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Disgorge - 2003 Necrholocaust

: Xtreem Music
1. Raise The Pestilence
2. Sodomic Baptism
3. Macabre Realms Of Inhuman Bestiality
4. Ravenous Funeral Carnage
5. Necrholocaust
6. Goremassacre Perversity
7. Excremential Lust
8. Boiling Vomit Through My Veins


1. Raise The Pestilence

Ages Of Gorerotted Sinful Carnage
Lives Through My Dampening Mind
Defiling All My Rancid Perverse Aims
Worshipping All Kind Of Putrid Maims

Within The Realms Of Narcotic Fantasy
Blists My Desires Of Reeking Infamy
Vile Ghastly Enucleating Your Arteries
In Frenzied Bloodshed Pieces

A Flatulent Gallery Of Grotesqueries
For My Awful Spiked Of Sin Sentiments
Still Purulent Bags Full Of Slag
Remains Slimy Between This Inhume Site

Abominably Obsessed With Pus
Living For Vomit, Blood And Guts
Twisted Waste Of Eructating Gnaw
Grinding Whirlwind Of Insanity

Rancious Conjurings Of The Rot
Mixed With Pot And Steaming Curdling Clots

From Beyond I Must Follow And Obey
Of Tender Soggyness Crawls In This Mess

Festering Memories
Of Pain And Suffering
Of Many Vanquished Meat For Slaying
Rigor Mortis Collapses
Putrid Afterglow
Invoking My Lurking Desires
I Beg For Fucking More

Septic Carrion Effluve Ecstasy
Brings This Plunder Trance Of Lunacy
My Fervour Of The Dead I Must Command
Sickening Sensations When I Suck Your Glans

Entombed Relics Of Malicious Art
Sadistic I Boil When I Collage Your Ward
How Fuckin Adore Your Funk In Necrose
Puking Once For More To Obtain Waste From Below
Mercyless Attraction For The Pungent Dues
A Gruesome Bliss Invades My Narcotic Fumes

I Raise The Dead
I Live For Sin
I Fuckin Raise
The Pestilence

2. Sodomic Baptism

Pungent And Viscose Malignant Inception
For This Inhuman New Borning Mess

Consumed Gnawing Entrails
Desecrating Our Perverse Cultive From This Grave
Necromanic Years Passed In Delight
For Eating, Embalming And Doping

The Inhume Soils That We Left In Slags
Decrepit Joy By Open Wide Tracts
Of The Little Fermenting Recently Baptizeds
Utter Necrophilic Nocturnal Impiety
Storming Diabolic Is The Search

Sodomic Baptism
For Necrophilic Exhuming Lust
Sodomic Baptism
Is What We Create For Blasphemy And Total Rot

Years In Seeking The Most Putrid Fume
All Laid Resting Silent Graveyards
Peace No More
To This Succulent Cadaverous Slash
Frying On Guts And Vile

Sardonicus Skin Flooded
Demented Necro Sentient
To This Miasmic Afterbirth Of Gore
Smouldering Evacuate
Quartering Incinerate

Plundering Remains Of This Tender Sodomy
I Need!

Dementia, Madness Allied In A Pernicious Aim
Morphitic Grubs Intrudes The Post Mortem Domains
Slaughtering And Baptizing New Incubations
The Reeking Altar Of Rancid Evacuations

The Stiff And Death Rot
Ripping Cold Fields
Of The Death
Sentenced To Lurk Six Feet Down
Where Maggots And Hellish Creatures Lives In Dread

Necro Narcotic Rituals In Xisma And Vile
When Our Foetid Floating Yellowish Inception
Ravenous Dispute Between This Funeral Pyre
Horrendous Maze
Of Grotesque Womb Execration

Gulping Phelgmy Goulash
Piquance In The Pot
Through This Incessant
Aborting Choke

Festering Grimly, Torrently
On The Rot
Frenzied Necromancy Now Mangled In Clots
Wrectal Paroxysm
Rammed By My Jaws
Foul Grumming Joy
In This Slaughtering Dawn


Sodomic Baptism

3. Macabre Realms Of Inhuman Bestiality

Bloodthirst I Only Feel
Melting My Rancid Emotions Of Squirm
Sharpening My Blades, Neverending Fullfill
Of This Inhume Pleasure To Kill

Macabre Realms Of Mental Ill
Torrid Pleasance Maiming The Skin
Enemized Corrupted Your Rancorous Sewage
Maim The Skin Through Drainage

Trash And Hack Through The Steaming Avulsion
Necromantic Psychedelic High Convulsion
Macabre Realms Of Inhuman Bestiality
Mazy And Vulgar Cankerous Monstrosity

