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Nasum - 1994 Grindwork

1. My Fear
2. Fur
3. A Game Played By Society
4. It's All About The Information
5. Smile When You're Dead
6. Blindfolded (by The Media)
7. Erased
8. Warfuck


1. My Fear

Nuclear Power Plants - Tons Of Growing Waste
We Spit Out Toxic Shit - Of Our Planet's Nothing Left

Why Can't We See That Pollution Ends?!?

Suffocation Forced Upon All Living Things
We All Slowly Die And Nobody Resists

Why Can't We See That Pollution Ends?!?

2. Fur

An Industry Substained By Our Desire
To Force Suffering On Others

Their Lives For Leather...
All For Our Fashion...
You're Taking Their Skin...
You're Taking Their Lives!

You Fat, Rich Upper Class Piece Of Shit -
You Bastard - Strip And Disappear

Their Lives For Leather...

How Would You Feel To Have Your Skin Removed
And Seeing Someone Else Treating It For Clothes?

3. A Game Played By Society

Trapped In The Shit, Trapped In The Filth
Reaching Out To Get Some Help But No One Gives A Shit

Try To Realize And Think For Yourself
Do Not Give A Shit For Patterns And The Fucking Trends

I Scream Out To You: "why Can't You See?"
That You Are Just A Part Of A Game Played By Society

Blind From Reality, (i Guess) It's Easier With Lies
Stuck In Your Pathetic Pattern That You Call A Life

Why Complain On Me, I Am What I've Always Been
I'm Exactly What You See, And I Know I'll Never Be...

...a Part Of A Game Played By Society!

4. It's All About The Information

The World Isn't Run By Weapons
Anymore Or Energy Or Money
It's Run By Little Ones And Zeros -
Little Bits Of Data, It's All Just Electronics

There Is A World War Out There
And It's Not About Who's Got The Most Bullets
It's About Who Controlls The Information,
What We See Or Hear, How We Work, What We Think

It's All About The Information!

5. Smile When You're Dead

Try To Get Out, You Try To Get Out,
What Kept You Then Sure As Hell Keeps You Now
You Try To Change But They Keep You In Line
(in Line) - Are You Your Own Master?

No Space To Control, Do Nothing By Yourself,
Reach Out For Help But You're In Their Hand

Smile When You're Dead

Your Ways Aren't Their Ways, You're In Their Way,
With A Bullet In Your Head You Can Smile When You're Dead

Smile When You're Dead!

6. Blindfolded (by The Media)

Multiple Choices, Leave Me All Confused
Left To Decide, In A Perplexed Election

How Shall I Be Able To Take A Stand
When I'm Blindfolded By The Media?

7. Erased

To Be Governed Is To Be Watched Over, Directed,
Regulated, Indoctrinated, Preached At, Controlled,
Cencored By Men Who Have Neiter The Right Nor The
Knowledge Nor The Virtue

Erased From This World!

To Be Governed Is To Be, At Each Moment, Noted, Taxed,
Assessed, Authorized, Hampered, Rebuked, Arrested.
It's To Be, On The Pretext Of General Interests,
Monopolized, Extorted, Hoaxed, Robbed

Erased From This World!

Then At The Least Resistance, At The First Word Of
Complaint, To Be Repressed, Beaten, Imprisoned,
Judged, Condemned, Betrayed And Finally Mocked,
Ridiculed, Insulted, Dishonored

Erased From This World!

8. Warfuck

Raped By A Soldier
Bombsplittered Baby
Spawn Of A Warfuck

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