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Cerebral Turbulency - 2003 Germ Of Error

: Grind
1. Jump From The Fire
2. Only One
3. On The Edge Of Tolerance
4. It In Itself
5. Ensystemated
6. Germ Of Error
7. The Strach Na Vruble
8. Sportorico
9. Obscure Meaing Of Infinity
10. Maybe There
11. Mushroom Hell
12. Impartial
13. The Others


1. Jump From The Fire

You Said, You'd Put Your Hand In The Fire For Me
So, Put It In!
I Wanna See Your Skin Burnt

2. Only One

You're Shining, Heating, You Are Life
But To Approach You Is Death
Like Windstorm You've Flown Through My Mind
Spreading The Disaster Nevertheless I Wish To See You Again
Salvation Or Fate?
You Know It, You Are Life
But How To Find It If To Approach You Is Death?

3. On The Edge Of Tolerance

I Don't Want Anything From You
Leave Me Alone!
Let Me Live My Way!
I'm A Person Like The Rest Of You
Not Dangerous, Just Different
You Turned Me Into An Animal
Trying To Make Me Listen To Your Rules At All Costs
So Don't Be Surprised When Something Happens
I'm Like A Timebomb Thanks To You!
I Wasn't Dangerous Until You Made Me This Way

4. It In Itself

I Must Write To Not Forget It
I Must Dance To Not Get Stunted
I Understood Nothing But Have Been Renowned As Genius
Glazed Windows And Shod Soles
We Embrace But Struggle
Our Considerations Are Queer
Who Doesn't Know It - Lies
Who Laughs At It - Doesn't Understand
Who Doubts About It - Searches For
Beautyful Roads Paved By Shits
Equality Wrinkled, Not Irreversible
Course Predetermined, Not Formed

5. Ensystemated

What Is That?
System Determines The Rules
System - Chaos Without It
System: Life? Suffering? Both?
Do You Feel Like The Sheeps?
You Aren't Mistaken
Go To Your Flock Quickly!
System: Life? Suffering? Both?

6. Germ Of Error

Sit Down And Die!
I'm Glad You Understood Your Surroundings
Understood And Didn't Let Know
And Who Will Instruct Us "the Best Knowing"?
Wealthy? Bliss? Love?
Suffering? Hardship? Solitude?
Rise And Fly Up!
I Feel Your Confusion
And Who Will Show The Way Us "infallible"?
Ambition? Belief? Success?
Desperation? Nothingness? Doubts?
With Opened Month And Closed Eyes I Burnt My Life And Stood Upside Down
Thoughts Converted For Money And Awoke In Summer Storm

7. The Strach Na Vruble

Season In Valley And Hunched Person Fumbling In Mist, Talking To Itself
Where To Look In?
Where To Seek The Path To Get Back?
Let Me Absorb Vanity Of Being As Far As Tips Of Hair
To Rise Next Day Confessing Error Of Own Action And Exempting From Dispersed Injury

8. Sportorico

You Can't Live Without It
It's Like Fuel Which Drives You
You Risk More And More And Care For Anything No More
As More Danger As Better
Have You Ever Remembered Those Who Care For You?
Try To Perceive Your Surroundings

9. Obscure Meaing Of Infinity

Wasted Energy In Neverending Space
A Second Is Part Of Eternity Which Is Only The Thought Of Time
Imagination Never Ends And Nothing Is Part Of It
Barriers Don't Exist Either
There's Only A Circle Which The Thought Creates And Changes
So It Won't Have To Go Outside Is Nothing

10. Maybe There

You Lie Next To Me But I Feel Like You're Not Here At All
I've Known You Since Childhood But All Of A Sudden You've Changed
Is That Even You?
A Chill Goes Up My Spine When I Look Into Your Eyes
They Are So Dark, Lifeless And Dull
I Want To Help You But I Don't Know How
Is It Still Worth It Now That You've Given Up?
Why Did It Have To Happen?
Why You?
I Wanted To Tell You So Much But Now I Can't Because You Gave Up!

11. Mushroom Hell

Where Did The Light Go?
Why Is It Dark Now?
Suddenly It's As Quiet As A Graveyard Not A Sound To Be Heard
How Can I Hear Whistling Inside My Head?
I Don't Hear Myself Speak So Where Do All The Voices Come From When I'm Silent?
Something's Wrong
It Was All Going Smoothly As Butter But Now There's Lard Everywhere
What Happened?

12. Impartial

Lie Or Truth That You Don't Belive In
Pain Of Desperation
Sadness Hidden Behind Reserved Needs
Anger Is Like Hot Water
Truth Or Lie That You Rise Up Yourself
To Have Pleasure From Life
Not Thinking On Pain
That's Hopeless - Stays Hopeless Further On
I Am Not Afraid Because I Faked It Up
Pleasure Is Like Ice

13. The Others

An Empty Room Full Of Shadows
Voices Resonate From Eight Corners
You Don't Want To Find Out - Avoiding Questions, Ignoring Surroundings
You Search Against Your Will
Where Are They Hiding?
It Gnaws At You
More Noises From Behind And Next To You
Try To Kill Them
Where Are They?
You Found Rocks With Names Chiselled In Them But Not Their Names
Just Now You Realized That It Is Not They But You Who Are Other

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