Frenziedly Inhaling This Unpleasant Reek
Gouging To Satisfy My Wasted Teeth
Culinary Carrion Purulent Rush
Splitting And Splattering Innards In Husk

In This Demented Lust

Incinerating Shocks Of Ecstasy
Blobs Impure Blistering Fantasy
Curves This Necrosanctity
Blurs My Conception Of Insanity

Blessed Repulsive Initiation
For The Most Rotted Of The Deaths

4. Ravenous Funeral Carnage

Shredding Instantly From Neck To Groin
Opening Your Stenching Recto
Piercing Torso With Sharpening Offal Cysts
Rancid Coprophagous Blysts

Progressive Introduction Of Faeces
Makes Me Tighten In Gorgasm
Putrid Motherfucking Foul Clot Inhaling
Starts To Febrile Rots My Entrails

Your Scarlet Pale Skin Through My Veins
Sick Performing
Tracto Spinal Butchery
Your Esophagus Excretes The Carnage
Bleaking Cranial Destruction

Advanced Lascivious Extreme Sodomize
With Virulent Slaying Absurd
Compulsive Needs Of My Carnage
Emanates From Your Eroded Skin
When I Vile Sodomize Your Festered Entrails
Cataclysmic Reeking Cruelty

Imploding Your Entrails
Till Your Eyesockets
I Perverse Fuckin Destroy
Through My Realm Of Putrid Ecstasy

As A Ravenous Prey Warrior Of The Rot
I Disgustly Regurgitate And Entirely Devours
Again And Again Into Everlasting Savagery
With Shit I Predate
With Utter Bloodthirst

Oxidased Razors
Decompose And Explodes
Funerary Mutilating Darkness
In This Putrid Inferno

Mayhemic Atrocious
Necrotic Consumption
Bestial Wicked Infested Abomination
Rectal Spinal Boiling Slaughter
As A Dog Of Pestilential Lust

As I Disembowel
Every Dermic Tissue With Saws

Malignant Insertion
Putrefaction Increase
Cadaverous Contagious Seeding
Into Crepitating Pungent Tissue
I Sadistic Insert

The Creation Of Proliferous
Breeding Of The Posthumous Disenter

Grim Vomited Poisoned Desires

As A Beast, Rapacious For Carnal Lust
Blades Slowly Slicing With Bloodreaping

Ravenous Fukkin Funeral Karnage

5. Necrholocaust

Seed Of Hate
Lurks So Inhumanly
With Bile And Waste
Within Every Pore Of The Body
Hatred To Every Kind Of Color And Race

Dementia Swarms So Excite
In This Rancid Withered Life
So Fuckin Tight

All With Pride Of Hell
And Fuckin Maim
To The Fuckin Most Psychotic High
Consume And Incinerate
Through Virulence With Craze Untimely To End

Excremential Emotions Of The Putrescence
Incepts My Needs Of The Flesh
Rotting Excess To Fullfill

The Inspiring Amour Of This Lascivious Maze

Through Drugs And Every Narcotic
Paradise Of Shit And Rot
Orgiasmic Flow Of Necrotized Curds
Inbreeds So Ferociously And So Fuckin

Excrete And Humiliate The Weak
Sadistic Power Of The Dead
Turn Water To Pus
And Food For Vomit

Infest With Excrement The Earth
Destroy And Consume Every Sign Of Life
Discharges Of Blobbing Sensations
Blurs My Senses So Deranged

Of Excrement Feeds
Within Every Rotten Corpse Inbreeds
Pestilence Rise
And Devours The Sky
Intoxicating Air Corrupts
Every Kind Of Living And Moribund

Carbonized Festered Entrails
Ripped Out From The Earth
This Is The End

Seas Of Shit
Inundated Through Destruction
Vile, Vomit And Gelatinous Emanations
Erupts With Chyme
From Cavernous Six Feet Down

Crashing Endo Relapses
Of Hallowed Obscure Visions
Fumes Of Swarming Dementia
Blows My Sanity
Incepts My Motion Of The Dead

Inanimated Forces Of The Dead
Violently Turns Into A Funeral Pyre

Destroy Life
Hate To Mankind
Rancid Necrholocaust
Destroy Life

6. Goremassacre Perversity

With Perverse And Unmercyful Urge For Meat
Rancid Flesh Reeks
Lying On My Pits

Post Mortem Consume
I Am Addicted To Your Cryptic Purulence
Feasting Through Millions Of Deads
Incubating The Cadaveric

Excoriating Shredding Goremassacre
Perverse Exhuming Flux
For My Hellish Psyosisified Lust
Necroconvulsing Pieces I Execrates

Inserting The Rancious Amputating Sodomy
Stabbing And Slaughtering
Through The Digested And Butchered

