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Cannibal Corpse - 1993 Hammer Smashed Face

: Metal Blade Records
1. Meat Hook Sodomy
2. Zero The Hero
3. Shredded Humans
4. Hammer Smashed Face
5. The Exorcist


1. Meat Hook Sodomy

Butchery My Meat Hooks Sharpened To Penetrate
Emasculate, Gouging Crotches I Will Eat
Hung Upside Down, Holes Punctured Through Half-chewed
Gristle, Debauchery, With Dead Bodeys Turning Green
Upheaveal Of Human Entrails
Deterioration Of Grated Genitals, Dangling From The Hooks
Obscene Feeling Deep Inside Me
Dislocating, Separating A Blood-drenched Body
Begin The Anal Grouting
Awaiting Insertion, To Rip Out Intestine
Bodily Destruction
Vulgar Molestation
Treachery Neverending Soul Ripping
Lifeless Bodies Rot, Petrified
Clogging Veins
Pressure Building
Scabbing Cloted Sores Dehydrate
Condemned To A Life Of Obscurity
Dismal Dimensions Of My Being, I Explore My Thoughts
Through Murder
Devoting My Life Mutilation
Streams Of Blood Saturate, Grubs Feed On Dilapidated
Stumps, Darkness Overshadowing The Killing
Eyes Now Dealate
Bodies Disintegrate
Razor Sharp Hooks Implanted In Your Rectum
Splitting Bodies, Spilling Guts On The Ground
Sodomising Living Beings With My Utensils
Stabbing Out Your Life Stripped Of All Your Skin
Disgusting To The World
Beaty To My Eyes
The Body Lying Naked Discharging My Infection
Invigorating Where I Kill, Intoxicating
Invoking Suffering Of Human Beings
Grinding Orfices My Only Therapy
Sculpting Gore
Muscle Tissue
Mounds Of Flesh, Deformation
Skulls Of Victims Stacked Like Trophies
Bleeding From Your Arse Sudden Blood Ejection

2. Zero The Hero

[chappel Music & Co.]

Accept The Fact That You're The Second Rate
Life Is Easy For You
It's All Served Up On A Gold Plated Plate
And We Don't Even To Talk To You
Your Face Is Normal That's The You're Bred
And That's The Way You're Going To Stay
Your Head Is Firmly Nailed To Your Channel
But Someone Else's Fingers On The Control Panel

What You Gonna Be, What You Gonna Be Brother
Zero The Hero
Don't You Wanna Be, Don't You Wanna Be Brother
Zero The Hero
When You Gonna Be, When You Gonna Be Brother
Zero The Hero

You Sit There Watch It All Burn Down
It's Easy And Breezy For You
You Play Your Life To A Different Sound
No Edge No Edge You Got No Knife Have You
Your Life Is A Six Lane Highway To No-where
You're Going So Fast You're Never Ever
Gonna Get Down There
Where Heroes Sit By The River
With The Magic In Their Music As They Eat Raw Liver

You Stand There Captain We All Look
You Really Are Mediocre
You Are The Champion In The Acme Form Book
But I Think You're Just A Joker
Your Facedown Life Ain't So Much Of A Pity
But The Un-a-duckin' Way You're Walkin' Around
The City With Your Balls And Your Head Full Of Nothing
It's Easy For You Sucker But You Really Need Stuffing

3. Shredded Humans

Early Hours, Open Road, Family Of Five On Their Way Home
Having Enjoyed A Day In The Sun, Their Encounter With Gore Has Just Begun
A Homicidal Fool Not Knowing Left From Right, Now Has The Family In His Sight
Trying To Perceive If He's Blind Or Insane, He Steers His Car Into The Other Lane

Both Of Them Collide, Expressions Horrified
Head On At Full Speed, The Vultures Will Soon Feed

The Father Of Three Was Impaled On The Wheel, As His Skull Became Part Of The Dash
His Eyeballs Ejected His Sight Uneffected, He Saw His Own Organs Collapse
His Seatbelt Was Useless For Holding Him Back, It Simply Cut Him In Two
Legs Were Crushed, Out Leaked Pus As His Spinal Cord Took Off And Flew
The Mother Took Flight Through The Glass, And Ended Up Impaled On A Sign
Her Intestines Strethed From The Car Down The Road For A Quarter Of Mile

