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Torsofuck - 2004 Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

1. Mutilated For Sexual Purposes
2. Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy
3. Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver
4. Worm Infested Anal
5. Raped By Elephants
6. Pussy Mutilation
7. Snuffed Freak
8. Four Legged Whore
9. Cannibal


1. Mutilated For Sexual Purposes

Mutilated For Sexual Purposes
I Cut Off Her Arms And Legs
Blood Spills From The Stumps
Ripping Out Her Guts Makes Me Horny
I Stuck My Cock In Her Mouth
I Saw Off The Head And Cum
Anal Double Fistfuck
The Bitch Is Done

2. Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

Last Night I Had The Most Exciting Dream
In It I Was Surrounded By Many Asses
I Got Shitted Allover
Diarrhea Splattered From Every Direction
I Felt Like I Was In Heaven
My Cock Ejaculated Biggest Load Of Cum I Had Ever Seen
Suddenly I Woke Up, It Was Only A Dream
But Why Was I Covered With Diarrhea?

3. Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver

Digging Up Her Corpse, She Is Worm Infested
Badly Decomposed, But I Take Her To My Home
Stench Of Rot Turns Me On And My Cock Grows Rapidly
I Am So Horny, I Need To Fuck That Dirty Whore
I Put My Cock In Her Mouth, Bitch Gives Rotted Head
It Feels So Good, I Slap Her Pus-filled Face
Now Its Time To Give Her Something
Tonguefucking Putrefying Cunt
The Taste Is Incredible, Much Better Than The One That Is Alive
I Eat Maggots From Her Pussy
I Turn Her Over And Start To Fuck Like A Mad Dog
Deeper And Harder, I Am About To Go Crazy
Now Its Time To Penetrate Ass
Her Asshole Is So Tight, This Must Be Her First Time
Faster And Faster, I Can Feel My Balls Banging Against Her Cunt
I Quickly Cum, Squirting Inside Rectum
Pulling My Cock Out, Its Covered With With Sperm, Shit And Insects
Fucking Stupid Bitch, Your Ass Was Dirty, You Fucking Dead Slut
I Brutally Smash My Fist Up Her Cunt And Rip Her Entrails Out
Double Fistfucking Her Asshole
Chainsaw Mutilation, She Is Now In Pieces
I Put All Parts In Plastic Bags And Drive Back To Cemetary
One By One I Throw Bags Down Her Grave
No Time To Bury Her Again, Fuck You Whore

4. Worm Infested Anal

What A Perfect Sight To See
Decomposed Dead Bitch
I Spread Her Buttocks Wide And I Love What I See
Anus Covered With Worms
I Masturbate As I Fingerfuck
Slimy Rectum, Full Of Rot And Shit
Maggots Crawling, Insects Feasting
I Squirt My Load Allover Her Ass

5. Raped By Elephants

I Was Visiting In Africa Two Months Ago
My Goal Was To See All Those Wild Animals
Most Excited I Was When I Came Close To Elephants
They Were So Big And Somehow So Scary
Something Happened When I Snapped A Picture
Three Elephants Surrounded Me
One Of Them Ripped Off All My Clothes
Second Elephant Came On Me And Started To Spread My Buttocks
With Its Huge Trunk
I Screamed In Agony When I Felt It Started To Shove Up My Ass
Third Elephant Forced Me To Take Its Giant Cock In My Mouth
I Sucked Like A Whore While I Was Assfucked By Elephant Trunk
After All It Wasnt Too Bad At All
It Took Only About Ten Minutes And Cock In My Mouth Started To Cum
Extremely Huge Load Of Elephant Sperm Filled My Throat And
Spurted Allover My Face
I Was Completely Fucked Up, But Elephants Had One More Thing To Do
All Three Of Them Huffed And Puffed Shits On Me
Then They Left Me Alone With My Ripped Asshole
I'll Never Go To Africa Again

6. Pussy Mutilation

Wide Open Pussy In Front Of Me
She Wants Me To Fuck Her Hard
This Time I Want Something Different
I Pull My Out Knife With Rusty Blade
Stabbing Her Vagina Again And Again
Blood Sprays On My Face, I Feel I'm Alive
More And More, Her Pussy Is Just A Mess

7. Snuffed Freak

Born Without Arms And Legs
She Is Just A Circus Freak
Stupid Fucking Whore
She Is A Cheap Piece Of Meat
Now She Must Suffer
Brutally Beaten Into The Head
Fingerfucked Anus, Knife In A Pussy
Lifeless Torso Gangraped And Gutted
Snuffed In Front Of A Camera
All Taped In One Take, Nothing Is Fake
Sold As Porn In $62.00+ Postages

8. Four Legged Whore

Few Days Ago I Bought A Cat
It Is So Cute, I Want To Fuck It Hard
Walking On Four Legs, Shaking That Little Ass
Dirty Fucking Slut Who Deserves To Suffer
I Place My Cock In The Center Of Tis Asshole
Hard Push, Damn Its Tight But Feels So Good
I Fuck Like A Rabbid, Cat Screams In Agony
Faster Adn Faster, Cat Is Unconscious
I Cut Off Its Tail And Shove It Up My Ass
Innards Ripped Out, Head Cut Off, Cat Is Fucked Up
Squirting My Sperm Allover The Mess
Tomorrow Im Gonna Buy A Dog

9. Cannibal

Everyday I Can Hear Voices In My Head
They Tell Me To Eat Other Humans And Fuck Their Corpses
Im Lurking In The Shadows With My Axe
Ready To Murder And Satisfy My Sick Hunger
I Dont Care If They Are Males Or Females
Older Or Younger, I Kill And Eat Everybody
After My Hunger Is Filled, I Rape Those Mutilated Corpses
I Am One Sick Fuck And There Is No Stop For Me
Now Those Voices Tell Me To Eat Myself
I Slice My Stomach Open And Rip Out My Guts
Feasting With My Entrails, Blood Spills
I Am One Sick Fuck And There Is No Stop For Me

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