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Morbid Angel - 1991 Abominations Of Desolation

: Earache Records
1. The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls
2. Unholy Blasphemies
3. Angel Of Disease
4. Azagthoth
5. The Gate / Lord Of All Fevers
6. Hell Spawn
7. Abominations
8. Demon Seed
9. Welcome To Hell


1. The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls

[re-released On Altars Of Madness Cd]

[music: Azagthoth]
[lyrics: Azagthoth, Browning]

Ghouls Attack The Church
Crush The Holy Priest
Turning The Cross Towards Hell
Writhe In Satan's Flames

Crush The Priest
The Feeble Church

Dead - Your God Is Dead
Fools - Your God Is Dead
Useless Prayers Of Lies
Behold Satan's Rise

Crush The Priest
The Feeble Church
The Family Of Dog
Lust Upon My Altar

Demons Attack With Hate
Satan In The Fires Of Hell Awaits
Death Against You All
God Hear My Death Call


2. Unholy Blasphemies

[re-released On Blessed Are The Sick Cd]

[lyrics - Azagthoth/vincent; Music - Azagthoth]

Rise Through The Gate, Iak Sakkath
From Depths Beyond The Sky
The Realm Of Evil Gods
Painful... They Eat Your Mind

Evil Undisguised
Breathe In Pain
Blackened Souls Remain

Ghouls Who Pray The Death Of God
Destroy Jehovah's Church
Vomit Upon The Cross
And Burn The Book Of Lies

[solo Brunelle]
[repeat 2nd Verse]
[solo Azagthoth]

Yog Sothoth Evil One
Come Forth And Taste The Blood
Infant Entrails
Are Hung Upon The Twisted Cross

3. Angel Of Disease

[re-released On Covenant Cd]

Your Plastic Souls Melt Within Cauldron's Burning Black
Chanting To The Ancient Ones, Chants Of Broken Lines
Kneel Before The Alter, Sacrifice Is Made
It Is Pleasing To The Ones Most Ancient Of The Days

They Call The Prince Of Disease, Messenger Of The Absu
Carry Through The Icy Winds Our Curse Upon Their Church

Hanging Helpless Above The Pentagram
Sacrifice Swings Within Leather Noose
Sing The Ancient Hymn That Makes The Abso Roll
Raise The Rusty Knife, Let Loose The Blood Of Kingu

Sudden Death Throws Off The Balance That's Within The Sky
Priest Calls Forth Infernal Names To The Ones Beyond The Gate

Angel Of Disease One Who Shuns The Light
Shub Niggurath Goat With One Thousand Young

Praise The Beast, The Chanting Grew
Praise The Beast With Virgin Blood
Praise The Beast With Soul And Mind
Praise The Beast And Show The Sign

Bind Their Kings In Iron Chains
Execute The Judgement For Them
Come And Taste The Fleshy Pleasures
Orgies Of Endless Time

Beneath The Rolling For Hate Ignites Their Eyes
From Their Graves The Dead Rise To Answer Nammtar's Call
On A Twisted Cross The Virgin Corpse Hangs
They Blacken Out The Sun And Burn The Elder Gods

Morbid Priest Calling Forth
Abominations Of The Sky
Kutulu Meets In The Void
Ancient Ones Rule Once More

4. Azagthoth

[re-released On Blessed Are The Sick Cd As "the Ancient Ones"]

[lyrics & Music - Azagthoth]

Locked Deep Beyond The Gate
Lost Within The Stars
Realm Of Ancient Ones
Malignant Ones
Against The Light
Power Of The Blackened Sky
Hateful Spawn "we Are The Chasm Depths"

Come Forth Ancient Ones, Tiamat Kutulu
Rise, Greed The Cursed With Your Wrath
My Enemies Are Yours
Twist Their Minds With Your Spells
Crush Their Souls
With Your Infernal Grasp

