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Thyrane - 2003 Hypnotic

1. Human Weed
2. Firework
3. Glamorama Demystified
4. Dance In The Air
5. Armaya
6. The Symptomatic
7. Phantasmal Paranoia
8. Sickening
9. Of Suns And Flames
10. Heretic Hunt


1. Human Weed

In The Garden Of Hollow Minds
In The Cradle Of Shit
On The Land Of The Hypocrite
In The Nest Of The Sick

Breathing Life, Taking Space
Spreading Their Rotten Seed
Increasing Their Number In Front Of Our Faces

Who Is He
The Ultimate Judge
The Back-stabber
Who Promises So Much

Who Is She
The Icon Of Justice
The Believer - The Deceiver
The Fucking Human Weed

2. Firework

The Day Of Eclipse
Brought By Baptism Of Fire
Rebirth Of Future
Falls From The Skies


Reorganizing Life
With Withering Conscience
Throbbing Along The Heartbeat
Of Those Feeling Abandoned

Sweating Blood (we Are)
Striking Fire
Exceeding Limits
Rising Higher


Breathing Fire
Scorched Earth's Decadence
Past Became Meaningless
Fenix Rises, Spreads It's Wings

3. Glamorama Demystified

'tis Devoured Black And White All Grey
The Miasma Of Life Is Clear
As Those Last Flowers Wither Away
And The Faceless Man Bear The Mask Of Fear...fear...fear...

Silence Once Again Divided The Worlds
And Still No Echo, But The Same Shady Voice
In This Silence The Crawling Worms
Lick Forever Lonely One And Rejoice...fear...fear...

Phlegm Surging From The Canyon Of Lies
Soundless All Abstract Tears Fall Down
Transparent Life In A Frozen Time
In This Frustrated Joy We All Will Drown

In This Mirror Of Pain We Must Be Pleased
Embraced By Showing Death And Beauty
Ultimate Satisfaction Has Been Redeemed
Lick Forever Lonely One In Tranquillity

Dreams Of Sand Thy Heavens Bear
Forgotten Are The Fragments Of A Dying Sun
Thy Faceless Masks Now Fear
So Do Lick Forever Harmonized As One...fear...fear...

4. Dance In The Air

Mental Breakdown
Head Explodes
Inner Tragedies - Inner Holes
Hour After Hour, Day After Day
There's Nothing Left...only Reek Of Misery

On The Wide Path That Leads To Hell
You Feel Your Torpidity In Vitality
It's Your Own Decision To Make Your Destiny

...dance In The Air

The Question Of Life
Culminated In Demise
Week After Week, Month After Month
Only Pressuring Total Distress

Go On - No Fear - It's Time (to)
Dance In The Air!

On The Wide Path That Leads To Hell
You Feel Your Torpidity In Vitality
It's Your Own Decision To Make Your Destiny

...dance In The Air

Is The Answer To Life
To Live Without Disguise

5. Armaya


6. The Symptomatic

Sacred Absurdities Stumble Down The Catwalk
Silky Fabrics Of Fraud Conceal The Ugliness
Their Sanctity Is Fiction, Their Milk Is Poison
And Still Admiration Weighs Upon Their Shoulders

Never Dare To Question The Unnatural
Never Dare To Doubt The Illogical
The Agonies Of Faith You Must Endure
Seeking To Suffer Until No Longer Impure

To Nothingness You Recite Your Odes
To Emptiness You Paint Your Frescos
The Two-edged Sword Of Loyalty Sways
Tearing Your Limbs By Cutting Both Ways

Mere Submissive And Inert Minds
Pursuing For Bliss By Casting Sense Aside
In A Monochrome Reality You Feel Security
Strapped Down By Dogmas And Infirmity

In Non-existent Prospect Of Redemption
You Kneel Down Before The Cruciform Icon
Bite The Body In An Ecstatic Frenzy
Swallow The Blood To Cleanse Your Heart

7. Phantasmal Paranoia

When The Sun Won't Shine On You
They Are Inside You, Intoxicating
Bringing The Deal From The Devil
Your Soul Will Be Sold Tonight

Drifting At The Interstellar Oceans
Laconic Voice Speaking About Itself
As I See Myself Chasing Me Into The Vortex
Discipline's Executed Below The Surface

When Synthetic Gallows Takes Control
Murder Of My Mind Is One Of A Kind
Believe In The Words Of Darkness
Life Is Soon To Be Out Of Vogue Here

There Is No Grave Beneath My Flowers
No Worms On My Bones
No Proof Of Existence
No Formula To Exit

When The Worms Encircle Your Shrine
They Are Still Inside Me, Intoxicated

8. Sickening

A Scream-like Laughter Echoes In Your Head
As The Cross-eyed Dancers Are Capering
They Flash By You With Twisted Smiles
Spinning Around In Odour, Warm, Repulsive, Sickening

Been Following This Grotesque Show
Could Never Comprehend
Seeing Things Clearer When Standing Aside
Through The Phony Gestures, Plays Of Pretend

Bunch Of Sheep In Wolves' Clothing
You Let Them Guide You, Lead You Astray
Herb Of Warped Minds, You Put Them In Control
'til Reality Faded ...away

Seeing Things Clearer When Standing Aside
Through The Phony Gestures, Plays Of Pretend

Growing Urge To Reject The Delusion
Of The Old World, Safe And Fake
Years Of Surrender, Living An Illusion
A Freak Show You Can Escape

9. Of Suns And Flames

The Black Sheep Of Cosmology, Awake!
From Your Slumber Of Molten Years
Swollen Are Thy Eyes Of Hate
Of Suns And Flames And Desert Airs

See The Hideous Beauties In This World
All Withering Lives And Precious Sins
'tis The Infernal Divinity Adored
Of Suns And Flames No Tears Will Swim

Smell The Fiery Liquid Firmament
Fading Into Darkness And Oblivion
Its Perfume Sweet As Secrets
Of Suns And Flames The Reek Of Heaven

Hear The Hearses Haunt The Souls
And Those Little Insects Swarm
A Vacant World Filled With Holes
Of Suns And Flames And Nights So Warm

Taste The Lusts Of The Innocent
And Squeeze The Pleasures Out Of Passion
Time Has Come Without Regrets
Of Suns And Flames For The Horned One

10. Heretic Hunt

Hear And Listen!
You Who Sermon On Purity
But Stand A Spectrum Away From It
Your Trees Of False Knowledge
Strike Root In Hearts No More

From Analogies You Drew Religion
From Paradoxes You Derived Truth
Dilapidated Are Your Hierarchies
A Halo Of Filth Is Upon You

Only You Possess The Arrogance
To Think Such Would Go Unnoticed

The Centuries Of Your Dominance
Have Sharpened Our Fangs And Claws
Like Chameleons We Have Walked
Among These Jahve's Little Whores

If The Lord Is Thy Shepherd
That Makes You His Sheep
And What A Wolf Is Bound To Do
Is To Prey Upon Such Breed

When Salamanders Dance In Your Temples
And Midday Breaks Black As Oil
We Have Finally Commenced Our Strike
And Set Foot Upon Your Soil

Hypnotic 2003
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