5. Unholy Massacre
6. Entrantment Of Evil
7. Christening The Afterbirth
8. Immortal Cessation
9. Profination
10. Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies
11. Eternal Torture


1. Golgotha

How Feeble Thy Man Hast Come Forth Unto Us.
To Thine Blessed Land.
Provoking His Crucifixion...

Thus To Endure The Reality Of Everlasting Damnation...

So As Said...
Thy Feeble Savious...
Is To Return...

Thou Only Suffer Evermore.


How Feeble Thy Man Hast Come Forth Unto Golgotha.

2. Devoured Death

Rot In Your Burning Crypts, Breaking The Gates Of Life.
Deep Beneath Earth's Abyss.
Souls Burnt To A Dark Crisp.
Bodies Taken From The Graves.
Buried Under Sacred Dirt.
Still Embalmed Stiff Flesh.
Skin Burnt To The Core...

Recite The Words Of The Living Hell.
Arise The Ones From The Eternal Sleep.
Awaken Evil Ones That Rest Below.
Come Forth And Show Your Rotting Soul...

Thriving For Days Of Peace.
Rotting Corpse Another Deceased.
Breaking Through Their Sealed Caskets.
Digging Their Way Through The Earth...

Summoned The Witches Gods.
Rigor Mortis Rotting Creatures.
The Arising Of The Dead...

Burning Flesh The Sensation.
They Come Forth To Steal Your Life.
Bring Forth The Deceased...

Bodies Taken From The Graves.
Burned Under Sacred Dirt.
Still Embalmed Stiff Flesh.
Skin Burnt To The Core...

3. Blasphemous Cremation

Disciples Of Mockery, Blasphemy.

Christ Will Rot, Suffer In Pain.
Nailed Unmercifuly, Grotesquely Hung.
Gasping For Air, Collapsed Lungs.
Stripped Of Vitality, Suffocate...

Denied From Salvation.
Destroy, The Remains Of Christ.
For His Flesh Won't Rise.
Burned To Ash, Christ's Abolishment...

4. Rotting Spiritual Embodiement

Holy Apparation, Seaking Death To Save.
Sins Of The Flesh, The Cadaver Is Unfit.
Penetrate The Mind And Body, Spirit Is Incarnated.
Spiritual Entrapment.
Spiritual Deformity...

Foolish Ghost Of God.
Embodied With The Putrid Corpse.
Trapped Within The Flesh.
Forever Rots In Misery...

5. Unholy Massacre

Mutilate The Sacred Land, Desecration Of Their Gods.
Dismember Their Vital Organs, Drain The Precious Blood.
Conserve The Rotting Flesh, Preserve The Intestinal Structure.

Endure The Internal Pain, Screams Of The Vital Torment.

Shreadify Their Body Parts, Burn The Bones To Ashes.
Suffer From The Evil Crypt, Redeem The Souls To Hell...

Arise Gods Of War, Demons Of Death.
Entrant The Souls, Destroy The Bodies.
Kill The Sacred Ones, Mortify Them All.
Feel The Pain, As The Blood Is Drained.

Destruction From The Gods Below, Sacrifice The Lost Souls.
Hell's Gates Now Open Wide, For The Ones That Died.
Fly Angels Of The Night, Prophecies The Unholy Massacre.

Demons Of War And Torment, Arise From Down Below.
Guardian Of The Gates, Deprive Them Of Their Souls.
Ignite The Soul On Fire, Massacrate The Land Of The Weak.

6. Entrantment Of Evil

Evil One Enters The Helpless Soul, Merciless, The Giver Takes His
Reveals The Evil, Condemns The Victim.
Corruption Of The Holy, Destruction Of Gods.
He Is The Giver Of The Living Torment.
Deny The Blackest Wrath, Devour Sweet Suffering...

Endure The Precious Soul, Break Through Sacred Flesh.
Exorcist, The Demons Wrath, Entrantment Of The Evil One...

They Call On The Beginning Of Burning.
Enter The Maze, The Realms Of Darkness.