A Scorn From The Absu
Kutulu Snaps His Jaws
Cauldron Burns And Receives
Crushing The Voice Of The Tyrants
Raise The Horns In Blasphemy

[repeat 2nd Verse]

[repeat 2nd Verse]

[repeat 2nd Verse]
[repeat 3rd Verse]
[repeat 2nd Verse]

5. The Gate / Lord Of All Fevers

[re-released On Altars Of Madness Cd As "lord Of Fevers And Plague"]

[music & Lyrics: Azagthoth]

Ninnghizhidda - Open My Eyes
Ninnghizhidda - Hear My Cries
Plumed Serpent Of The Deep
Plumed Serpent Of The Gate
I Command - Come Before Me
I Command - Bring The Key
Rise From The Depths
See The Fire In My Wand

Ia Iak Sakkakh Iak Sakkakth
Ia Shaxul

I Call Forth The God Pazuzu
I Call Forth The Lord Of Plague
I Am Of The Lost
Creatures Of Spawn Of Hate
Rejoice In The Heaving Earth
Praise The Ripping Sky
Rise Spread Disease
Consume Their Puny Souls

Ia Iak Sakkakh Iak Sakkakth
Ia Shaxul
Ia Kingu Ia Cthulu Ia Azbul
Ia Azabua

Ride The Wings Of Death... [x3]

[repeat 1st Verse]


6. Hell Spawn

[re-released On Formulas Fatal To The Flesh Cd As "hellspawn : The Rebirth"]

7. Abominations

[re-released On Blessed Are The Sick Cd]

[lyrics & Music - Azagthoth]

Churning Sea Of Absu
Place Of Weeping Death
Tiamat, Dark Serpent
Lord Of The Morbid Priests
Enraged With Hate For God
The Priests Of Chaos Chant
From The Book Of The Worm
They Burn The Symbols Of Christ

We Spit On The Virgin Lamb
And Mock The Words He Spoke
His Ways Not Worthy Of Me
We Choose To Burn In The Pits Of Hell

Wreakers Of Death And Havoc
Inflicting Never Ending Pain
Sing The Words Of Emptiness
Formulas Of Death
Call The Queens Of Hell
And The God Of The Dead
The Sea Of Absu Rolls
Rising Spirit Of Nar-marratuk!!!

Bow Down Before The Master
And Pray The Defeat Of God Dog
Prayer Of The Ensnarers
Blind Fiends Of Chaos Rule

Rise Up O Powers Of The Sea
In The Name Of Absu I Call
Come And Carry My Curse
To The Ones Who Me Disgust
May They Burn In My Cauldron
For They Are As Molten Wax
So Made It Be

Liars In Wait, Priests Of The Night
Make Images To Burn By The Moon
Robbing The Spirit, Raping God's Law
Send Up Our Hate To Burn Heavens Gate

8. Demon Seed

9. Welcome To Hell

[re-released On Altars Of Madness Cd As "evil Spells"]

[music & Lyrics: Azagthoth]

Caught Within My Evil Spell
Now It's Time To Burn In Hell
You Were Fooled On Return
You're Just A Doll For Him To Burn
See The Reaper In His Eyes
Messenger - Prince Of Flies
Brain Washed With Sin And Death
Time To Burn - My Evil Wrath

Welcome To Hell...[x2]

Bring The Children Down To Burn
Once You Fall - No Return
Sin Takes You By Surprise
On This Backwards Hellbound Ride
Gates Of Hell Drawing Near
Satan Loves The Taste Of Fear
Quenching All With Black Desire
Burn Your Souls In Furnace Fire

Welcome To Hell...[x2]

Evil Spell Of The Dead
Messengers Of Your Death
Falling Endless In Your Tomb
Locked Within Infernal Doom
See The Reaper In My Eyes
Messenger - Prince Of Flies
Warlock's Voice Surrounds Your Dreams
Baking Soul Within Your Screams

Welcome To Hell...[x2]

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