Cremating And Extinguishing
All Disgusting Remains
Craving The Malforming
That Secretes The Drills I Ingest

Decapitating. Mucose Caseated. Feast

Deranged Horrid Licking
Disinterred Rotted Flesh
Maggots Corrodes My Tooths On Mauled Odours
I Feel Delighted When I Corrupt The Weak

Putrefactive Exterminating
Dissective Malignancy
Total Reeking Gore Massacre Perversity

Bathing Vomitorial Carnage
Stenching Worms
Splatters The Crimson Stakes
Mincing Excremential Desecrating Turfs

Malignantly Attack
Cadaveric Goremassacre Perversity
And Crispy Putrilage
In Millions Of Stakes

Rancid Putrid Shit I Consume
Reaping In Excrement
Hacking In Pus
Unborn Childs, We Delight

7. Excremential Lust

Addicted To The Excrement Of The Dead
Bestial Holocaustic Discharges Of Hate
Predating Your Anatomy Starting Through Your Anal Tract
Reeking Odours Turns Me Hunger

Filthy Beast Of Corrupture
Copromaniacal Needs
Blobs Through My Being
As I Rancid Bondage My Corpses
Under Perverse Slash

Ulcerated Putrilage Goulash
Malignant Emotions Sets The Copro Steam
Sphinctral Bowel Licking Pleasures
Frenzied Decomposing Embalm

Torturous Realms Of Steel Ripping Rage
Purulent Swarming Evacuations
Tasty Delight
Rising Stench Crepitates

Stinking Maceration
Of Ruptured Cleavages
Hacking Tract Full Of Fermented Germs
Disgusting Jigsaw Sodomization
Filthy Shitbathing In Lupose Evacuations

Splattered Copro Adorns My Sight
How Frenzy Drives Me This Fuckin Tight
And Torment Will Be Ecstasy For Your Being
Slimy Liquid Enema Erupts And Gleams

Infernal Copromaniacal Lunacy
Excrement Gargles Through My Throat
Trying To Eat It Again, In Lust
Poison Runs Fuckin Cold In This Dusk
Diseased Frenzy
Curves My Senses And Torns

How Tender The Fumes Of Your Ass
I Inhale And Smoke Through My Jigsaw
Impure Sadistic Copromania
Fuckin Choking Sanguaza Out Of The Labia

Rigor Mortis Gnawing And Relentless Usurp
Of This Body, Infested Of Sodomic Turds
Mixed Sensations Of These Drugs
Deranges In Reek And So Absurd

Excremential Lust

Addicted To The Excrement Of The Dead
Bestial Holocaustic Discharges Of Hate
Predating Your Anatomy Start From Your Anal Tract
Reeking Odours Turns Me Hunger
As Insatiable Filthy Beast Of Corrupture
Copromaniacal Needs Blobs Through My Being

Delight By Open Wide Tracts
Fulfilling Shit
Loads Raining

Bursting My Senses, In Virulent Poisoning

Scalded And Excoriated
My Anal Extracts
Excremential Lust

8. Boiling Vomit Through My Veins

Inhuman Emanations Rancidly Erupts
Bloated Veins Inflame

In Reeking Voyage Of Cysts And Gore
Suppurating Merciless Spasmos
Boiling Infernal Necrolatry

Veins Craving Infernal Savagery
Mauled Nerves Encysts And Torns Apart

In Blistering Death Rage

Incessant Storming Heartbeating
Bone Sawing Puncturing Pleasure
As My Vomit Drowns Criminally Insane
Putrid Dosage Of Abominating Slaughter
My Desire And Diabolic Lust
As On Turfs Crepitating Disgust

Flying Insanities Blur My Senses
As Vomit Flows Burning My Own

Killing, Hacking, Destroying
Swallowing All Kind Of Diseased Crap

Wolfen Instincts Prevail
When Boiling Vomit Is Running Through My Veins
Explore My Rancid Faecal Depths
Dreadful Tighten Foetid Fry
Ripping And Sharped Nailed Sty

Boiling Vomit Through My Veins [x2]

Obscene Absurd Intense Pleasure
When My Nerves Fulfill In Purulence

Stiff And Cold Punzing Tenderness

Invades My Cremated Veins
Blasphemic Sensations Of The Dead
Are My Only Way To Exist
Soggy Blobs Of Edemic Maggoty Excresence
Emaciated Intraspinal Carnivorous Encyst

Wolfen Instinct Prevail
When Boiling Vomit Is Running Through My Veins
Explore My Rancid Faecal Depths

Enlighting The Swarming Incubation
In Skin
Nerves And Bones

Necrholocaust 2003 Xtreem Music
Forensick 2000 Repulse Records
Chronic Corpora Infest 1998 American Line





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