7. Christening The Afterbirth

Feast On Flesh Of Newborn Life.
Commencing Ritual Of Ancient Baptism.
Raise High The Fetal Excrements.
Bless This Birth For It Must Be Cleansed.

Into Damnation, Sacrifical Rite Of The Newborn Child.
Ritualistic Mass Forever With The God.
Rid The Afterbirth Of Sin...

Into The Dark They See, Visions Of Immortality.
Ready To Feast On Corpses, Awaiting The Flesh Of Mortals...

Christening The Afterbirth...

Bodies Putrified Beneath.
Unholy Sepulture Yet To Be Revealed.
Decayed Beyound Recognition.
Preparing The Form Of A Black Mass...

Christening The Afterbirth...

8. Immortal Cessation

Seraph Let Me Be Immortal Like You.
Immaculate Rot, Acurse In Divinity, The Somber Begining Of Birth.
Is The Eternal Glory Of Demonic Conception...

Seraph Let Me Be Immortal Like You.
Immaculate Rot, Acurse In Divinity, The Somber Begining Of Birth.
Is The Eternal Glory Of Demonic Conception...

Plain Of Decay, Sorrow And Anguish, Mortal's Roam.
The Cycle Of Agony Is Reborn.
Immortal Cessation, Denied Assention...


9. Profination

Possess The Soul Of The Weak.
Walk The Gates That Open Wide.
For The Ones That Will Die Enter The World That Waits Inside...

Now Decieve The Cross, Induce Thou Evil.
Hypnotize The Wrath Of Priest.
Redeem The Soul Of Deceased.
Confront The Demons Of The Dark...

To Enchant Soul Of Innocence, Deviate The Mortal Life.
Reincarnate The Evil Spirit, Deviate The Mortal Life.
Unleash The Blood Of The Goat, Raise High The Horns Of Hell.
Profanation Of The Gods, Sacriligeous Torment.
Soul Has Come To It's Final Task, Demons Carved Your Burning Flesh.
Arise The Ones From Eternal Sleep, Come Forth And Show You Rotted

Pentagram Is Hailed In Hell.
Star Of Death Brings Infinite Life.
Enter The Circle And Desecrate.
Devours The Soul, Embalminate The Body...

Thoughts Of Death Are Near.
Angels Child Lives In Fear.
Taken From The Holy Land.
Tortured In Hell Forever Damned...

Blasphemy - Left To Die.
Sodomy - The Blood Is Raised.
Reap Of Evil - Takes It's Toll.
Profanation Of The Gods...

10. Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies

We Will Be Pure In The Abyss.

Praying For A Dying Religion.
The Lord Will Bless Us...
Misfortune Of God.
The Throne Is Lost.
Christ's Fate.
Was A Lie...

Beyond The Holy Grounds.
His Souls Are Torn Apart.
Reality Has Descended Upon.
Abominations Is The Love Of God...

11. Eternal Torture

The Deceased Awake From Beyond Their Sleep.
Search For Blood And Mortal Meat.
Maggots Crawl Out From Their Eyes.
Feel Their Pain, It's Mournful Cries.
Pull Your Veins, Tear Out Your Heart.
Consume The Blood, Feast On Flesh.
Torn Apart, Intestines Scattered.
Alimentary Canal Ripped And Shattered.
Pieces Of Your Body Eaten.
Painful Death As Time Stands Still.
Where Your Mind Bursts In Torture.
Feel Your Soul Be Torn Apart.
Demons Crawling Through Your System.
Hell Has Risen, The Gods Of Pain.
Rip Your Skin, Burn Your Bones.
Internal Organs Torn And Drained.
Smell Of Flesh Burnt To Ashes.
Cries Of Death From Hell.
Pain Is All You Revolve Around.
Where The Souls Of Satan's Grounds.
Rooms Of Eternal Torture, Reveal Endurance Of Endless Pain.
Disintegrating Mortals, Bodies Burn.
There You Feel The Hellish Torture.
Hellish Torment, Brutal Butchering.
Demonic Creatures Revolve In Torment...

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