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Agathocles - 1995 Distrust And Abuse

: Boundless Records
1. Sieg Shit
2. Hatronomous
3. Hideous Head-chopping
4. Bigheaded Bastards
5. Get Off Your Ass
6. Distrust And Abuse


1. Sieg Shit

See Them Shouting In The Streets,
Shouting "hail" On A Marching Beat,
Didn't History Teach Us That,
Fascist Bastards Bring Us Death,
Must We Be Tolerant?
Or Smash Them With Our Own Bare Hands?
Put Them Together On A Nuclear Base,
And Just Bomb The Fucking Place,
What We Gonna Do When It's All Too Late?
And When There's Nothing Left On Our Plate,
No More Bullshit Like "we Didn't Know",
When The Nazis Are Heading For Another Show,
Fight Back - Kill The Nazi Pack
Fight Back - Kill The Nazi Pack
Raise Your Voice And Raise Your Fists,
Because We Too Are Very Pissed,
And Be Aware Of The Fact,
The Nazi-regime Must Be Cracked,
Just Smash All The Fascist Pigs,
Then Solve This Economical Shit,
Socio-anarchism Must Rise Again,
And It Will Not Be The American Dream

2. Hatronomous

What Are Gonna Do, When Your Security Has Gone?
Don't You Still Get It, You're Always On The Run,
Once You Told Me, You'll Never Get Burnt,
But I've Bought Some New Matches, You Stupid Cunt

3. Hideous Head-chopping

I've Built My Little Castle, Based On Apathy.
And Now I'm Truly Armed,
Against Insecurity.
Stone Cold Thoughts,
Behind A Grieving Mask,
Furious Eyes,
Analysing Silly Lies.
Ferousious Grey Mass,
Non-believing In A Cross,
An Aim So Insane,
The Last Leaf Must Be Slain.
A Wood-chopping Sound,
Goes In My Head Around,
The Tree That Once Stood
Has Now Been Chopped For Good

4. Bigheaded Bastards

Who The Hell You Think You Are?
Considering Yourself A Star,
But You're Nothing More Than A Pile Of Shit,
And Between True Friends You Don't Fit,
Sure You Can Play Nice,
But Please Do Think Twice,
'cause What About Your Attitude,
Which Has Changed Into A Rock Star Mood
Smash All Kind Of Masters,
Even Bigheaded Bastards,
Selling Tons Of Records,
Doesn't Make You A God,
You're Just Like The Rest,
Only Missing The Intelligent Part,
Smash All Kind Of Masters,
Even Bigheaded Bastards,
But We Are Agathocles,
We Say "bollocks" To What The Media Says,
We're Not A Part Of Your Show-bizz-ball,
We Prefer To Stay Honest And Small.

5. Get Off Your Ass

Can't You Fucking See,
There Are So Many Things To Change,
What We Need Is Unity,
So We Can Break Our Fucking Chains.
Put Away Our Differences,
To Fight The Common Enemy,
Put Away Our Differences,
Throw Away Our Stupidity.
Overcome Your Stubborness,
Because There's Something Worse,
Greed Is Threatening Us,
And It's Making Us Very Cross.

6. Distrust And Abuse

You Just Hang Around - And Follow Each Trend,
Only For Making Money - You Start A Band,
You Play The Stuff - Which Is "in",
And In This Stupid Contest - You Always Try To Win,
What's Going On, In Your Fucking Mind,
Are You That Stupid, Or Completely Blind,
Can't You See, You're Just A Clown,
Can't You Make Up, Your Fucking Mind,
Can't You Resist, Or Aren't You That Strong,
When Will You Start, To Think About That,
Try To Be Yourself,
Don't Follow Each Trend
Then You'll Get,
Some Real True Friends.

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