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Bolt Thrower - 1998 Mercenary

: Metal Blade Records
1. Zeroed
2. Laid To Waste
3. Return From Chaos
4. Mercenary
5. To The Last...
6. Powder Burns
7. Behind Enemy Lines
8. No Guts, No Glory
9. Sixth Chapter
10. Infiltrator


1. Zeroed

Singled Out - Vision Becoming Clear
Now In Focus - Judgement Draws Ever Near
At The Point - Within The Sight
Pull The Trigger - One Taken Life

Vindicated - Far Beyond All Crime
Instigated - Religions So Sublime
All The Hatred - Nothing Divine
Reduced To Zero - The Sum Of Mankind

Untold Suffering
Of Forgotten Wars
One More Statistic
The World Ignores
Another Victim
Within Sight
With No Profit
One More Taken Life

No Truth - No Justice
All False Belief
Blinded By Mortality
There Shall Be... No Peace
No Peace

2. Laid To Waste

Collected Thoughts
Never Forget
The Final Hour
Now Is Set
In You Cold Soul
Man's Requiem
In Silence Told

Sacrificed - The Fallen Lie
All Areas - Now Pacified
As They Are - We Shall Become
The Glory Of... Another Battle Won

The Long Dark Path - Journey On
May Lose The War - This Day Is Done
Await Tomorrow - Foretold Destiny
Withdraw The Veil - Friend Or Enemy

Too Much Haste
All Is Now
Laid To Waste

Sanity's Unsafe
All Is Now
Laid To Waste

Too Much Haste
All Is Now
Laid To Waste

Sences Recaptured - Tortured Knowledge
Laid To Waste

3. Return From Chaos

Sanity's Surreal
Boundaries Blurred
The Turning Wheel
Of Equal Might
Engage In Battle
None Is Right

Centuries... Of Hatred
Return... From Chaos

Feel The Force
Destroy The Will
Mankind Tastes
This Bitter Pill
Now Converging
Freedom Cried
Millions Died

Lifetime... Of Darkness
Return... From Chaos

Not Fallen Prey
Nothing Will Overcome
With The Banner Held High
Let The Chaos Overrun

4. Mercenary

Into The Killing Zone
Prepared To Die
Fearful Technology
Faceless Mercenary
Merchant Of War
With No Conscience
Darkness All You See
Dying Hard Your Believe


Purchased Soul
To The Highest Price
No Thoughts Of Anguish
Cheapness Of Life
Freelance Veteran
Ask No Forgiveness
No Tears, No Regrets
Mission Completed


Forget The Past - For All You See
Self-created Destiny

No Innocence - The World Bleeds
Now March Onward - Mercenary

5. To The Last...

Resolute - To The Last
Leave No Trace - No Epitaph
Far Beyond - Known Territory
Throughout - Times Infinity

All Now Gone - Turned To Dust
Instinct Survival - None To Trust
Fragmented - Lost Identity
Non-existence - Reality

To The Last...

Superior - Conflict Strategy
Ultimate - War Machine Rolls On

Technology - Totally Outclassed
Casualties Near Total - To The Last

A Lone Survivor
The Outcast
All Is Lost

To The Last...

6. Powder Burns

Straight To The Core
C.n. System Bypassed
Ready For War
Targets Now Hostile
Pushed To The Edge
These Colours Have Borne - No Retreat
Honour The Pledge

Try To Run - You Cannot Hide
Thoughts That Cannot Be Denied
Pain That Never Goes Away
...the Powder Burns

No Compromise
Proceeding Ritual
Fear Denied
Hopped Up On Dreamdust
Burns In The Brain
Psychological Technique
Invincible - No Pain

Try To Run - You Cannot Hide
Thoughts That Cannot Be Denied
Pain That Never Goes Away
Powder - Burns

7. Behind Enemy Lines

Behind The Lines
Deconstructed Truth
Clear From All Known Danger
Hostility Deplored
Ignorance The Principal
Unknown Wars

Now Beneath
Electrical Skies
Uneartly Cry
Devastating Power
Cynically Imposed
Futile Resistance
Savagely Dispose

No Expectations
Courage Of Despair
Annihilated Wisdom
Belligerence Declared

It's All Illusion
Life's Tragedy
No Comprehension
Beyond Infinity

8. No Guts, No Glory

All Senses
Under Attack
Fills Your Soul
At The Limit
Beyond Control

The Last Advance
One Final Chance
It Now Shall Be... No Guts, No Glory

Sequencially Inclined
No Guts, No Glory
You Decide

The Last Advance
One Final Chance
It Now Shall Be... No Guts, No Glory

Swallow No Pride, Strength From Inside
Still Driving On, Second To None

The Last Advance
One Final Chance
It Now Shall Be... No Guts, No Glory

The Last Advance
One Final Chance
It Now Shall Be... No Guts, No Glory

9. Sixth Chapter

Technology - Now Controls
Powersystems - Overload
In The Matrix - Once Your Mind
Lies The Sorrow - None Survive

Globalised - Authority
World Enmeshed - Hyper Reality
Brain Connected - Consume Priority
End Millennium - Mass Anxiety

Time Compessed - Rapidity
Space Is Stretched - New Totality

Pulse Still Beats - Deep Inside
Accept The Chaos - Embrace New Life
One Mans Valour - Anothers Sin
One Chapter Closes - Another Begins

A Final Tribute
Overshadowed By Stone
At The End

10. Infiltrator

Strike First Strike
Accurate Speed
Strength Of Surprise
Covert Need
One Mad Minute
Nothing Left Alive
Furtive Action
Far From Allies

Taste Cold Steel
Fast And Quiet
Face The Fear
Within The Eyes
Chosen Elite
From Defeat

Stealth - The Myth Endures
Secret - Disciples Of War
...disciples Of War

Sealed Your Fate
Condemned By Hate

Now Discovered
Far Too Late
Mind Displaced
... Infiltrate

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