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Septic Flesh - 1995 Esoptron

1. Breaking The Inner Seal
2. Esoptron
3. Burning Phoenix
4. Astral Sea
5. Rain
6. Ice Castle
7. Celebration
8. Succubus Priestess
9. So Clean, So Empty
10. The Eyes Of Set
11. Narcissism


1. Breaking The Inner Seal

2. Esoptron

Reversing The View Towards The Soul
Absorbed From The Swirl Of The Chaotic Ego
Naked From The Warm Familiar
Company Of Matter

Here Desires And Fears Are Shaped,
Uncontrolled Multiplied In
The Rhythm Of Ecstasy
Gathered Under The Threat Of
Upcoming Afflictions

Parallel Futures That May
Never Happen Are Blocking
The Entrance Of The Inner Most Sanctum
They Are The Guardians
Who Is The Master Of This Cosmos ?
Who Posted Them Here ?
Illumination Comes From Within
And Levitates The Eidolon

Effigies And Marble Busts Lined In
External Chains Silent,
Laden With Creases Deep Like Self Deceit
They Seem Lost In Their Contemplation
Their Laurel Wreath Is Withered

Now I Know How Felt The First Amphibian
When Allowing The Air To Inhabit In Its Lungs

The Sceptre Was Always In My Hand


3. Burning Phoenix

If You Ever Hear The Song Of A Dying Phoenix
Don't Let Sadness Close Your Ears
You May Offend The Secret Face Of Nature
It Is Not A Mourning But A Hymn.

If You Ever See The Bright Pyre Strip
The Nightly Creature From The Chains
You'll Witness What The Most
Can Only Envy
The Glorious Coupling Of The Light
With The Dark
Burning Phoenix Rise
Ash Is What You Leave To Go Up High

The Flaming Bird Knows The Time
When The Astral Gates Are Open Time
To Fulfil Its Noble Destiny
It Was Born To Fly
Forever, With The Burning Legions
Of Its Kind.

On Wings Of Smoke They Are Singing
Their Calling Is The Calling Of The Free
"fly With Us"

4. Astral Sea

5. Rain

Fossilized Flower I Can Smell Your Perfume
Covering The Distance That
Was Called Into Being Between Us,
From The Unexploited Accumulation
Of Different Moments
This Gift Is My Inheritance And I Honour It
By Continuing My Journey, In The Curve
Of The Infinite Alternating Universes.

With Anchor The Three Stable Points
That Compose Your Dimensional Trap
I Can Pause And Dive In Your Mortality.

Reality Is A Rain
Drops Are Falling, Are They The Same ?

Some Will Penetrate The Earthen Surface
And Will Transform The Hidden Seed.
Just Like Fantasy Can Turn
An Empty Scenery Into A Heaven.

Its Balance With Reason Is The Scheme
Of Creation And Destruction

Every Dream Needs A Dreamer
To Blossom Somebody
To Sense Its Perfume Even
When He Is Blinded
From The Light Of Day
Can You Smell It Too ?
The Perfume Of Life

6. Ice Castle

In The Land That Was Born From
The Sperm Of Winter Is
The Incarnation Of All Enchanted Fairy Tales
An Imposing Figure
Isolated From An Ocean Of Frozen Waves
Trying To Unite The Sterile Earth
With The Celestial Dome

Like A Crystalline Bridge Of Ice
In The Claws Of Four Ancient Mountains
Ice Castle
Transparent Halls Filled With
Wonder Worthless
For Those Who Are Sweeping Along With
The Purposeless Flood Of Wasted Feelings.

Priceless Treasure
For The Children Of The Serpent Dream

In The Claws Of Four Ancient Mountains
Ice Castle

There They Claim Life
In A Feast With Your Nightmares

7. Celebration

8. Succubus Priestess

She Dances With The Moonlight
In A Ring With The Silent Forest
And The Stars' Jewels
Embroidered In Her Ethereal Garment

From Silver Lips Chameleon Thoughts
Transmitted To The Deepest Cave
The Sanctuary Of The Sleeping Dragon
Slowly Recovering Its Wounded Mind
From The False Reflections
Of A Broken Mirror

I Will Cross The Moat
That Keeps Our Worlds Apart
May Your Nebulus Hands Be My Shroud
Succubus Priestess
In Me You Taste Your Past
In You I Experience My Future

Her Touch Is The Cold Breeze
That Numbs My Carnal Disguise
And Makes The Glow Inside
To Blaze Up And Spread

Torches Blend With Misty Blue
To Celebrate The Birth
Our Bond Is Sealed In Red
Our Kiss Is The Everlasting Moments

9. So Clean, So Empty

You Come To Me As The Flies To The Spider
Blinded From My Intellectual Darkening
Try To Move In The
Holographic Image Of Choice
And I'll Project You One Of My Corridors

The Cobweb Is So Carefully Woven
That Even The Veil Dressed Fates
Bow With Admiration.
It Has So Many Ways,
Countless Like My Names

How I Adore To Mask The Truth
So That Only The Worthy Of My
Generosity Could Find It.

I Can Wait Enthrowned In The Center
Of This Necropolis, With Patience
Built Upon The Solid Stones
Of Millenniums

Keep Feeding On The Notorious Lotus
Swallowing My Sweet Promises
To Sustain Your Lie Made World

Every Bite Erases The Instinct
So You'll Become So Clean, So Empty
Keep On Feeding Me

10. The Eyes Of Set

The Seer Of Set Can Recognize
The Negative Evolution Of Consciousness
Empires Forged, Prospered And Scattered
Like The Sand-hills, They Seemingly
Disappear But Are Never Lost
The Eyes Of Set
Rivers Of Life Made Of Sweat And Blood
Score The Slave's Skin
As Nile Scores The Parched Plain

The Giant Rocks He Hauls
Are Never Endingly Creating
Monuments To Snakes
That Change Their Skin
Miserable Descendants Of Sisyphus
Just Play Their Role
As Body Obeys To The Intentions
Of The Mind

The Eyes Of Set
"they Are The Grass, We Are The Blade
That Reaps Redemption.
Praise Set And Join The Stormt
Hat Will Turn Their Hopes Into Dust".

11. Narcissism

The Chalice Is Full Of Sea
Fallen Leaves Upon Her Face
A Map Of Green Continents
Once Part Of The Same Tree
Away From Where They Belonged

Near Sits A Part Of My Twin Moon
Captured From The Mirror Waters

The Sacred Drink Withdraws Oblivion

This Is The Only Way To Meet
My Full Of Craters Sister
Because Her Grim Presence
Stands Always Against
The Golden Rays Of My Sun.
How Many Friends I Had,
How Many Enemies.
Now Only Absence
Love, Its Purest Form Is Narcissism
I Remain And They Remain Through Me
But Only I Exist.
Youth Preserved, Embalmed From History

In Courts Of Exotic Domains
Sirens Play With The Strings Of The Rainbow
In A Harmonious Elegance
The Story Of A King.

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