Fourth Child On The Way, Won't Live Another Day
Fetus On The Road, With Mangled Little Bones
Little Children Fly, Not A Chance Wonder Why
Smashed Againist The Celling, All Their Skin Burning And Peeling
Schards Of Glass Explode, Chest And Skull Now Implode
Corpses They've Become, And Graves Will Have To Be Dug

Underneath The Wheels, Burning Rubber On Your Face
Bleeding From Your Eyes, The Slaughtered Victim Lies
Knowing What He's Done, He Just Backs Up One More Time
Laughing At The Mess, A Pile Of Meat In The Street

One Child Left Slowly Dying Now, Arteries Gushing Blood
Now It's Time To Feed On Flesh, The Gore Has Just Begun

Early Hours, Open Road, The Family Of Five On Their Way Home
Having Enjoyed A Day In The Sun, Their Encounter With Gore Has Just Begun
A Homicidal Fool Not Knowing Left From Right, Now Has The Family In His Sight
Trying To Perceive If He's Blind Or Insane,he Steers The Car Into The Other Lane

The Look Of Death In My Eye
Surely No-one Survive
Just A Pile Of Mush
Left To Dry In The Sun

I See My Fresh Kill
Left In The Road
Remains Of Your Bodies
Mangled And Torn

One Child Left Slowly Dying Now, Arteries Gushing Blood
Now It's Time To Feed On Flesh, The Gore Has Just Begun

4. Hammer Smashed Face

There Is Something Inside Me
It's Coming Out
I Feel Like Killing You
Let Loose Of The Anger, Held Back Too Long
My Blood Runs Cold
Through My Anatomy, Dwells Another Being
Rooted In My Cortex, A Servant To Its Bidding
Brutality Becomes My Appetite
Violence Is Now A Way Of Life
The Sledge My Tool To Torture
As It Pounds Down On Your Forehead
Eyes Bulging From The Sockets
With Every Swing Of My Mallet
I Smash Your Fucking Head In, Until Brains Seep In
Through The Crack
Blood Does Leak Distorted Beauty,
Catastrophe Steaming Slop.
Splattered All Over Me
Lifeless Body, Slouching Dead
Lecherous Abcess.
Where You Once Had A Head
Avoiding The Prophecy Of
My New Found Lust
You Will Never Live Again,
Soon Your Life Will End
I'll See You Die At My Feet, Eternally I Smash Your Face
Facial Bones Collapse As I Crack Your Skull In Half
Crushing, Cranal, Contents
Draining The Snot, I Rip Out The Eyes
Squeezing Them In My Hands Nerves Are Incised
Peeling The Flesh Off The Bottom Of My Weapon
Involuntarily Pulpifying Facil Region
Suffer, And Then You Die
Torture, Pulverised
At One With My Sixth Sense, I Feel Free
To Kill As I Please, No One Can Stop Me
Created To Kill, The Carnage Continues
Violently Reshaping Human Facial Tissue
Brutality Becomes My Appetite
Violence Is Now The Way Of Life
The Sledge My Tool To Torture
As It Pounds Down On Your Forehead

5. The Exorcist

[(torrao) Einstein Music]

Prossessed By Evil Hell
Satan's Wrath Will Kill
He Will Take Your Soul
Cast You To Hell

Demons Dogs Domain
Keeping Me Insane
Evil Curse My Soul
Burning Away

Satan's Hell Will Burn
Terrored Cries Are Heard
Ever Lasting Eternity
Warriors Of Hell

Unleashed Men Of Sin
Hatred Hell Within
Sinners Hate Will Die
The Exorcist

I Can See The Light
I Don't Whant To Burn
Help Me Save My Soul
Let Me Live
Your Curse Is Not My Fear
Demons Within Me Hear
I Will Escape Your Wrath

This Is Not My Way
Doom, Sorrow For Eternity
Lights Shine Below In Hell
Forever Burning

Words Of Insanity Scream Out
Help Me

Demons In My Body Gone
Sickened Thoughtss Left Beyound
Haunted By Evil Memories
Nightmares In Sin

My Hand Is Burnt And Black
Shadowed No Way Back
Fear Of Living In Hell
Axed My Mind

Memories Held Within
Satan's Gone In Sin
Grasping To Relieve The Pain
Scared For Life

Exorcism Takes Control
Beneath My Body Help My Soul
Save My Soul From The Evil Hell
Your Spell Is Lost

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